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The “Gun Debate” is an ILLUSION & Waste of Time

Published on Oct 4, 2017


Fraud Gabby Giffords Gimp Act Exposed

Published on May 4, 2017  by Jeranism

A video to close the door on the fraudulent hoax that is Gabby Giffords. The actual event remains a mystery as none of it makes sense. There is so much wrong with the official story that someone could seriously make a channel just about her and her lying astroNOT or ACTORnaut husband Mark Kelly. Gabrielle Giffords pretends to be mentally challenged and it is all an act. An act of treason! By the way her last name is Hornstein, not Giffords.


Published on Oct 16, 2016   C. Ervana

Did Julian Assange’s Dead Man’s Switch just go off on Twitter? There is new evidence that three codes were released on Twitter for some reason, although the account appears to still engage in tweeting/retweeting. But this could be worrisome, as John Podesta just tweeted “I bet the lobster risotto is better than the food at the Ecuadorian Embassy.” It is also known that Pamela Anderson delivered a vegan lunch on October 16, 2016 to the Embassy in London and said she was worried about his health and family. Something is very unusual about this visit and the language of both Pamela Anderson and John Podesta.

Recently, Assange has released quite a few files, including the now famous “Podesta Files” that include everything from racism against blacks, bias against Latinos, bigotry towards Roman Catholics and Evangelicals; it reveals a concerted effort to destroy the character and credibility of Juanita Broaddrick. The Podesta files also reveal a stunning coordination with the media, specifically with CNN, the New York Times, and Politico, regarding attacks against Donald Trump.

For CNN it goes a bit further, since there is stunning evidence that now shamed Donna Brazile, then vice chair of the DNC, intentionally provided questions to Hillary Clinton before a debate with Bernie Sanders. Additionally, it has now been revealed that NBC intentionally colluded with the Clinton campaign with the release of the “Trump Tape” in order to influence the 2nd debate and the election.

This video also contains some information connected from a group unrelated to Wikileaks. This group is called “Project Veritas Action” led by James O’Keefe. O’Keefe has received death threats recently for his work. O’Keefe also shared that he was a Christian so please pray for this man’s safety right now. He revealed two tapes including 1)Hillary staffers were joking about molesting women repeatedly and getting away with it. This tape also had information about the Clinton campaign committing fraud and ripping up voter registration cards that were not Democrat. 2) The second tape showed Russ Feingold and the organizer of a fundraiser stating that Hillary would take executive action on gun control without the Congress, though Hillary just stated in the second debate that she supported the second amendment. The executive order could be very extensive and involving limiting the amount of ammunition someone can purchase and could be as extensive as “getting guns away from everyone in this country.” This is very scary and shows, yet again, that Hillary is lying about her record. Another recent story that is unrelated to Wikileaks is from author James Paterson, that states that Bill, Hillary and Jeffrey Epstein are still best friends, that they never severed ties, and that Bill Clinton even thanked Epstein for his “insights and generosity” after using his private jet 26 times, based on records.

In three final Wikileaks, it was revealed that Hillary is quite close with Vladimir Putin, claiming to be in his “inner sanctum.” This conflicts with Clinton’s campaign repeatedly bashing Vladimir Putin and Russia about the hacked emails. Russia had nothing to do with these hacks, and Hillary knows this already. It was also revealed in another wikileak that Hillary Clinton gave a speech to Wall Street and talked about how somebody can have a “public position” and a “private position.” This is commonly known as lying. When she was called out for it, she said that her talking point had to do with President Lincoln. This is now considered one of the worst answers to a debate question in history, and showed that Hillary Clinton is willing to lie about lying.

Another Wikileak shows one of Hillary’s paid speeches to Wall Street, where she encouraged big bankers to control the American political system with their money and to get involved. Lastly, a Wikileaks reveals that not only did Obama know about Hillary’s private server, he actually communicated with her one it. In an interview, Obama said that he did not know about the server. This is now proven to be untrue. Corruption exists from top to bottom in the American political system.

Finally, Hillary has a secret weapon, and that is to turn all women into feminists on a mission to defeat Donald Trump because of one comment he said 11 years ago. Feminism is actually a branch of Satanism, and I will prove this in a future video. Feminism is one of the greatest evils we will ever face.

Top 5 Times Armed Citizens STOPPED Mass Shootings

Published on Sep 21, 2016   by WeAreChange

In this video, Rachel Blevins discusses five cases where armed citizens saves lives and stopped mass shootings by jumping into action and utilizing their concealed handguns.

Gang Members Implicate U.S. Gov’t in Dumping Crates of Guns in Chicago


September 14, 2016    By Isaac Davis  

There is a well-documented history of the U.S. government supplying weapons and arms to both friends and foe for political purposes and for profit. In addition to publicly known global arms deals to U.S. political allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia, revelations about the rise of ISIS indicate that U.S. arms and military trainees have been a critical factor in the rise of the terror group.

From 2006 to 2011 the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms ran a gun smuggling operation into Mexico to ostensibly dismantle Mexican drug gangs, accomplishing the precise opposite, however, in what has affectionately become known as Fast and Furious. Further back in time we have covert operations like Oliver North’s Iran Contra scandal of the mid 1980s, and America’s involvement in arming rebels in Central America to destabilize uncooperative governments. The list goes on.   Read On

The Gun Control Battle is a Choice Between a Police State and a Free Society



By TJ Martinell   August 10, 2016

Gun control proponents often paint the fight over gun rights as a battle between “gun sense” advocates and fringe elements who want dangerous people to have access the firearms. In reality, the conflict is a fundamental choice every society must make. Does it want to live in a police state or a free society?

That’s the conclusion Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble came to recently following terrorist attacks in Kenya.

In an exclusive interview with ABC News he said,  “there are really only two choices for protecting open societies…either create secure perimeters around the locations or allow civilians to carry their own guns to protect themselves.”   Read More



21 Ways To Spot A False Flag / Staged Event World Beyond Belief 197

Published on Aug 1, 2016  by pineconeutopia

How important is it that we can differentiate a false flag or staged event from a real one? EXTREMELY! It is of the same importance that you distinguish falsehood from reality. The information in this video helps see through the lies and the ludicrous content of some of these staged events

DNC Day Two: 3 Psyop Strategies Exposed


July 27, 2016    By Bernie Suarez

We are watching as a criminal empire attempts to artificially insert their dictator into power, and this is a historic opportunity for humanity to see every step of the way how they are doing it. So let’s not miss out on this unique opportunity made possible due to modern-day technology and the advent of the Internet.

Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, PA promises to deliver classic Edward Bernays-style propaganda to manipulate the opinion and views of the masses. It is now reported that the Democratic party is desperate to calm things down in the aftermath of the stolen primaries and the Bernie Sanders full-on sellout and they need to have their sheep unanimously support CFR criminal Hillary Clinton. But how can they do this? This is the question officials at the DNC are strategizing and brainstorming about and apparently they feel they have the possible tactics ready.  Read More

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