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1000 year old Flat Earth Map By Christ and Sheree Geo Mark Sargent

Published on Mar 12, 2017 by idongesit sam


Published on Mar 5, 2017  by SANDMAN

How the Trump regime was manufactured by a war inside the Deep State


February 10, 2017  By Nafeez Ahmed

A systemic crisis in the global Deep System has driven the violent radicalization of a Deep State faction

President Donald Trump is not fighting a war on the establishment: he’s fighting a war to protect the establishment from itself, and the rest of us.

At first glance, this isn’t obvious. Among his first actions upon taking office, Trump vetoed the Trans Pacific Partnership, the controversial free trade agreement which critics rightly said would lead to US job losses while giving transnational corporations massive power over national state policies on health, education and other issues.

Trump further plans to ditch the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and US, which would have diluted key state regulations on the activities of transnational corporates on issues like food safety, the environment and banking; and to renegotiate NAFTA, potentially heightening tensions with Canada.   Read On

Global PEDOPHILIA Rings Exposed And Arrested — Where’s U.S. Press Coverage?


February 15, 2017  By Catherine J. Frompovich

“Pizzagate” is a familiar pop culture buzzword and everyone probably knows what it means or that it is affiliated with sexual abuse of children, especially in Washington, DC.    However, there has been breaking news about world-wide arrests regarding pedophilia, but the U.S. media and television—other than CBS journalist Ben Swann in Atlanta, Georgia—have not investigated the problem to expose it and its perpetrators.  Read More

One of the Best Truth Bomb Lectures You’ve EVER Seen

Published on Feb 11, 2017   by High Impact Flix

Well worth your time. Prepare to think very deeply about the material you are about to encounter. If you have a logical argument against it…let’s hear it in the comment section below the video.

This is a mirror upload from Mark Passio. This guy is very knowledgeable and I believe his video will help you push through the envelope of deception and into the world of true liberty.

visit Mark’s site:
Sub his channel:…

Flat earth – We did’nt land on the Moon – Former NASA Scientist admits – Game over for NASA

Published on Jan 23, 2017   by Flat Earth Defender

NASA is involved in serious scam. Several classified video images and video footages have gone vira on the internet that shows that NASA is fraud in itself. This Short documentary shows how former NASA scientist exposes NASA for who they really are. And that is fraud. Watch how this man here unveils NASA and all her fakery and deception.

Watch Pentagon’s Successful Test Of Drone Swarm “Cloud” In California Skies


January 10, 2017  By Nicholas West

Once considered a conspiracy, the use of drones has rapidly become open knowledge as part of warfare and surveillance, domestically and abroad. We are now witnessing the roll-out of the next stage of drone evolution: swarms.

Swarm technology is being tested across the board on land, at sea and in air. Moreover, rapid advances are being made in artificial intelligence that enable autonomous systems to be fully released from human control altogether – identifying, surrounding and incapacitating targets.

One of the components of airborne drone swarms is the use of micro-drones – small, sometimes insect-sized autonomous vehicles that can be deployed from larger aircraft. Read on


Ecuador’s Standing Rock is Happening Now – Can the World Save the Shuar?


Dylan Charles, Editor   December 21, 2016
Waking Times

With so much attention on this year on the struggle of the Standing Rock Sioux people in their opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline project in North Dakota, it’s worth asking the world if the concern for indigenous people, water, nature, and sacred lands is great enough to extend to the land and people of the Amazon.

In what represents the greatest and most dangerous escalation of tensions between indigenous Ecuadorians and the government approved corporate business model of resource extraction across the continent of South America, the Shuar people in the southern region of Morona Santiago Province, Ecuador are locked in a desperate struggle with the military over mining licenses granted to a Chinese.  read more

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