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Health resources from the interview with Jan Wallace, including MMS, Autism and Oral Pathology

Episode #146 SHOCKING NEWS IN THE HAMPSTEAD CASE! Ella and Abraham Present and Update on the Hampstead Affair

Episode 151 Hampstead Cover Up, The Big Picture

Episode150   Pope Launches the New World Order

Episode 152 The Flat Earth vs the New World Order

Episode 158 Solutions for 2015 and Beyond with Richard (aka DATAGRAM)

Episode159 part 2  Solutions for 2015 and Beyond

Pedophilia: A Line in the Sand (50 Shades of Black)

Episode 164 Imposed Stupefaction, Morality TV (MTV) and the Gypsy Option

Episode 168 The Anatomy of a Hoax – Let´s talk About Climate Change

Episode 173 Hampstead Cover-Up & State Sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control

Episode 174 The Voting Ritual-Which NWO Puppet Do You Prefer?

Episode 178 What is Eating You? Harvesting the Human Flock

Episode 179 Illuminati Banksters Afraid of Trump – Really?

Episode 181 Critical Technology for End Times Theatre

Episode 185 The Great Bathroom Controversy

Episode 186 Allen Dulles The Grand Spy Master

Episode     Electronic Harassment The Destruction of Humanity

Episode    Historical Review of Satanism in 2016

Episode     Gang Stalking is “Unconventional Warfare:¨ ELEMENTS FOR CITIZEN TORTURE – DR. ERIC KARLSTROM ON WBB

Episode  Alledgedly Skippy, Torture, the Dark State and Remedies

Episode      Annuit Coeptis Quantum Effect

Techno Crime Fighter’s Forum

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Annuit Coeptis Quantum Effect


The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction –

Face Like the Sun:

Age of Deceit 2 —


Reality Shifter:
Here is the link to REALITY SHIFTER’s video:

Richie From Boston (RFB)

Scripture references:

AMOS 3:7
Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

12 “How you are fallen from heaven,
O Lucifer, son of the morning!
How you are cut down to the ground,
You who weakened the nations!
13 For you have said in your heart:
‘I will ascend into heaven,
I will exalt my throne above the stars of God;
I will also sit on the mount of the congregation
On the farthest sides of the north;
14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds,
I will be like the Most High.’

OTHALA RUNE information:…

Alledgedly Skippy, Torture, the Dark State and Remedies


Donald Trump: Torture works

ISIS in 3 Minutes

Queen Elizabeth’s Magician -John Dee (2002)

Donald Trump says torture ‘absolutely works’ — but does it?

Aleister Crowley the Human Beast FULL DOCUMENTARY

Was Aleister Crowley a Secret Agent?

Barbara Bush Daughter of Aleister Crowley

Skull and Bones (The Brotherhood of Death)

Mind Control – Pedophilia – Project Paperclip – Project Pandora

The NSA’S Michael Aquino, Founder of The Temple of Set


Podestas, Pizza and Pedos

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE Inside Donald Trump’s $100 million penthouse: Gold-rimmed cups, a toy personalized Mercedes for his 10-year-old son, a $15,000 book and some VERY risqué statues
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The NSA’S Michael Aquino, Founder of The Temple of Set

End Ritual Abuse

The Website of Ellen P. Lacter, Ph.D.

Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control

 Gang Stalking is “Unconventional Warfare:¨ ELEMENTS FOR CITIZEN TORTURE – DR. ERIC KARLSTROM ON WBB

Reading List:

New World war: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control by Mark M Rich

The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World by Douglas Valentine

Monarch: The New Phoenix Program by Marshall Thomas

The Secret team by L Fletcher Prouty

Dr Eric Karlstrom´’s website:

Sources for Historical Review of Satanism in 2016

The Open Scroll

David Bowie & Alan Rickman Death Hoax 100% Staged – Predictive Programming In “The Simpsons” Episode by Russianvids

Fiona Barnett Press Conference – October 2015, Sydney by McMurray Report

Temple of Baal to Be Erected in NYC, London, and Hundreds of Other Cities by Truthstream Media

Strange Details Behind PRINCE Blood Sacrifice to Baal!! THEY KILLED HIM by C Ervanna


Full Interpretation: The Gotthard Tunnel Illuminati Witches’ Sabbat (with fair use disclaimer) by Grace Bride

The 2016 Illuminati Rio Olympics announces the New Word Order and the Antichrist by The Truth is From God

POPE FRANCIS to PROCLAIM LUCIFER as God of One World Religion on September 23 2016? By C Ervanna

#PizzaGate: What We Know So Far by Trust Your Gut

Donald Trump’s 66th Floor Penthouse Exposes His Idol ‘Sun God’ Apollo, Son of Zeus by Dahboo777

Space Oddity solo ukulele by Scott Chandler

Electronic Harassment The Destruction of Humanity

Additional Reading and further information:

“Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control” by Dr. John Hall (2014)
“Gang-Stalking and Mind-Control: The Destruction of Society Through Community Spy Networks” by A.K. Forwood (2011)- available through Lulu books
“1996″ by Gloria Naylor (2005)
“Monarch: The New Phoenix Program” by Marshall Thomas (2007, 3rd edition)
film: The Lives of Others
Dr Eric Karlstrom’s websites:

Allen Dulles The Grand Spy Master

Episode 186

References and Bibliography for Allen Dulles – America´s Greatest Spy Master

From Dr Eric Karlstrom´s see full article here

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External links

• Allen Dulles Papers at the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library, Princeton University
• Audio stream of lecture given by Dulles: ‘The Role of Intelligence in Policy Making’ (RAM format)
• “Allen Dulles”. Find a Grave. Retrieved June 12, 2013.

The Great Bathroom Controversy

Episode 185

A Warning Sign? Big Event Happening Now! (2016-2017)

Saudi Arabia: Push for gays to be executed because social media is ‘making too many homosexuals’ from Pink News

10 nations where the penalty for gay sex is death from Death Penalty News

College Kids Say the Darndest Things: On Identity

From Family Policy Institute of Washington

My decision to detransition.

