What follows is the original text from our former website, which has since been deleted from the internet. As you will see as you scroll down, we no longer have any of the links which we have gathered over the last couple years…..so we will be starting from here (April 2015) to populate this resource with information that we find relevant to share in an effort to forward all of us learning the truth. Thank you for joining us in this journey of awakening………

Un University is an idea designed for those who are awakening and want to undertake the re-education which proceeds the de-conditioning that will eventually lead to our freedom. It is also intended to provide a forum so that those like us who are constantly attending our own Un Universities can share comments and questions regarding new emerging information. We feel that everyone must approach awakening to the new consciousness with eyes wide open – having taken the “red pill” – and being properly unbuckled-in for the wild ride before us. One growth model for this process proceeds from Unconscious Heaven, through Conscious Hell to Conscious Heaven. As you awaken from Unconscious Heaven, (the blissful land most of us grew up in) the new Un University information presented by these researchers, scientists, journalists and others can be very disruptive and cause stress and angst. This stress and angst is the Conscious Hell that you must move through. To free yourself from this “hell” which is simply information that is threatening to the viewpoint of your ego, you must begin to remember who you are – in the words of Bill Hicks (stand up comedian and modern day prophet) “We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively – there is no such thing as death – life is only a dream and we’re the imagination of ourselves.” The first great lie that was told to us was that we live in a material universe – as the enormity of this realization takes hold – the realization that you are not a physical being will soon follow. And as you lose identification with this false physicality, your awakening to your true self begins. Enjoy the Websites and Videos suggested here and submit others that you think will move us all along to realizing our circumstances and waking up to the truth.

Since creating this page, new information has become available at such an incredibly rapid rate that the task of providing ongoing links has become all but impossible for us to keep up with. We sincerely apologize for this and hope that this will serve as a starting off place for those who need it, remembering that this learning process constantly brings new information to light that often renders information we once found so valuable, possibly outdated or even incorrect upon further consideration……but in any case, with that in mind, we hope you will find some of our suggestions useful.We welcome any suggestions to add to the curriculum.

Rather than add continuously to this page, as we did in our old format, on this blog you will find new entries every day or so posted individually and then sorted at the footer into categories for future reference.

NEW: Educational Series:

Ann Barnhardt on the Ideology of Islam

This is part 1 of a 13 part series. Watch in it´s entirety. Visit this link for the entire playlist

Mark Passio on Natural Law

A 3 part lecture series

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Agenda 21

Breakaway Civilization


Cultural Marxism

Depopulation Agenda

Esoteric Symbolism

False Flags

Flat Earth

Harvesting Organs

Health Freedom

Jade Helm


Medical Tyranny

New Age Deception

New World Order



Predictive Programming


Here is a 27 part documentary on what some feel is the TRUE story of Adolf Hitler and the holocaust by Dennis Wise. We highly recommend this documentary…but be warned, it could change your worldview.

The Greatest Story NEVER Told


…and that´s just for starters…check back as I will add more as they come to mind. Enjoy the process of unlearning all the lies you´ve been taught since birth and discovering the truth. We will do our best not to mislead and misinform, but remember this is a journey of discovery that is on-going and one on which we are embarking together. Please add your comments to any post or to the contact us page. Together we will navigate our way towards the truth. Much love to each of you for joining us on this path.