2411 Pulaski Hwy., G-62
Columbia, TN 38401
This is a formal acceptance of your Oath of Office, and the oath of office of those under your
command that binds you to protect me, my rights, my privacy and to uphold the Constitution of the
united States of America.
April 26, 2017
Bucky Rowland, Sheriff
Maury County Sheriff Dept.
1300 Lawson White Dr.
Columbia, TN 38~01 u ..,
fJO/?P6~tJPPI'() «9bf:J y’JeT>Y
Troy Potts, Chief
Columbia, Police Dept.
707 N. Main St.
Columbia, TN 38401 .
?d? ~6/;t> bPCO f696″o tf~l”
Michael Hay, Chief
Mt. Pleasant Police Dept.
100 Public Square
Mt. Pleasant, TN 3..8.401 •ArJI.l.
‘)Of? ()/;M O(}dO ‘695ff’lvy~ v
To Those Concerned:
Charlie Norman, County Mayor
Maury County
41 Public Square
Columbia, TN 38401
?()/? 116PP () Pt’IJ gg S’~ Y6 3 J
Tony Massey, City Manager
City of Columbia
700 North Garden
~b7f3~6J~~~~48~SG VrJIIJv
Kate Collier, City Manager
City of Mt. Pleasant
100 Public Square
~~/~ e~;;:· ~~t>i~~~G Vt/ o -G;./
Attached is a letter thc~.t I wrote in 2007 to the people in your current positions. This letter was
written to advise them that I had become a victim of torture which began when I was a resident
of Columbia on or about 1999-2006 and these remote attacks continued while I was a resident of
Mt. Pleasant, 2006-2010, 2011-2013, though I asked for their protection. In 2013 I moved to
Dayton, Ohio to pursue the Doctoral Program at United Theological Seminary and to see if
moving would bring the constant stalking, harassment and abuse to an end. Now that I’ve been
back in Columbia for 18 months the remote assaults continue. The alleged perpetrator has not
changed and I continue to ask for protection.
I moved back to Columbia in December 2015 to assist in caring for my aging mother and
continue to own property in Mt. Pleasant. Since being back, the stalking, harassment, and abuse
described as torture continues. Though I have named the person I have been told is responsible
for the abuse, I am forced to endure the constant assaults, privacy invasion, destruction of my
property and decline in my health. I have not been able to get any real investigation to be
pursued that either questions my witnesses and examines my evidence nor have steps been
taken to ask for the assistance of those in upper law enforcement agencies and military
departments, if necessary, to solve the source of the threats to my health and life.
7017 066o oooo 8955 4024 7D170 g~6o 1 oogp ~955 4048
701h a:.6p D9,01J ~955 4031 70171 066D&J!Q,0 .tb,1r~JiD17
7017 D66D oooo 8955 4055 7 ~JD~+ oooo 8955 4ooo
April 26,2017
Page 2
Those Concerned
This letter is written to ask that you review the enclosed letter, answer the questions to yourself.
I would also appreciate a response or acknowledgment of this communication, in writing, and
that you keep it as proof of my notification to you and the law enforcement departments under
your direction of this problem.
Ten years have passed and I have medical documentation that officially names me as a “Victim of
Torture.” The allowance of torture by the CIA/DOD is currently under investigation by the Senate
Judiciary Committee under the leadership of Senator Dianne Feinstein. Also enclosed is a copy of
the December 2015 transcript of the questioning of a Department of Homeland Security agent by
South Carolina U.S. Representative Trey Gowdy questioning the lack of”due process” afforded a
person who is classified as being on a “Terrorist Watch List.” I have provided documentation to
Chief of Police Troy Potts that was ran by a private investigator confirming that I am not on any
such list. Inspite of this information, I continue to be slandered, assaulted and many of my State
and Federal Constitutional Rights are being violated.