 Transgender in Women’s Bathroom (Social Experiment)

Inflammatory Note found in Target, ‘Triggers’ Transgenders and Feminists

Universities Caught Covering Up For Sexual Predators

The Transgender: Normalizing MENTAL ILLNESS

FtM Transgender: Why I Quit Testosterone

Episode 181

Critical Technology for End Times Theatre

My PVC Instrument, High School performance used with

UFO Anti Gravity From Household Items

Anti-Gravity Machine (Part One)

Vladimir Terziski Lecture part 1 of 4

The anti-gravity platofrm of Viktor Grebennikov

The Man on the Flying Trapeze – Circus Version

Oh Susanna on the Banjo Matt Gutacker

Caveman Movie Trailer

Suppressed Antigravity Technology [FULL VIDEO] Published on Feb 17, 2016

A small group of engineers and technicians, built a flying disk, powered by rotating electromagnets in conjunction with a number of small, ingenious capacitor-like devices called “Utrons”. A number of prototypes were built, ranging in size from experimental models a few feet across to a passenger-carrying craft which was fully 45 feet in diameter. The smaller disks flew successfully – one even disappeared completely and was permanently lost.

Otis T Carr, a Nikola Tesla protege was seriously intent on taking his craft to the moon. However, two weeks after they flew a flying disc, their laboratory was forcibly shut down by government agents and all files and documentation were confiscated.

William Cooper – Vladimir Terziski Interview #1 (Full Length)

Episode 179

Illuminati Banksters Afraid of Trump- Really?

Soros and Obama Activate Terror Cells for Race Wars

How the Big Brother Controls Alternative Media-

Zapruder Film Close Up Stable

Gun to Cause Cancer and Heart Attacks

Is Donald Trump A Part of the New World order- we are change

Trump Pals Around With George Soros-

Donald Trump and the Planned Implosion of the USA Funded by Soros Executed by Bill Ayers

Episode 178

What is Eating You? Harvesting the Human Flock

Christ, Muhammad, and the Culture of Beheading

by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., Th.D.



Head-Chopping Classes for Muslim Children

Democide Mass-Murder And The New World Order by Paul Adams

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Britain sex slavery witchcraft trafficking

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Episode 174

The Voting Ritual-Which NWO Puppet Do You Prefer?

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Was 911 Predicted in Cartoons and Movies Years ahead of Time?

Quiet Slumber Piano Cover by TitchAdam

Mark Passio – Natural Law In 10 Minutes

“I’ll Follow You Into The Dark” Piano Instrumental Cover by BobbyDD21

Episode 173

Hampstead Cover-Up & State Sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control

The following text comes from the research notes of Ella Gareev and Abraham Christie

(note: names have been omitted to prevent the take down of this blog)

TBMC is such a vast topic that we are concentrating on how it is directly related to this case. Tavistock’s B K was paving the way in 1945,Tavistock having been established 25 years earlier, and then with the advent of the 1948 Children’s act they began preparing access to generations of vulnerable children within residential “CARE” homes, establishing themselves as Academic authority on all things related to child care. Her husband Tavistock Child Psychiartrist VK ; (Psychiatry means ‘Doctoring of the soul’) also wrote on the subject as did P (PP ) R, a notorious predatory pedophile member of P.I.E. who gained academic credibility due to his association with B K, who went on to receive an O.B.E. and become a member of the Queen’s Privy Counsel. Now it seems that this State sanctioned TBMC programming is well entrenched within the education systems of the world, and is being facilitated by school staff and the Local Education Authority, in this case Camden. The head teacher F, one of the ring leaders regularly attends Camden Education Board Meetings where Tavistock reps are also in attendance. This State sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control explains ALL the anomalies in this case. Why were the children willing to murder a 3 year old toddler in order to protect the father and the secret/ Why would High Court Judges blatantly lie in public and pervert the course of justice as did a number of police officers? Satanism, Talmudic Blood sacrifice , Wicca, druidism, and other forms of occultism are the means to the Trauma Based Mind Control end in order to create the New Model Army for the New World Order. This could only have taken place with the cooperation of the Local Education Authority. The children told us that they had visited 10 other schools in the area, but they could only name 7 of them. In 2011 at the final hearing of care proceedings D relinquished ALL contact with the children. He had pre-planned to travel to Hollywood Los Angeles ostensibly to revive his failing acting ambitions, so contact with the children would have been difficult . He attempted to contact the children during the Christmas period of 2011 but this was problematic due to him being in the U.S. L.A. being a notorious hotbed of these techniques developed by C.I.A. and other Intelligence agencies.

It is during this trip that it is believed he became versed in MK Ultra Monarch, Trauma Based Mind Control Techniques. (Also termed Ritual Satanic Abuse) that includes sexual trauma, psychological, and physical pain inflicted on young and even unborn, children. Trauma Based Mind Control is used to create Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D) to remove/detach subjects from families and the rest of the world to create literal slaves/robots that are obedient to their programmer/handler.

Most doc s destroyed . This one from 1954 surfaced.

Mind controlled sex slave U.S. President B O programmed at Jakarta International School, which came to prominence in 2012 when Canadian Teacher NB was accused, later convicted and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for crimes eerily similar to the testimonies of Alisa and Gabriel.

Jakarta, Similarities with Hampstead case

  1. Children claim they were sodomized by groups of adults.
  2. The school initially rubbished the children’s claims
  3. Medical examinations corroborated the children’s claims.
  4. The children claim that they were anesthetized.
  5. The children testified that they were raped in secret underground rooms, which have since been demolished or refurbished.
  6. Mother accused of coaching her child the children.

Secret rooms

  1. Gang stalking reported by mothers in both cases.

B was recently released from jail on appeal after serving less than one year of his 10 year sentence.

Aangirfan link

According to Alisa and Gabriel on his return to the U.K., their biological father RD was introduced by C W to teacher L H and others of Christ Church School who were already sexually abusing children Jesuit Satanic sadistic, Talmudic Blood sacrifice .


Mc Martin Preschool , Franklin Cover Up, Amidlisa case in France , The Jakarta International school cover up , the Hampstead Cover Up. The Nigerian Mousa Family case, The Irish Boy’s Home scandal Most of these cases have classic hallmarks of Intelligence services involvement.

Use of illusion and virtual reality to confuse and create non-credible disclosure is a common feature in Monarch Trauma based mind control cases.

Their intention is to create, via eugenics and mind control , a Super race of Blonde blue eyed NWO Soldiers. They are seeking those children who are genetically pre disposed to dis association. Those that can switch off in order to better survive. They are also it seems seeking those with latent psychic abilities, photographic memory, etc. This is the BIG secret that they didn’t want revealed, which is why they kidnapped the children. Took us a while to work it out ,but there were so many deliberate distractions . Well we can see clearly now .

