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What MOST Don’t Know About America’s Most Tragic Day!

Published on Feb 23, 2017  High Impact Flix

This is still a crime on the books and, as long as the criminals are free, there is an injustice that MUST be addressed!

“Sanctuary Cities Are Racist” ✊🏾 Black Mother Drops The Mic At Town Hall And Praises Donald Trump

Published on Feb 17, 2017  by Very Dicey

(Cudahy, CA) – “Sanctuary cities are racist” cried an African American mother at a town hall meeting at the City of Cudahy California where a vote was held to establish sanctuary status. The passionate woman carried home the fact African American communities have been robbed of opportunity because of illegal immigration.

She’s right about claiming deductions for relatives in Mexico.
Pg 26:…

Ann Coulter – President Trump Is Doing What He Promised

Published on Feb 22, 2017   by The Wayward Son

Tucker Carlson interviews Ann Coulter about President Trump and his agenda this far and what we can expect from him in the coming months. Ann Coulter also discusses The President Trump administration and what she thinks of the appointments.

Originally aired February 22, 2017. Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox News, Ann Coulter. 2/22/17


BREAKING – HUGE Exclusive Interview With DHS Insider! Talks About #PizzaGate #PedoGate & Much More

Published on Feb 16, 2017  by VL

ATTENTION – The previous video was uploaded in error. This is the correct video —- VL has been fortunate enough to work with some awesome people! We have loyal and awakened followers who help bring us information, and we also have trusted insiders, whistleblowers and leakers who trust us enough to give us information, too. Today, we have an exclusive interview with a special DHS insider who has answered some critical questions we have on PizzaGate. Our insider prefers to call it PedoGate and what he told us blew our minds!

We are so fortunate that members of the Intel community like our work and feel they can trust us. We have been trying to get to the bottom of PizzaGate for months and the answers we got from our DHS insider stunned and shocked us. Here we go!…

#RegressiveNews: You Can’t Run From The Truth

Published on Feb 21, 2017   by Computing Forever

Why Trump is Right About Sweden:…
Independent Man’s video on Jordan Peterson:…
Jeff’s video:…

Saudi Arabia, the United States, and the Special Terror Relationship

Published on Feb 20, 2017   by Newsbud

On this episode of The Geopolitical Report, we examine the special relationship between Saudi Arabia and the United States and the prominent role the Saudi Wahhabi version of Islam plays in the spread of Salafist ideology and terrorism. President Trump’s decision to not include Saudi Arabia on his list of travel ban nations reveals it is business as usual in Washington — and business as usual for Trump, who is on friendly terms with the Saudis, including the half brother of Osama bin Landen. We also look at the role the Saudis have played in funding the likes of the Islamic State and al-Nusra in Syria and its partnership with the CIA and the Pentagon.

Show Notes

Trump and The Truth about Sweden

Published on Feb 20, 2017  by Angry Foreigner

Donald Trump gave a speech in Florida and remarked “look at what happened last night in Sweden”, which was met by immediate mockery. The Embassy of Sweden in the US even tweeted Trump saying they looked forward to informing him on Swedish immigration and integration policy.

Don’t bother. I’ll do a better job explaining that disaster than you ever could. Please share this video and make a fool out of the fake news media. Trump is not lying.


How A Real War On Terrorism Would Look And Why The US Isn’t Fighting One


February 19, 2017  By Ulson Gunnar

Since 2001, when then US President George Bush announced his “War on Terror,” presidents and politicians both in the United States and among America’s allies, have repeated this phrase and have done their utmost to convince the public that indeed, the West was fighting a “War on Terror.”

Yet there is something disturbingly ambiguous about what exactly the “War on Terror” consists of, who it’s being waged against and how it could ever possibly be brought to a successful conclusion. Read More

Mount Hermon: Where the Fallen Ones Landed, UN Base at Peak, Ancient Temple and More!

Published on Feb 16, 2017  by DAHBOO777

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