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September 2015

Do you know why nothing happened in September?


By Thekeyboardwizard  September 25, 2015

The most talked about month in Alternative media history, all the terrible events that were supposed to happen but never surfaced…

Where are our disasters?

Stock Market Crash
The Asteroid Impact / Nibiru
Hoover Dam being Destroyed
Earthquake Disaster in the USA
Jade Helm going live and Martial Law
Alien Invasion
Currency Reset
US Power Grid Down
World War III

So what happened you ask, we are presented with a series of events all of which could be engineered to happen (if you take into account geo engineering for the earthquake and push in to ET technology for the asteroid).  Nobody lit the fuse, the fireworks didn’t start.

How could the alternative media get September so wrong?

It is like calling out and saying you KNOW that someone is going to be murdered, you have the motive, the suspect, all the evidence of the plot and you clearly point the finger at them. You make all the evidence public so as many people as possible know this.

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So Now What?

Day of Atonement Postponed by Two Days Due to Sand Storm


According to a website that tracks new moon sightings from Israel for the purpose of keeping up with Jewish holidays, the day of atonement has been postponed until Friday September 25th.

In ancient Israel, the calendar and holy days were determined by new moon sightings. Although this practice is no longer used in modern Israel, many Jewish people still rely on it to determine the timing of their holy days.


So now what? The New Moon was NOT sighted yesterday, Monday, September 14th in Israel. PLUS there was a double eclipse of the sun, never seen before!
New Moon Delayed?! New Moon Not Sighted In Israel!!! Rosh Hashanah Postponed. An Act of God or Something Else???
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False Flag Clues?

Published on Sep 21, 2015 by Professor Doom (additional commentary by Mrs Doom)

Holy Crap

A little more ritualistic symbolism to acquaint yourselves with

CERN and Tomorrowland

and then there´s this

and this

Last Minute Drill

Published on Sep 8, 2015

And here we thought September had already gotten as ridiculous as it could get… now the DoD has announced “last-minute” that a drill scheduled to run the entire month of September off almost the entire East Coast could randomly make anticollision systems for aircraft unreliable. Gee. Great. Could it have something to do with rising China tensions? Or perhaps that huge pulse signature seen flashing across the planet on the same day?

Simpson´s Getting Ready

Published on Sep 6, 2015

This video is from the Angel White channel (…). It was from Season 24, Episode 9 (24/9). Watch the full Episode (…) Homer Goes to Prep School

Head to Bunker?

Published on Aug 31, 2015

Previous Video about Denali:…

What is Happening in September 2015?

Note: This video was very impactful for us…maybe because we have seen so many exposes and summaries before and somehow this one touched something. I will warn those of you who are very turned off to the religious nature of some of these warnings that the last 3 minutes gets deep into the religious nature…if that bothers you stop then…

Please note: this is not a rapture or tribulation date-setting video!! There are a number of very significant events that could possibly occur this September, and if they do, could play a role in Bible prophecy. I’m not trying to scare anyone or set any dates for the rapture or tribulation, I am just sharing the news that is already out there, with anyone who is not aware. The more we are aware of these things, the better we can prepare ourselves and are not completely surprised by them if they do happen. Since I obviously did not create, initiate or plan any of these events, just like anyone else, I have no way to know if or when they will happen, until the time comes. If nothing happens, then great, we will have more time for each of us to prepare for when and if they do. I do believe that the elite will have their New World Order achieved at some point, so please just stay current on the news and continue to watch for the signs.

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