Bob Geldorfs band the Boom Town Rats Recorded their Biggest Hit.” I don’t like Mondays” about girl who killed lots of people in the playground with her Daddy’s rifle because she didn’t like mondays,( a Monarch slave gone berserk) Sirhan Sirhan , Lee Chapman who “killed” John Lennon) and his wife Peaches Geldorf died strangely as did hid daughter Peaches a year or so ago. Monarchs are often used as Patsies whilst pro s from the intelligence services usually do the deed.

There are a number of folk who were aware of this aspect due to Tavistock involvement, but the final dot was his Relinquishing of ALL contact with the children when he went to L.A. and then he quietly returned and was introducing these programs to the Jesuit abusing church schools, Ella noted a deterioration in the children’s behaviour but didn’t connect it too him as, as far as she was concerned he was out of the country , when he was in fact visiting the school daily !


The policeman lies within the first 25 seconds of the video. He knows Jean Clement well and has known him for at least 3/4 years having visited Abraham’s home 2 years before the Hampstead Case in a failed attempt to “steal” one of Abraham’s children with Jean Clement. An attempt that was foiled by Abraham returning home whilst they were both there.         

The children’s disclosure’s mirror descriptions of Trauma Based Mind Control (TBMC) that we had not researched deeply until recently, as we were distracted with the shocking sodomy, murder, satanic blood drinking, cannibalism, child trafficking, child snuff movie & organ trafficking etc.

Alisa graphically described how she had been taught by Head Teacher K (port wine stain birthmarked pudenda) F to butcher/disembowel slaughtered infants and draw the intestines out using both arms.

Use of occult practices i.e. Satanic & Luciferian dark arts, as well as hypnotism, illusion , virtual reality, magik, and drugs, help to hide the importance of the “Rite of Sodomy” (whereby the children/ trainee slaves are sodomised with dildos or other implements in order to manually manipulate nerve endings at the base of the spine, which stimulate pineal gland/third eye giving the subject flashes of cosmic consciousness allowing the Master/Handler to “bind and control” their slave.)

These occult practices etc. which also serve to confuse and create non-credible disclosure are common features in Trauma Based Mind Control cases.


5 minute video. Listen to Alisa explain the generational pattern in the last 30 seconds. You can play the whole 5 min. video.


In the first 40 seconds Alisa explains what her Father does when he visits the school each day.


The first 3 mins of Hampstead Cover Up :Kill the Baby. Great Audio from the children.

Marijuana/ Cannabis stops the mind control , Cathy O’brien programming

Marijuana/ Cannabis stops the mind control programming

MK Ultra Mind Control Clinton admission and apology BRILLIANT VID PROGRAMMED to kill satanic cover up part 34 Mk Ultra C.I.A.Mind control



As a result of the “Mind Science/mind control” atrocities in concentration camps i.e. Dachau during the 2nd World War, an International Code of Medical Ethics, The NUREMBERG CODE was established. Beneath the heading ‘Permissible Medical Experiments’ the No.1 principle amongst the criteria was the agreement that

“The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.”

These Swedish twin sisters are subjects of Trauma Based Mind Control programs established to create TBMC Super soldiers.

Andrea Sadegh a young Austrian mother and researcher whose child is a victim of the same programs in Austria runs the website which shares scientific evidence re SRA/TBMC.

The secret symbiotic relationship between RSA Ritual, Satanic, Sexual abuse and State sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control (TBMC) is exposed. Alisa and Gabriel of the Hampstead cover up eloquently revealed graphic details of these activities, unaware that they were describing the mechanics of State sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control programs which have become part of the educational curriculum in many of the world’s schools and pre-schools, in order to create an army of ‘Trauma Based Mind Controlled,(TBMC) slaves for the establishment and maintenance of the N.W.O.

See McMartin pre-school scandal ,Jakarta International school, C.I.A. connection, Franklin scandal, Finders…


The “Rite of Sodomy” popularised by Alistair Crowley, is central to the TBMC programs.

The Satanic, Luciferian, occult, sexual abuse, Magick, etc. aspects of the TBMC programs are used to obscure the significance of the central tenet of the TBMC which is the” Rite of Sodomy” whereby nerve endings at the base of the victim’s spine are stimulated in order to activate the pineal gland/ third eye giving the child glimpses of Cosmic Consciousness/ Divinity,(Illuminating the Third Eye) thereby “Binding and Controlling” their victims.

“The Rite of Sodomy” the central tenet of TBMC, PROMOTED BY ALISTAIR CROWLEY whereby the children/ trainee slaves are sodomised with dildos or other implements in order to manually manipulate nerve endings at the base of the spine, which stimulate pineal gland, the master gland and the CENTRE OF PSYCHIC AWARENESS IN THE HUMAN MIND which governs our third eye, giving the subject flashes of cosmic consciousness allowing the Master/Handler to “bind and control” their slave.)


Whilst certain abusers may derive some deviant sexual gratification due to themselves being victims of TBMC or other forms of sexual abuse the ULTIMATE goal is to create TBMC slaves addicted to the manual activation of the third eye.

The earlier the “Rite of Sodomy” is performed upon the child, the more effective the programming. These occult practices Satanic, Luciferian, Magick, Hypnotism, illusion & virtual reality etc. which also serve to confuse and create non-credible disclosure are common features in Trauma Based Mind Control cases.

Three years is age at which the Rite of Sodomy is begun in order to securely “bind and control” victims, which is one reason why nurseries/pre-schools and maternity hospitals are increasingly targeted. Universities, military bases, schools, churches & private homes are also venues for TBMC programming …and the local education board Camden HAVE to be aware of these programs. Head Teacher KF (whom Alisa and Gabriel testified is one of the main abusers & leading member of the TBMC programs, and has a large port wine stain birth mark covering her thighs and pudenda & a baphomet tattoo covering her vagina), regularly attends Camden Education Board meetings which are also attended by Tavistock representatives.

Tavistock Institute has been the primary TBMC programming centre for England. The Royal Free Hospital at the University of London works with Tavistock Clinic, as well as the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) of Sussex University. A large number of Britain’s psychologists, social workers and police are trained at Tavistock.

