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Technological Singularity: Have the power elites already created their Frankenstein?


July 20, 2017 by the Cosmic Convergence Research Group

English author Mary Shelley completed her world famous sci-fi novel FRANKENSTEIN in 1817, exactly 200 years ago.  It “tells the story of Victor Frankenstein, a young scientist who creates a grotesque but sapient creature in an unorthodox scientific experiment”.  Her eerily prophetic book was first published in 1818.[1] And it gets better read on



Streamed live July 7, 2017  by Project Camelot

I interview Dr. Katherine Horton particle physicist formerly with CERN now investigating targeting via directed energy weapons, nanotech and neuroweapons.

CERN admits thier real Mission THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN

Published on Jun 2, 2017  by Richie from Boston (my new favorite channel)

I came across this video first thing this morning and the images and explanations are staggering, they are verifying what we have been saying all along.

Rio Olympics And The CERN Connection

Published on Aug 23, 2016    by TruthUnveiled


All throughout the 2016 Rio Olympics, we’ve seen nothing but rebirth, palm trees, messages of unity and togetherness, dancing, laughter, partying, and merriment.

But what if there is something deeper to all of this than just the revelry?

Because on August 16th, 2016, on the 11th day of the Olympics, the trailer for the new film “Arrival” was released to the public — scheduled to be in theaters on Friday, November 11, 2016 (11/11). The actual movie depicts nothing but the arrival of aliens, UFOs, and even alien communication. From propagandized Hollywood films such as “Alien,” “E.T.,” “Prometheus,” and more, this is just another push for the theme of “aliens.”

However, what’s also interesting is just 2 days later, on August 18th, 2016 — which just-so-happened to be the 13th day of the Olympics — a mock human sacrifice ritual took place at CERN headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Now although this was just a “mock” sacrifice, it’s no surprise how this also coincided with a Full Moon as well.

Couple that with all of the CERN symbolism, sun worship depictions, and the New World push at the Olympics, and it’s clear that the Illuminati are definitely trying to tell us something…

What Could They Be Trying To Tell Us?!?!

Dr Edward Mantill, the ABC show LOST and CERN

Published on Aug 21, 2016   by Paranoid Times

Dr Edward Mantill, the ABC show LOST and CERN
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666 POKEMON GO Linked to CERN : Birth of the Augmented Reality MATRIX

Published on Aug 7, 2016 by C. Ervanna
Holy shit! We haven’t had our minds blown in a long time…until now! Our minds our blown, once again. Think long and hard about the ramifications of this…please!

Pokemon Go is the new fad spreading across the world. The game has become larger than many long-running websites in just a few weeks. What’s behind all of the Pokemon Go rage?

I believe Pokemon Go is conditioning us for what is coming at CERN, the opening of a portal and the birth of matrix, fully realized and integrated. This is called the “5th Dimension.” We know that the Large Hadron Collider has been actively hunting for the 5th dimension for a long time now. It is hypothesized that gravitons can leak through our four dimensions of space and time and into the fifth. I have warned about this agenda in my videos.

Pokemon Go directs players to see and interact with a www hallucination. This is a part of the new augmented reality field of online interactive applications that allow a person to enter a whole new world they have never seen before. No longer is the matrix trapped behind a screen; Now, people all over the world are interacting with the matrix and its hallucination. I have treated hundreds of people with mental health anomalies in the course of my practice. ARG and the augmented reality environment is an artificial creation, a lying sign, and is extremely dangerous to people’s mental health. One such player of Pokemon Go documented that she almost went insane playing the game, and had to stop for the sake of her mental health. She called Pokemon Go the “opening of the Gates of Hell.”

Pokemon Go is not the first entry into augmented reality genre. It was preceded by another ARG called Ingress. Ingress is about opening portals and ushering in something called “exotic matter.” The storyline of Ingress begins at CERN, where physicists have found that portals are opening up around the world and exotic matter is coming in. Behind these portals is an “alien force” that is offering a promise to assist humanity through the next stage of evolution.

Pokemon Go and Ingress have changed our basic perception of reality already by expanding the territory to include new visual, tactile, and auditory stimulation. Normally, doctors treat people who have diseases where they see, hear, or touch hallucinations, however Niantic and Google are actually encouraging people to participate in the hallucination that they have built on the world wide web, birthed at CERN in 1989.

The agenda is about bring you into the matrix and will eventually involve hardwiring your body, your flesh and blood, and introducing it into the www. This will be mandatory in the future. Everybody must be brought into the www. Nobody will be allowed to refuse it. What better an idea than to use a children’s cartoon to condition us to become united with the matrix.

Mandela effect or Quantum How and Why

Published on Jun 11, 2016  by photohelix

More of a quantum effect really. A deeper look at How and Why we are seeing this phenomenon.
Reality is stranger than fiction. This is worth the watch.

music by Kevin Macleod

This is an excellent tieing together of CERN, demon magic, AI, The Mandela Effect, Quantum Computing and Luciferianism. Begin with the idea that you are going to devote the time to watch it to the end. Believe me, it will be well worth your time. Confidentially, we had to watch it twice.

The SHOCKING Gotthard Tunnel Ritual: CERN & The Underworld Unleashed

Published on Jun 8, 2016  by TruthMediaRevolution

Gotthard Tunnel, CERN, & the Collapse of Time & Space. ~links below

You can witness the ritual that officially opens the portal to hell. As the world arms itself and drills are being performed all over the world, the prince of darkness emerges. You need to prepare to have your reality altered in such a drastic way that shortly you will not recognize from whence you came. The choice between the New World Order and its deity Lucifer or the true creator God is at hand — choose wisely. 

ALERT Mandela Effect. Proof Something Isn’t Right. Cern is having success.

It´s getter more and more weird…I know we’ve posted so much information of a similar nature…almost too much, but this is just more confirmation that our reality is shifting. The dimensions are merging and we are gradually changing realities. I think he´s right, we’ve entered the twilight zone…da da da da- da da da da

Published on May 17, 2016 by photohelix

Warning the mandela effect may be bigger and more real than we first imagined. This is most likely just the tip of the iceberg.
This could may be the greatest delusion ever propagated thus far and truly the most dangerous. Check these links.………

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