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Dinosaurs Never Existed! Compelling Evidence [Follow The Facts]

Published on Feb 22, 2017  by The World We Live In

Wether it matter or not is a dumb question.. To answer this question one must first understand the complex way everything fits together as one large jigsaw-puzzle.

This TRUTH Actually Aired in 1981 – Why Would the Elites Allow it??

Published on Feb 19, 2017   by HighImpactFlix

Here’s how they use the truth…I mean the genuine TRUTH…to their advantage. It’s masterful. And this is the type of deception you can expect from them!

Solar System Science Project for school

Published on Feb 17, 2017  by Jesus Freak Computer Geek

My daughter – who attends a CHRISTIAN SCHOOL – was given the science project assignment to make a model and/or a display of the solar system. The assignment also stated that we could include anything else that we wanted, for extra – credit.

Holy Spirit must be trying to get my attention (*wink) because all week long I have been in schools and listening to teachers instruct students of all grades and ages – how the solar system is designed and “works” — of course – they are teaching a HELIOCENTRIC design. Which by default is a EVOLUTION BASED design. (Billions of years, stars and planets EVOLVE) — the scriptures tell us a completely different explanation. In Genesis we are told that the sun, moon and stars (which are not distant suns, but LUMINARIES) were put IN THE FIRMAMENT.

Here is a link directly to an image demonstrating the Biblical, Hebraic understandings:…

The $100,000 Challenge: Proving Mercury (eHg) In Vaccines Is Safe


By Catherine J. Frompovich

February 15, 2017 is a day that should live in infamy!  Why? Because that’s the date independent vaccine safety advocate, Robert F Kennedy Jr., Esq., offered a $100,000 reward to any journalist who “can find a peer-reviewed scientific study demonstrating that thimerosal is safe in the amounts contained in vaccines currently being administered to American children and pregnant women.”  Read More

Women Hated Women’s March | Researcher Megan

Published on Jan 24, 2017   by David Seaman

Researcher Megan ( sounds off on Women’s March. Legitimate cause for protest, or misguided shill groups trying to smear Donald Trump’s legacy before he even has a full week in office?

Vaccines House Of Cards Is Tumbling Down—Fast


February 10, 2017  By Catherine J. Frompovich

If ever there were a social-political-medical and scientific myth about anything, the current state of vaccinology and vaccine ‘science’ fits the bill in more ways than healthcare consumers probably even can imagine.

The myth goes back hundreds of years to the unscientific hypothesis and work of Edward Anthony Jenner (1749-1823), who is credited as being the ‘father of vaccines’ and the ‘father of immunology’.  First and foremost, Jenner’s been touted as being a physician, and that ‘factoid’ has been disputed over and over again.  Read More

Who’s Really Behind the Violent Protests of Conservative Speakers?

By Vin Armani

In this video, Vin Armani does a deep dive to expose the left-wing militant groups who’re responsible for rioting at speeches by conservative speakers like Milo Yiannopoulos.

Wikileaks Vault 7 & The 5 W’s Explained

Published on Feb 8, 2017   by Press for Truth

In a series of cryptic tweets Wikileaks has released 5 photos asking the questions who, what, where, when and why vault 7? In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth gives his analysis as to the purpose of these apparent hidden messages. Support us on Patreon ➜

Of course I have an opinion on this Vault 7 thing.  I think it is distracting us from seeing all of the build up to war and the massive amount of people who want Soros’ neck.  It is a carefully crafted puzzle using our favorite elite connected leak-ers.  My opinion is only as good as yours — pineconeutopia

Audi’s Embarrassing Wage Gap Fail

Published on Feb 9, 2017   by Computing Forever

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