Tavistock has set themselves up as the authority on ritual abuse and Multi Personality Disorder, M.P.D. a.k.a.Disassosiative Identity Disorder (D.I.D.). In other words, the primary programming site, is pretending to be the leading institution trying to solve the problem!


“I dream, therefore, of a primeval devil religion with rites that are carried on secretly, and understand the harsh therapy of the witch´s judges.” Excerpt from Freud’s letter to his friend Wilhelm Fließ written in 1897.

Freud’s correspondence is classified until 2060!

The letter to Fließ is the only direct link to SRA/TBMC.

Freud, the prophet of the Tavistock Institute was an Austrian, (Not GERMAN) Neurologist & Neuroanatomist, which are ideal credentials for a Biological Behavioural Engineer, “mind controller/mind scientist”.

Austria is the epicentre of TBMC in Europe .

The S.S. Medical Academy of the Nazis [S.S.-Aerztliche Akademie] – the medical experimentation department of the S.S. – was transferred from Berlin to Graz, in 1940, the capital of Styria, a small town in Austria with an outstanding history of freemasonry & occultism.

TBMC experiments continue there to this day, according to Andrea Sadegh.

Freud was a Sabbatean/Frankist. Psychoanalysis (“the talking cure”) is a ‘discipline’ NOT a science & Freud used this pseudo scientific discipline to promote the Sabbatean agenda to undermine the morals of civilization, much like Kinsey.

The central idea in Freudian Psychoanalysis is that humans are sexual beings guided by sexual urges.

His contemporary Carl Gustav Jung, explained that humans are spiritual beings driven by their quest for God/Spirituality. “Psychology and Alchemy” 1952.

The Illuminate/cult promoted Freud, and sidelined the brilliant Jung, who introduced many to the concept of Androgyny via the androgyny of Christ. “Androgyny : The harmonious co-existence of masculinity and femininity within a single individual”.

Furtive Freudian fakers are lost in their own spiritually bankrupt psycho-sexual psy-op.

NO C S,( faceless Tavistuck(sic) child psychiatrist who examined Alisa and Gabriel) bisexuality is NOT our ideal state.

The Archetypal Archetype is the Androgyne. Analyse THAT Tavistuck (sic).

Pseudo science, like Psychoanalysis/Psychiatry is regularly used to give academic credibility to Tavistuck(sic) minions.

Austrian Jew, VK, C S, and C W are ALL FACELESS Tavistock minions; along with B K,K, F & R continuing the Sabbatean/Tavistuck (sic) agenda to undermine the morality of civilisation in order to usher in the N.W.O.

B K lobbied for the abolition of the corporal punishment of children ( by parents/carers only, of course) thereby undermining parental authority and using any reported incident of corporal punishment as a pretext to snatch children from families, dismantling families, in order to supply a steady stream of vulnerable victims to the pedophile/TBMC slave minions staffing the S.S. Residential Care Home set up/ children’s homes, and for the TBMC programs .

Childline !!!?? E R ??

The family is the most powerful unit of resistance against state tyranny.

“Never underestimate the power of a group.”

S.S. Sedes Sacrorum/ The Holy See (seat)/ Vatican/Jesuit fraudulent “authority”:.

S.S. Swartz Sonnen The Black/Spiritual Sun.

S.S. Shutzstaffel/ Security Staff. British Agent Hitler’s personal guard led by Jesuit Papal Knight Heinrich Himmler.

O.S.S. Office of Strategic Services predecessor of the C.I.A.

S.I.S. Special Intelligence Service (SIS) dealt with all types of mind control.

Tavistock was under SIS.

S.S. Social Services, established by B K O.B.E. et al to provide thousands of vulnerable child victims for the TBMC programs and TBMC pedophile minions.

State sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control TBMC programming of children is the dirty little secret of the Hampstead cover up .


We always believed Freud was a German Psycho analyst, but we now know that he was an Austrian Masonic Neurologist and Neuroanatomist !

It is a common Tavispell: establishing their minions as Authorities in any specific field which facilitates the N.W.O. agenda of Mass and Individual mind control. According to Andrea , the U.S. U.K, French, Germans and Russian Intelligence Agencies collaborated to establish an enormous TBMC centre within the D.D.R. German Democratic Republic shortly after the 2nd worlds war !!!

Abraham studied A level Behavioural Psychology ( The only legitimate branch of Psychology IMHO) @ Barnet in the 80’s as an entrance into The London School of Economics to take a Social Anthropology degree

I did manage to read Psychology and Alchemy by Carl Gustav Jung. BRILLIANT ! as is “Androgyny the opposites within” by June Singer a Jungian analyst. another quite brilliant work.

Officer Steve And Internschnet Surveillance

Hampstead Cover Up Kill The Baby

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If you create money from nothing then the only way we crash is when someone wants it to crash. I think making the link to people doing this forcefully rather than it being a natural event is important.


Why a Central Bank Can Never Run Out of Money

“We can’t run out of money,” economist L. Randall Wray said. The U.S. government spends through keystrokes that credit bank accounts, he continued. The money comes from nowhere. The government doesn’t need to finance itself with taxes. And it doesn’t borrow its own currency. It can afford all that is for sale in dollars.

Despite laying out an incontrovertible set of facts, Wray’s audience often is aghast. He says he gets four reactions when he tells people about how the government spends:

  1. Incredulity: “That’s crazy!”
  2. Fear: “Zimbabwe! Weimar!”
  3. Moral indignation: “You’d destroy our economy!”
  4. Anger: “You’re a dirty pinko commie fascist!”

Wray is one of the architects of Modern Monetary Theory, or MMT. In essence, it is a description of how our monetary system works. The implications are profound. And Wray is very good at explaining it simply. Below are some notes from a talk he gave at the Post Keynesian Conference in Kansas City, which I attended.

To begin, I like how Wray emphasized he’s not really saying anything people at the Federal Reserve Bank don’t already understand. First, there is a great quote from Ben Bernanke when, as Fed chief, he was on 60 Minutes:

Scott Pelley: Is that tax money that the Fed is spending?

Ben Bernanke: It’s not tax money… We simply use the computer to mark up the size of the account.

Bernanke gets it. “The Fed can’t run out of money,” Wray said. “As long as someone at the Fed has a finger and they have a key to stroke, they can’t possibly run out of money.”

Second, there is this statement from the St. Louis Fed:

“As the sole manufacturer of dollars, whose debt is denominated in dollars, the U.S. government can never become insolvent, i.e., unable to pay its bills. In this sense, the government is not dependent on credit markets to remain operational.”

