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Zen Gardner 2 years later, I am still wondering…


For anyone who cares about the truth regarding the sidelining and subsequent inquisition of Zen Gardner two years ago, please take the time to read the (complete) following open letter I sent to Bernhard Guenther regarding the whole issue. I feel it is important to understand what happened back then because it reveals the nature of many unsolved and unacknowledged psychological issues in so called truth communities which also plague society in general. WF   Continue reading


This Is Great

    After Skool  Published on Jan 5, 2017

Simon Sinek explains how the millennial generation became so entitled. A combination of failed parenting strategies, technology, impatience and environment have created a wave of young people who can’t hack it in the real world.

The near-death experience of Peter Anthony

Published on Mar 2, 2018

This is beautiful

You have the right to full disclosure!
 Cancer research begins here with information that could save your life.
The World Is So Beautiful!

 Why Give It All Up for Wi-Cancer?
Wireless communications technologies are violent and life-threatening.
Wi-tech continually exposes everyone in the USA to a confirmed human carcinogen,
on par with asbestos, tobacco poisoning and radioactive fallout. Read more



The ‘stealth sheets’ that can hide soldiers and even vehicles from infrared cameras


  • A team of researchers have created a ‘stealth sheet’ that can hide objects
  • The silicon sheet traps infrared light being emitted, obscuring it from drones
  • Researchers hope that it can have real-life applications on the battlefield 

A team of researchers have developed a device that can make soldiers and vehicles disappear.

Called the ‘stealth sheet,’ it’s a paper-thin device that can obscure objects from being detected by a drone’s infrared cameras.

The sheet measures less than a millimeter wide, making it about as thick as 10 pieces of paper, but it can effectively make objects invisible from a drone’s view. Read more


This Will Leave You Speechless! – One of The Most Eye Opening Videos

Published on Jun 12, 2018 by Be Inspired

Dr Mary Helen Hensley

Published on Oct 10, 2016

Bases Witness statements continue, from Ireland with Dr Mary Helen Hensley. A no nonsense brilliant women with New Death Experience, and guided to come to Ireland where she recognized the holographic nature of the ancient Antediluvian symbols at New Grange. This and her actual death in a car crash in United States, and coming back to tell us more, and the origins of our civilization

The Bilderberg Plan to Force Us on the Digital Grid

Published on Jun 15, 2018

Unwinding the Madness – Is It Too Late?

Zen Gardner
June 14, 2018

As more and more people are increasingly realizing, humanity is under a full spectrum attack – fundamentally on its health and well being, as well as its very basic freedoms of thought and action. The vectors are myriad as millions scramble to recover their essential health and stability as well as prevent further damage. Scientism is the new god of this age, an unquestionable standard of seeming truth that can be totally relied – re-lied – upon. A very sad state of affairs, as the cycle of humanity abdicating its very own source-linked authority is not just denied, but willingly surrendered once again. Continue Reading

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