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Crazy! Witches Target Trump with Mass Occult Ritual

Published on Feb 24, 2017   by DAHBOO77
It’s not just a political battle anymore. It’s spiritual warfare now.

Exorcists, witches and occultists “in a number of magical groups” are announcing plans for a ritual designed to “bind Donald Trump and all who abet him.”

It’s to happen Friday at midnight at a variety of locations across the nation, and again every month until Donald Trump is no longer in office.

The rite, requiring a stub of a candle, a pin, salt, matches, a tarot card, a feather and other odds and ends, calls on spirits to ensure President Trump will “fail utterly.” It also includes burning a picture of the commander in chief, visualizing him “blowing apart into dust or ash.”

Participants apparently have the option of using a baby carrot instead of an orange candle.

Among the various spirits invoked are the “demons of the infernal realms.”

There is even a Facebook page networking those who want to participate in the ritual. Some media outlets are also looking to film whatever happens.

It’s not the first time anti-Trump occultists have tried to use black magic against the president.

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The Truth About Reality and What You Can Do About It with Jordan Peterson

Published on Feb 23, 2017   by Activist Post

In this video, Vin Armani talks to Jordan Peterson PhD about the reasons and meaning behind the chaotic state of the world and what we can all do, individually, to eliminate the “snakes” around us. Brilliant discussion.

You will want to watch this with a pen and paper to take notes, and then plan to watch it a second time.  Vin and Jordan have put together what I would call mandatory viewing heading into these confusing and eventful times. — thanks pineconeutopia

Women Hated Women’s March | Researcher Megan

Published on Jan 24, 2017   by David Seaman

Researcher Megan ( sounds off on Women’s March. Legitimate cause for protest, or misguided shill groups trying to smear Donald Trump’s legacy before he even has a full week in office?

#RegressiveNews: Social Justice: A Communist Revolution

Published on Feb 7, 2017   by Computing Forever


Published on Feb 6, 2017   by Christina Marlowe


How the Left Killed the Anti War Movement

Published on Feb 6, 2017   by Boiling Frogs Post

Once the home of the anti-war movement, under Barack Obama the Left advocated a continuation of war and mass murder by using the political expediency of humanitarian interventionism. In this episode of The Geopolitical report, we unpack how establishment Democrats have continued the wars begun by President George W. Bush and expanded them into Syria and Yemen through illegal proxy wars and an ongoing and intensified drone campaign across the Middle East. Now that Donald Trump is president and the wars continue, the antiwar movement will emerge from the shadows and reveal its hypocritical political coloration.

Show Notes

Staging Chaos to Strip Freedoms! One of My Most Important Videos to Date! MUST SEE

Published on Feb 6, 2017  DAHBOO77
Something huge is brewing in multiple states across the U.S.
We have a slew of Bills being proposed that would strike down peoples rights of free speech and protesting.
On the surface this looks like something will stop the staged protesting, but its really designed to strip that freedom from us all. You will find the list of states and their proposed bills at the link below!

Did Trump Make Halftime Shows Great Again? Or is This Deception?

Published on Feb 6, 2017   by HighImpactFlix

Did Lady Gaga turn into a patriotic, freedom loving American..or is this something else altogether. Stay on your guard!

Planet Libtardius: The Wacky World You Just Gotta See to Believe!!

Published on Feb 5, 2017   by High Impact Flix

Don’t you sometimes feel like your an alien on a strange planet? If not, this’ll help you out!

MANY of you requested this compilation of Libtard antics in action. If you enjoy it, please share! Thanks guys!

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