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Back to the Future : For Mary – 9/11 SOLVED – Virgin Mary – Jesus’ Birth – Dove sacrifice

Published on Nov 25, 2016  by LXXXVIII FINIS TEMPORIUS

Venezuelan government donated half a million to Trump’s inauguration fund

Apr 20, 2017 | CuencaHighLife |

As Venezuela slips deeper into social and economic chaos a new revelation has political pundits scratching their heads.

Newly released documents show that Citgo Petroleum, a U.S.-based subsidiary of the Venezuelan state-owned oil company PVDSA, was one of the biggest corporate donors to Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony, ranking with the likes of JP Morgan Chase and Exxon.

The Venezuelan government donated $500,000 despite on-going economic and political turmoil that has sparked the worst protests in years and a rising death toll.

The donation came through Bank of America, which contributed $1 million, according to papers filed with the Federal Election Commission.

According to government documents, Donald Trump sent a personal thank-you note to Venezuela president Nicolas Maduro.

Information-Pack for Victims of Targeting


If you are a victim it is important that you join the effort to stop these Nazi crimes. Every victim goes through a phase hoping that the attackers simply stop the assaults at some point, before realising that they don’t and have the victim’s death as their ultimate goal.

Once a system is so out-of-control that it has descended into open criminality, the only non-violent way to cycle it back to the rule of law is to use the police and the courts to revert it back step by step. This is difficult when those systems are in turn captured, as is the case in most countries. However, it can be done when there is a concerted, simultaneous effort by many individuals and small groups at the same time.

The following is an information pack for victims. It contains simple steps of what you can do to fight the attackers. You can download the PDF-files and use them to hand out to family, the police or other officials as information to help them understand your case and the criminality you are up against. You can also use these documents for your court case or group litigation. Click here to visit Dr Katherine Horton’s site for the info

Poland’s Minister of National Defence Looking Into Electronic Weapons Used On Citizens

Published on Apr 13, 2017 by KafkaWinstonWorld

The Polish Minister of Defense admitted that there exist electromagnetic weapons, capable of interfering with the functioning of human organism and that it may be used on Polish citizens.

Synthetic telepathy also known as techlepathy or psychotronics


September 6 by Geeldon

The following article is an entry that appeared on Wikipedia. Within the last 24 hours a major “edit war” broke out and it appeared, at least to me, that the information was being suppressed. The article goes into depth about a field of espionage that employs a technology known as “silent sound” or “Synthetic telepathy”. If you’re interested in high tech espionage, this makes for a very good read.
Synthetic telepathy

Synthetic telepathy also known as techlepathy or psychotronics – is a term used to describe the process in brain-computer interfaces by which human thought (as electromagnetic radiation) is intercepted, processed by computer and a return signal generated that is perceptible by the human brain. (ref 1,2,3,4)  Read More

Annuit Coeptis Quantum Effect

Today on World Beyond Belief we are joined by David Beverley to discuss the seal on the dollar has recently undergone a change. Not one done by legislative action. 1000’s of people have described and explained the symbolism on the dollar bill – This is a new one  that has NEVER been there before. Othalla

1000 year old Flat Earth Map By Christ and Sheree Geo Mark Sargent

Published on Mar 12, 2017 by idongesit sam


Published on Mar 5, 2017  by SANDMAN

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