Begun on March 16, 2017, this weekly series highlights the Joint investigative team’s research into non consensual experimentation being done to citizens throughout the world. This series, once hosted on pinecone utopia’s YouTube channel has moved to Ramola D Reports YouTube channel. It is aired live every Thursday at US est 11am with an interactive chat room. Join us live to participate and likely have your mind blown! The Joint Investigative Team includes, NSA Whistleblower and retired Intelligence Analyst, Karen Melton Stewart, High-Energy ex-CERN Physicist and Systems Analyst Dr. Katherine Horton, Social Justice Activist, Researcher and Pastor Dr. Millicent Black, and Writer & Independent Journalist Ramola D who join World Beyond Belief host Dr Paul Marko to offer open conversation on issues related to the global and criminal EMF/Neuro-tech targeting that is ongoing worldwide (under cover of “Surveillance”), particularly on issues related to exposing, addressing, and resolving these 21st-Century crimes. Please visit our related websites: and for more information watch “The Real Talk” with Ramola D and Ahmad Enani at