And yet it is not uncommon to hear people say the U.S. is bankrupt or that the Fed itself is somehow in trouble. People on the inside know differently. As Wray emphasized:

Government can never run out of dollars. It can never be forced to default. It can never be forced to miss a payment. It is never subject to whims of “bond vigilantes.”

Money… is simply the way we keep score in a modern economy. Banks are the scorekeepers.

Thus, there is no need to balance the budget, heresy of heresies! As Wray says, “The necessity of balancing the budget is a myth, a superstition, the equivalent of old-time religion.”

“Whoa!” I hear you say. Let’s back up.

To understand how modern money works, it may be best to start with the banking system. Wray began with a simple model of a bank, a firm and a household. “So a firm approaches a bank and says it would like a loan,” Wray says. “Where does the bank get the money?”

It creates it out of thin air, out of nothing. It keystrokes it into existence. It creates a loan (an asset for the bank) and offsets it with a deposit (a liability for the bank). The firm gets a credit (an asset) and an offsetting debit (the loan). No prior deposits needed. As Wray says: “Loans create deposits. The bank lends its own IOUs. Can they run out?

“Of course not. They can’t run out of their own IOUs.”

This is important. If you don’t get this, banking will forever remain a mystery to you.

To get back to our example: The firm then takes the loan and uses the proceeds to hire people from our household. People then use the funds to buy the product from the firm, and the firm uses the money to repay the loan.

It’s a super-simple model.

So let’s add another bank and a central bank to make it more realistic. Now the firm and the household use different banks. The banks have to clear with one another. They do this through the central bank by using the IOUs of the central bank — called reserves. “What happens if Bank 1 is short reserves to clear the account?” Wray asked. “The central bank creates reserves so that Bank 1 can clear with Bank 2.

“Can the central bank run out of reserves? The answer is no,” Wray says. “Deposits create reserves. So the central bank will accommodate the demand for reserves by creating them in loans. Banks repay those loans to the central bank by returning the reserves to the central bank.” (Much the same way as the firm repaid the bank in the simpler model with which we started.)

Now, how about the government? The U.S. government spends it currency into existence. This is important, too. The government spends first and then collects taxes. (Logically, this is how it began, or else how would people get the money to pay taxes?) Taxes are what give the dollar value. As Alfred Mitchell-Innes, a diplomat and credit theorist, once put it: “A dollar of money is a dollar, not because of the material of which it is made, but because of the dollar of tax which is imposed to redeem it.”

In the old days, this was obvious. A government would, for example, raise a tally. It got a bunch of hazel wood sticks and made tallies and spent them. Or it stamped coins or printed notes. Then it collected taxes in whatever it claimed as money. Today, it is more complicated.

…when someone says the country is bankrupt… you’ll know that simply isn’t true.

The Treasury spends dollars into existence through the central bank. The central bank credits the accounts of banks, and banks credit whoever is getting paid. Taxes reverse the process. Banks then debit accounts, and the central bank debits the banks. The government cannot run out of credits.

Money, then, is simply the way we keep score in a modern economy. Banks are the scorekeepers. They can no more run of credits than the Fenway scorekeeper can run out of runs. Taxes don’t finance the government any more than taking runs off the scoreboard replenishes Fenway’s scorekeeper. And the scorekeeper certainly doesn’t need to borrow runs.

True, there are operational constraints to how much the government can spend. There is the budgeting process, which is a real constraint. There are other technicalities that Wray says are not effective constraints.

For example, technically, the Treasury must have the balance in their central bank account before they write a check, but practically, it makes no difference. This is because the central bank, Treasury and special private banks have always developed procedures to allow the Treasury to get deposits into the central bank before it writes the check.

Another example is that the central bank can’t buy Treasury securities directly from the Fed. But again, in practice, this makes no difference. There are special banks standing ready to buy new issues and then sell them to the central bank.

To sum up MMT’s findings: Government spending credits bank accounts. Taxes debit bank accounts. And deficits mean net credits to bank accounts. (If the government never ran a deficit, the nongovernment sector could not have a positive net balance of dollars.)

The main conclusions to keep in mind are that the U.S. government cannot go bankrupt in its own currency. It can always afford to buy whatever is for sale in its own currency. And the only economic constraints it faces are full employment of existing resources and inflation (by spending too much). Other constraints are political.

Wray ended with a slide about what he did not say since people are apt to jump to absurd conclusions:

I did not say that government ought to buy everything for sale — the size of government is a political decision with economic effects. I did not say that deficits cannot be inflationary — deficits that are too big can cause inflation. I did not say that deficits cannot affect exchange rates. [The value of the] currency can go up and down.

Though called Modern Monetary Theory, economists have understood all of the above for a long time. Wray shared quotes from 1832 that showed a sound understanding of all these principles. And John Maynard Keynes pointed out that modern money, or the credit-based money we have today, is at least 4,000 years old

The Fed Audit

$16,000,000,000,000.00 had been secretly given out to US banks and corporations and foreign banks everywhere from France to Scotland. From the period between December 2007 and June 2010, the Federal Reserve had secretly bailed out many of the world’s banks, corporations, and governments. The Federal Reserve likes to refer to these secret bailouts as an all-inclusive loan program, but virtually none of the money has been returned and it was loaned out at 0% interest. Why the Federal Reserve had never been public about this or even informed the United States Congress about the $16 trillion dollar bailout is obvious – the American public would have been outraged to find out that the Federal Reserve bailed out foreign banks while Americans were struggling to find jobs.

To place $16 trillion into perspective, remember that GDP of the United States is only $14.12 trillion. The entire national debt of the United States government spanning its 200+ year history is “only” $14.5 trillion. The budget that is being debated so heavily in Congress and the Senate is “only” $3.5 trillion. Take all of the outrage and debate over the $1.5 trillion deficit into consideration, and swallow this Red pill: There was no debate about whether $16,000,000,000,000 would be given to failing banks and failing corporations around the world. 

In late 2008, the TARP Bailout bill was passed and loans of $800 billion were given to failing banks and companies. That was a blatant lie considering the fact that Goldman Sachs alone received 814 billion dollars. As is turns out, the Federal Reserve donated $2.5 trillion to Citigroup, while Morgan Stanley received $2.04 trillion. The Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Bank, a German bank, split about a trillion and numerous other banks received hefty chunks of the $16 trillion.

