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The Secret Behind Numbers 3, 6, 9 Code Is Finally REVEALED!

Published on Nov 19, 2017 by Gary Lite

“If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe.” – Nikola Tesla


The History of Hindu India, Part One: From Ancient Times

Published on Jun 27, 2014

Earth, The Giant Ancient Mine, Fake Volcanoes, the Bosnian Pyramid and Petra

Published on Oct 31, 2017

This is the second part of the “Growing Mushroom Stones” video. To get sure you don’t lose contact with the NewEarth news please also subscribe to the newsletter on the website… Do you wish to comment on the NewEarth videos?…… Please kindly do not send any youtube messages – those will not be read by Sylvie Ivanova. The only way to contact her is through the contact options on or the forum mentioned above.

Consciousness In Context

Published on Dec 17, 2017

The introduction of Pinecone Utopia’s new series, coming in 2018 called Consciousness In Context

Peru’s Ancient Cave Of Dangerous Energies

Published on Jul 19, 2015

In a side valley near the Sacred Valley of Peru there is a cave which contains 2 amazing megalithic works attributed to the Inca, but clearly far older. In this video we explore this site with Cusco PhD anthropologist Theo Paredes, who offers amazing insight and wisdom.

Our collective lack of knowledge about the past is very difficult to overestimate. We don’t even know the players. Thanks Pineconeutopia

The Transformation of Pinecone Utopia


Why the long absence? Some of you dear readers may have noticed we haven’t been around for a while, haven’t posted much nor produced anything new for our YouTube channel for a while….

We are in transition. In our own personal cycle of change, death and rebirth, self examination and exploration and this takes time to fully flush out.

If you’ll wait patiently to see the change in our focus, we assure you it will be worth the wait as we have stepped further back to gain a broader understanding, pulled the hand further out of the glove, if you will (note the reference to chapter one of Belief Magic.)

So dear friends, we are still around, deep in thought, reflection, research and somewhere near the end of our gestation period, soon to be rebirthed. So check in from time to time and see what 2018 has in the works here at Pinecone Utopia.

Harald Kautz-Vella on all the things that went wrong and need to be re-discovered and addressed.

Published on Dec 1, 2017

Harald Kautz-Vella​ an independent scientist from Germany is here with me to talk about all the things that got lost and all the things that went wrong and need to be re-discovered and addressed. This interview builds like stepping stones and should be watched entirely.

Testimony from the Prince of Darkness

Published on Nov 30, 2017

ROUND & CURVY [mirrored] Flat Earth Parody of ‘White and Nerdy’


Published on Nov 6, 2017
Friend of Yahweh has done another amazing job. His work is so good. If you enjoy, please support him by buying the single on iTunes as it will help fund future projects. Song:…

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