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Announcing Our New Dog Blog

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Out of necessity, we’ve created a new blog to share in our dog adventures and enlist your help. Please visit us there at Be sure to read the first post, We Never Meant To Be a Dog Sanctuary to get an overview of our situation. Follow Us there to be a dog lover too!

The Transformation of Pinecone Utopia


Why the long absence? Some of you dear readers may have noticed we haven’t been around for a while, haven’t posted much nor produced anything new for our YouTube channel for a while….

We are in transition. In our own personal cycle of change, death and rebirth, self examination and exploration and this takes time to fully flush out.

If you’ll wait patiently to see the change in our focus, we assure you it will be worth the wait as we have stepped further back to gain a broader understanding, pulled the hand further out of the glove, if you will (note the reference to chapter one of Belief Magic.)

So dear friends, we are still around, deep in thought, reflection, research and somewhere near the end of our gestation period, soon to be rebirthed. So check in from time to time and see what 2018 has in the works here at Pinecone Utopia.

What’s Happening at Pinecone Utopia?

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Hello friends and visitors to Pinecone Utopia. Thought you might like to know what we’re up to and why we haven’t posted much lately… As things do, we have been going through many changes and find ourselves much less inclined these days to stay up with the line of researching we were doing and therefore sharing here with you on the blog. That’s not to say we are not still researching. We are. But we’ve taken a turn into a place that’s not easy to share in the same way. We are at work on a book that will detail what we’re exploring and learning, so if you are at all curious, you will have to wait for the book.

Meanwhile life goes on and we are continuing to host the Techno Crime Fighters Forums every week. You may have noticed these are no longer being broadcast live from our pinecone utopia YouTube channel. Read the rest.

Ex NSA Employee Whistleblower Exposes Lockheed Martin BOMBSHELL!!!!!

Published on May 5, 2017 by pineconeutopia

Bombshell bigger than Snowden! Exposed on the May 4th Techno-Crime Fighters´Forum. Please tune in every Thursday at 11AM Eastern 10 AM Central

The Silent War on Humanity – World Beyond Belief Interviews Lydia White Calf Part 1

Published April 14, 2017 by pineconeutopia

The History of the Native American Lakota and other native tribes point to the fate of us all under the same Satanic monsters that wiped out those highly spiritual (in a good way) cultures. The same force that killed hundreds of millions of American Indians is taking aim at us (those that have eyes to see and ears to hear). Those unfamiliar with History are forced to repeat it, so learn about your brothers and prepare yourself for times to come.




BILL CLINTON’S PDD-62 (now unclassified due to FOIA) (legalizing ‘counter-terrorism’ and merging of FBI and CIA)

PRESIDENTIAL DECISION DIRECTIVES, CLINTON ADMIN 1993 – 2000 (esp. legalizing NSA space surveillance, please note)

WOUNDED KNEE INCIDENT WIKI (the …..’truth’?!?!?)…

Dana Priest, Washington Post “Top Secret America: A Look at the military’s Joint Special Operations Command…

‘W. Lee Hill’ NSA statement, please note mentions of child trafficking relationships…

Lee Hill’s BIO/False Obituary written by ‘Lee Hill’, note work with ‘The White Calf Family in Boulder Colorado’ as written by Lee Hill in center of BIO, ‘before his staged disappearance and or death of 2003’…

SGT Report Tiny Voices, Big Dust by Lydia White Calf, Fall 2016, The story of the Northwest Tribunal (the ONLY Tribunal, and the REAL Tribunal, not the purposeful fraudulent ‘ITCCS’ etc ‘tribunal’ hoaxes of Kevin Annett to ensure the obfuscation historically and permanently of the REAL Tribunal, now in public denial that it ever happened – though I have docs evidencing proof )…


WAR AT HOME, by Brian Glick (CONTELPRO illegalities, history and CIA docs)…



For cheap thrills and more information visit

Is the U.S. Military Planning to Take Over America?…

Techno Crime Fighters Forum 5 on World Beyond Belief

Scheduled for Apr 13, 2017 by pineconeutopia

In this 5th addition of the Techno-Crime Fighters’ Forum, the team discusses police involvement and police dereliction of duty.
In addition the Team discusses the subject of disclosure on the subject of DEW/neurotech assaults on humanity – and a general conversation on how these energy weapons, which are being kept covert actually are acknowledged as in use by many sources. Hold on to your hats once again, and let go of your previous beliefs for a wild ride with the Techno-Crime Fighting Team!
the link to the petition

Annuit Coeptis Quantum Effect

Today on World Beyond Belief we are joined by David Beverley to discuss the seal on the dollar has recently undergone a change. Not one done by legislative action. 1000’s of people have described and explained the symbolism on the dollar bill – This is a new one  that has NEVER been there before. Othalla

The Parable of the Triangle and the Ellipse


The Parable of the Triangle and the Ellipse

by Paul Marko, Ph.D.

A certain amount of delight can be found in seeing natural patterns emerge that signify the triumph of human dignity, creativity and cooperation over the forces for involution, as wielded by governments and authoritarian structures everywhere. One of these undeniable and seemingly unstoppable patterns that signify positive changes coming on the horizon, as humanity takes back its humanity, is illustrated in a personal story that I call the triumph of the Ellipse over the Triangle. This natural and almost unstoppable impulse for mankind to cooperate toward a common goal and group benefit, eats away at the traditional, hierarchical, command and control, top down, pyramidal, authoritarian structure of the outgoing Kali cusp era whenever it gets the chance. Replacing it with a more egalitarian and humane pattern that I think could be characteristic of how people will manage collective affairs in the upcoming ascending Dwapara. In this parable, I symbolize our inborn tendency to cooperate and participate as the ellipse and, of course, the triangle is the symbol of the top down structure of oppressive authority.Read more.


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