The list of institutions that received the most money from the Federal Reserve

Citigroup: $2.5 trillion ($2,500,000,000,000)
Morgan Stanley: $2.04 trillion ($2,040,000,000,000)
Merrill Lynch: $1.949 trillion ($1,949,000,000,000)
Bank of America: $1.344 trillion ($1,344,000,000,000)
Barclays PLC (United Kingdom): $868 billion ($868,000,000,000)
Bear Sterns: $853 billion ($853,000,000,000)
Goldman Sachs: $814 billion ($814,000,000,000)
Royal Bank of Scotland (UK): $541 billion ($541,000,000,000)
JP Morgan Chase: $391 billion ($391,000,000,000)
Deutsche Bank (Germany): $354 billion ($354,000,000,000)
UBS (Switzerland): $287 billion ($287,000,000,000)
Credit Suisse (Switzerland): $262 billion ($262,000,000,000)
Lehman Brothers: $183 billion ($183,000,000,000)
Bank of Scotland (United Kingdom): $181 billion ($181,000,000,000)
BNP Paribas (France): $175 billion ($175,000,000,000)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The first top-to-bottom audit of the Federal Reserve uncovered eye-popping new details about how the U.S. provided a whopping $16 trillion in secret loans to bail out American and foreign banks and businesses during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. An amendment by Sen. Bernie Sanders to the Wall Street reform law passed one year ago this week directed the Government Accountability Office to conduct the study. “As a result of this audit, we now know that the Federal Reserve provided more than $16 trillion in total financial assistance to some of the largest financial institutions and corporations in the United States and throughout the world,” said Sanders. “This is a clear case of socialism for the rich and rugged, you’re-on-your-own individualism for everyone else.”

Among the investigation’s key findings is that the Fed unilaterally provided trillions of dollars in financial assistance to foreign banks and corporations from South Korea to Scotland, according to the GAO report. “No agency of the United States government should be allowed to bailout a foreign bank or corporation without the direct approval of Congress and the president,” Sanders said.

The non-partisan, investigative arm of Congress also determined that the Fed lacks a comprehensive system to deal with conflicts of interest, despite the serious potential for abuse.  In fact, according to the report, the Fed provided conflict of interest waivers to employees and private contractors so they could keep investments in the same financial institutions and corporations that were given emergency loans.

For example, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase served on the New York Fed’s board of directors at the same time that his bank received more than $390 billion in financial assistance from the Fed.  Moreover, JP Morgan Chase served as one of the clearing banks for the Fed’s emergency lending programs.

In another disturbing finding, the GAO said that on Sept. 19, 2008, William Dudley, who is now the New York Fed president, was granted a waiver to let him keep investments in AIG and General Electric at the same time AIG and GE were given bailout funds.  One reason the Fed did not make Dudley sell his holdings, according to the audit, was that it might have created the appearance of a conflict of interest.

To Sanders, the conclusion is simple. “No one who works for a firm receiving direct financial assistance from the Fed should be allowed to sit on the Fed’s board of directors or be employed by the Fed,” he said.

The investigation also revealed that the Fed outsourced most of its emergency lending programs to private contractors, many of which also were recipients of extremely low-interest and then-secret loans.

The Fed outsourced virtually all of the operations of their emergency lending programs to private contractors like JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo.  The same firms also received trillions of dollars in Fed loans at near-zero interest rates. Altogether some two-thirds of the contracts that the Fed awarded to manage its emergency lending programs were no-bid contracts. Morgan Stanley was given the largest no-bid contract worth $108.4 million to help manage the Fed bailout of AIG.

A more detailed GAO investigation into potential conflicts of interest at the Fed is due on Oct. 18, but Sanders said one thing already is abundantly clear. “The Federal Reserve must be reformed to serve the needs of working families, not just CEOs on Wall Street.”

To read the GAO report, click here.



The “Credit River Decision” handed down by a jury of 12 on a cold day in December, in the Credit River Township Hall, was an experience that I’ll never forget.

The Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court had phoned me a week before the trial and asked me if I would be an associate justice in assisting Justice Martin V. Mahoney since he had never handled a jury trial before. I accepted, and it took me two hours to get my car running in the 22 below zero weather.

I got to the courtroom about 30 minutes before trial, and helped get the wood stove going, since the trial was being held in an unheated storeroom of a general store. This was the first time I met Justice Mahoney, and I was impressed with his no nonsense manner of handling matters before him. My object was to help pick the jury, and to keep Jerome Daly and the attorney representing the Bank of Montgomery from engaging in a fist fight. The courtroom was highly charged, and the Jury was all business.

The banker testified about the mortgage loan given to Jerome Daly, but then Daly cross examined the banker about the creating of money “out of thin air,” and the banker admitted that this was standard banking practice. When Justice Mahoney heard the banker testify that he could “create money out of thin air,” Mahoney said, “It sounds like fraud to me.” I looked at the faces of the jurors, and they were all agreeing with Mahoney by shaking their heads and by the looks on their faces.

I must admit that up until that point, I really didn’t believe Jerome’s theory, and thought he was making this up. After I heard the testimony of the banker, my mouth had dropped open in shock, and I was in complete disbelief. There was no doubt in my mind that the Jury would find for Daly.

Jerome Daly had taken on the banks, the Federal Reserve Banking System, and the money lenders, and had won.

It is now twenty eight years since this “Landmark Decision,” and Justice Mahoney is quoted more often than any Supreme Court justice ever was. The money boys that run the “private Federal Reserve Bank” soon got back at Mahoney by poisoning him in what appeared to have been a fishing boat accident (but with his body pumped full of poison) in June of 1969, less than 6 months later.

Both Jerome Daly and Justice Martin V. Mahoney are truly the greatest men that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. The Credit River Decision was and still is the most important legal decision ever decided by a Jury. – Bill Drexler



FORWARD: The above Judgment was entered by the Court on December 9, 1968. The issue there was simple – Nothing in the law gave the Banks the right to create money on their books. The Bank filed a Notice of Appeal within 10 days. The Appeals statutes must be strictly followed, otherwise the District Court does not acquire Jurisdiction upon Appeal. To effect the Appeal the Bank had to deposit $2.00 with the Clerk within 10 days for payment to the Justice when he made his return to the District Court. The Bank deposited two $1.00 Federal Reserve Notes. The Justice refused the Notes and refused to allow the Appeal upon the grounds that the Notes were unlawful and void for any purpose. The Decision is addressed to the legality of these Notes and the Federal Reserve System.

The Cases of Edwards v. Kearnzey and Craig v. Missouri set out in the decision should be studied very carefully as they bear on the inviolability of Contracts. This is the crux of the whole issue. Jerome Daly.

SPECIAL NOTATION. Justice Mahoney denied the use of Federal Reserve Notes, since they represent debt instruments, not true money, from being used to pay for the appeal process itself. In order to get this overturned, since the bank’s appeal without the payment being recognized was out of time, it would have required that the Bank of Montgomery, Minnesota bring a Title 42, Section 1983 action against the judicial act of Justice Mahoney for a violation of the Constitution of the United States under color of law or authority, and if successful, have the case remanded back to him to either retry the case or allow the appeal to go through. But the corrupt individuals behind the bank(s) were unable to ever elicit such a decision from any federal court due to the fact that because of their vile hatred for him and what he had done to them and their little Queen’s Scheme, had him murdered (same as them murdering him) just about 6 months later. And so, the case stands, just as it was. Amazingly, if they hadn’t been so arrogant about the value of their federal reserve notes and paid the Justice just 2 measly silver dollars, or else 4 measly half dollars, or else 8 measly quarters, or else 20 measly dimes, or else 40 measly nickels, or else 200 measly pennies, they could have had their appeal and would not have had to get blood on their hands.

As it is, they are now known for their bloody ways, and the day will come when the American people will reap vengeance upon them for such a heinous and villainous act. Amen.



Jerome Daly was from Savage Minn. and a close friend of mine. The “Credit River” decision (was) where a jury in a Justice of the Peace court trial found that Federal Reserve Notes were not Moneys of Account of the United States and the court in his opinion found them to be ‘FRAUDS’.

This case was on Dec. 7, 1968 before Justice Martin V. Mahoney of Credit River Minn. and I was an associated Justice since Justice Mahoney had never tried a jury trial and I was asked by “Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, Oscar Knutson, (commonly known as “King Knute”) to assist Justice Mahoney, since the Bank of Montgomery was represented by an attorney, and Jerome Daly was an attorney, and the case was about “Failure of Consideration” by a bank in a mortgage foreclosure on Jerome’s cabin at Prior Lake, Minn..

Justice Mahoney declared that only “Gold and Silver Coins” were moneys of account of the United States, and that the Constitution is still the LAW today. “No state shall make any “THING” but Gold and Silver Coin a tender in payment of debts…”

And of course since the Federal Government had been given only 18 to 20 powers under the Constitution it was a “Limited Government”, and according to the 9th and 10th amendments the states and the people were Sovereign, and retained for themselves all of the other rights not specifically given to the Feds.

When news of the jury’s decision was picked up by Vern Myers and written about in his newsletter, “Myers Finance and Commerce” and sent world wide the whole world was afraid to accept FRAUDS and it got so big that they had Justice Mahoney killed within 6 months and Jerome and I had a couple of close calls too.

I’ve published the book: “The Credit River Decision” for 20 years now, but sold my last copy about 6 months ago, since like Waco, no one was interested in it after the Govt put their “SPIN DOCTORS’ to work to try to discredit it. This like the “Special Appearance” really needs to be studied to learn the real truth about our “Funny Money” system of creating Money “Out of thin Air” by the Banksters.

During the trial, on cross examination the President of the “Bank of Montgomery” testified that the banks regularly “create money out of thin air.”

Jerome asked the Bank President:

“If you were just opening up your bank and no one had yet made a deposit, and I came into your bank, and wanted to take out a loan of $18,000.00, could you loan me that money?

When the Bank President said, “Yes.” I thought the jury would faint.

Jerome than said , “Does this mean that you can create money out of thin air?”

The Bank President said: “Yes. We can create money out of thin air.”

Justice Mahoney then said “IT SOUNDS LIKE FRAUD TO ME” and everybody in the court room nodded their heads indicating that they agreed with Justice Mahoney.

The jury went out and returned a verdict in favor of Jerome Daly on the basis that the Federal Reserve Notes were not legal and valid consideration for a mortgage note contract.

Those that have a copy of “The Credit River Decision” just won’t part with it, and it’s too expensive to print just a few copies, so I really don’t know where you’ll get a copy.

Good luck on your case, and I hoped that I helped you a little.

Bill Drexler



Following are two letters giving a brief synopsis by Minnesota Attorney Jerome Daly, concerning his “Credit River Decision” from December 7, 1968.

I have a complete transcript of this case, including the Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, as well as Jerome Daly’s scathing letter to the members of the Bar, to whom Jerome refers to as “The Boys in the Back Room.”

The letter is addressed to Patrick Foley, U.S. Attorney for Minnesota on December 27, 1968, and follows below here, in addition to Jerome’s “Introduction” letter. Further below my e-mail signature line is a letter from Bill Drexler, who was an associate Justice in the Jerome Daly case in Minnesota, which you should find VERY interesting.

I had a chance to meet and confer with Jerome Daly in 1991, when he assisted me with an unlawful foreclosure on my home in Puyallup. That case is not over yet. At that time he was living out in California. He drafted some of the legal documents on my behalf. The brief he prepared in support of my position will knock your socks off. One of these days
I’ll post it with attachments, because it does take a “picture” to explain the fraud.

If any of you still have Federal Reserve Notes, circa 1920’s through the 1960’s, you know what I’m talking about. And if you research and read Public Law 90-269 of March 18, 1968 followed by the Legislative History of Public Law 94-564, and the contents of Public Law 95-147 on October 28, 1977, you will begin to understand the FRAUD that has been perpetrated by the Congress of the United States upon the People of this Nation. Public Officials need to be held STRICTLY accountable to their Oath of Office and the Law of the Land.

In my case, a certain Court Commissioner and a Superior Court Judge are yet to be prosecuted for their fraudulent perpetrations. Sometimes the wheels of “Justice” move slowly – but they will ONLY move when forced to do so by the Citizenry — “We the People” — who hold ALL the power over our ordained and established Constitution, Bill of Rights, and proper Organs of Government through Delegated Powers and Authority to Act on OUR behalf.

Perhaps after reading this you’ll begin to understand why those who are enlightened to the fraud try to deal in Coin, as it is the ONLY medium of exchange specifically authorized under the Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 5 & 6, and Article I, Section 10, as well as the Coinage Act of 1792, neither of which has ever been repealed, notwithstanding the fraudulent assertions otherwise by the totally compromised and corrupted Congress and Legislatures. As the Maxim of Law states, “Fraud and Justice never dwell together.” And it should be remarked here that thanks to Congressman Philip M. Crane, you NOW have Gold and Silver Coin pursuant to Public Law 99-61 (July 9, 1985) and Public Law 99-185 (December 17, 1985).

These two Public Laws made it possible for the minting and distribution of American Gold Eagles and Silver Eagles, available at your local Coin shop. Everyone should have some real “money” in their possession; but you need to know that your PAPER Federal Reserve Note with $1 printed on it won’t buy a One Dollar Silver Eagle — you’ll have to give about $8.00 to $9.00 FRN’s for the REAL “Dollar”. Read Public Law 90-269 and you’ll understand why. The paper FRN and the Silver dollar should be at “parity”.

By the way, “FRAUD” stands not only for the crime, but “Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Device”.

Mr. Daly passed away a couple of years ago . . . but his Credit River Decision lives on, even though the members of the Bar have sought to suppress this case from public view. It is probably fitting to insert here Jerome’s “Introduction” letter of February 7, 1969, as well as a copy of the letter to the US Attorney on December 27, 1968, so you have some idea of the gravity of what occurred, and before you read what Bill Drexler, a friend of Jerome, wrote below my signature line. I quote herein the two letters, as follows:

Jerome Daly
Attorney At Law
28 East Savage Street
Savage, Minnesota 55378
December 27, 1968

Mr. Patrick Foley
United states Attorney for Minnesota
United States Court House Bldg.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Re: First National Bank of Montgomery vs. Jerome Daly

As you are on my mailing list, at your request, attached kindly find 2 copies of a decision rendered at Credit River Twp. Justice of the Peace court on December 9, 1968 by Justice Martin V. Mahoney, who by occupation is not dependent upon the fraudulent Federal Reserve Mob for his sustenance; thus he was able to view the whole fraud, which is Global in scope, with a mind in the settled calmness of impartiality, disinterestedness, and fairness, in keeping with his Oath and with a completely friendly feeling toward the Constitution of the United States of America.

In truth and in fact the Justice of the Peace Court is the highest Court in the land as it is the closest to the People. Every Judge who is dependent upon this fraudulent Federal Reserve, National and State Banking System for his sole support is DISQUALIFIED because of self interest and had no jurisdiction to sit in review of this Judgment. If any Appellate Court, including the Supreme Court of the United States, in review of this Judgment, perpetrates a fraud upon the People by defying the Constitutional Law of the United States, Mahoney has resolved that he will convene another Jury in Credit River Township to try the issue of the Fraud on the part of any State or Federal Judge, and in an action on
my part to recover the possession if the Jury decides in my favor, the Constable and the Citizens Militia of Credit River Township will, pursuant to the Law, deliver me back into possession. So you see, this Justice of the Peace can keep the peace in Scott County, Minnesota, not with the help of these State and Federal Judges who have fled reality, but in spite of them. This Thomas Jefferson’s prophesy with reference to Chattel Slavery once again rings true; “God’s Justice will not sleep forever.”. (emphasis added – now you may understand one of the lawful purposes of the Militia!)

One wonders sometimes what the United States, and its leaders, including the Shylock usury element, did to bring on a Pea[r]l Harbor Attack on December 7, 1941, with such suddenness and devastation. It could be the Judgment of a Just God giving vent to a stored wrath in retaliation to the money changers. It is ironic in deed that the Jury should return its verdict on the same day 27 years later and the National and International Banking and Oil Mob shudder in their back rooms where they have cornered the money of the World and where they sit pulling the strings; fostering, conniving and perpetrating War with profit to themselves paid for by the blood, sweat, tears and toil of the farmer, the mechanic, the laborer and the humbler members of society; and well they might tremble, for, as they listen they can hear, with every increasing distinctness, the sound of the waves at low tide as they wash across the lonely decks of the U.S.S. Arizona with over 2,500 men entombed in her hold, with oil still seeping therefrom to the surface.

It is better to be charitable than miserly, honest than dishonest, direct than indirect, upright than underhanded, intelligent than unintelligent, to have courage than be a coward, to be free than slave, in body and in mind.

I remain, Quite Independently Yours,

/s/ Jerome Daly

P.S. Give my best wishes for a New Year to the Boys in the Back Room.


Most people in this country have been led to believe that the money loaned by the bank is from the deposits of the banks customers. The more money the public saves, the more it can use that money to lend. In a way, the banks slide of hands accomplishes this task by creating your deposit based on the note you sign and then lending it back as if it was already on the books.

The Jerome Daly case was an attempt to prove it once and for all, the problem was that no judge in any court that had jurisdiction would allow the evidence to be admitted. The borrower would request the book keeping ledgers in discovery and the bank would refuse and the judge would side with the bank. In some cases, the judge would force the case to be settled before any such evidence could be entered on record. Since most people are ignorant of the issue, the bank would simply take the loss, after all is was all free money to begin with. To get around this, the bank in the Daly case was served with a complaint in front of a justice of the peace.

The Bank didn’t realize this until after the President of the Bank was forced to testify and admit to the scam under oath. He figured that when he testified, there would be a handy judge there to say he did not have to answer those questions. After his testimony, the jury was immediately sent to deliberate and came back with that verdict that has become so famous.

What followed was an uproar starting with the State Bar, then the State Supreme Court which ruled that the entire case was a nullity and the attorney and the justice of the peace spent several decades trying to get their license to practice law back.

The same thing happens today with the income tax cases. There is no law that says you are required to file an income tax because the law only applies to corporations or foreign nationals. As soon as the defense tries to claim that he was not required to file a tax return, it is immediately ruled as frivolous and that it can not be used in that court as a defense. The IRS and Judges have made claiming you are not required to file an income tax claim so toxic that it is even considered below UFO sighting claims.

There was a recent case where the IRS tried to make an example out of an attorney who wrote a book that said there was no law requiring a person to file a income tax return.The Tom Cryer jury returned a verdict of not guilty on all charges. The case will never be used or seen for that matter in the cases cited in court because it is not a published opinion since it was decided correctly, no appeal required, no published case law.

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