Please contact me to determine how you might help to end this persecution and electronic
torture by investigating the person or persons responsible for committing the Tennessee State
Statutes of felonious assault, stalking, vandalism, reckless endangerment and privacy invasion
against me. Torture is a federal crime as is War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity. Agencies
of higher authority assure me that they need your invitation to join in an investigation due to
jurisdiction concerns. Please make the necessary contacts.
By Millicent Y. Black
Dr. Millicent Y. Black, M.A.C.M., M.M.F.T.
Enclosures: Dec. 15, 2015 Transcript of DHS Testimony to Rep. Trey Gowdy
RA 529319377- Sheriff Enoch George 5-7-2007, 5pgs
RA 525329944- Sen. Arlen Specter, RA 525329935- Sen. Patrick Leahy
4-1-2007, 4pgs
Senator John McCain 1-9-2006 Maury Co. Registrar of Deeds Book R1970
Pages 61-63
RA 525319385- Rep. Henry A. Waxman 4-12-2007, Book R1980 pg 621
Letter from Jovanka Beckles, Richmond, CA dated 5-6-2015
Human Rights First- Quotes Re: SSCI Torture Report, 3pgs
Trey Gowdy Grills DHS
Official on Due Process, Gun
Stephen Gutowskil year ago
Rep. Trey Gowdy (R., S.C.) questioned a Deparhnent of Homeland Security official about the idea that
American citizens on the terrorist watchlist should be denied gun rights on Friday.
“What process is afforded a U.S. citizen, not someone who’s overstayed a visa, not someone who crossed a
border without permission, but an American citizen-what process is cunently afforded an American
citizen before t~ey go on that list?” Gowdy asked DHS secretary Kelli Ann Buniesci at a House Oversight
Committee hearing.
“I’m sorry, urn, there’s not a process afforded the citizen prior to getting on the list,” Burriesci said. “There
is a process should someone feel they’re unduly placed on the list.”
“Yes, there is,” Gowdy said. “When I say ‘process’ I’m actually using half of the term ‘due process,’ which
is a phrase we find in the Constitution, that you cannot deprive people of certain things without due
process. So I understand [Center for American Progress fellow Ken Gude ]’s idea, which is to wait until
your right has been taken from you and then you can petition the government to get it back. I understand
that that’s his idea.”
“My question is, can you name another constitutional right we have that is chilled tmtil you find out it’s
chilled, and then you have to petition the government to get it back? Is that tme with the First
Burricsci then began to explain the criteria to put someone on the watchlist, but .Gt owdy interrupted her, ~
saying she was not answering his question. He then asked the question again. “My question is what process
is afforded a United States citizen before that person’s constitutional right is infringed. [Gude] is fine with
doing it with the Second Amendment. My question is how about the first?”
“My question is what process is afforded a United States citizen before that person’s constitutional right is
infringed? [Gude] is fine with doing it with the Second Amendment. My question is, how about the First?”

Gowdy then asked what other constitutional rights DHS might be comfortable infringing upon without due
process. How about we
“How about we not let them set up a website?” he asked. “Or a Google account? How about we not let
them join a church until they can petition government to get off the list? How about not get a lawyer? How
about the Sixth Amendment? How about you can’t get a lawyer until you petition the government to get off
the list? Or, my favorite, how about the Eighth Amendment? We’re going to subject you to cruel and
unusual punishment until you petition the govemment to get off the list.”
“Is there another constitutional right that we treat the same way, for American citizens, that we do the
Second Amendment?” Gowdy asked. “Can you think of one?”
After a pause, he repeated the question. “Can you think of one?” he asked.
“I don’t have an answer for you, sir,” BuiTiesci said as Gowdy’s allotted time to ask questions ran out.
Trey Gowdy Grills DHS Official on Due Process, Gun Rights
.. :/
May 7; 2007
Sheriff Enoch Georgefo-f. ~/.
Maury County Sheriff’s Department
1300 Lawson White Road
Columbia, Tennessee 3840 I
Millicent Black
Lowe Street 106
Mount Pleasant, Tennessee [38474]
Registered Mail RA 525 319 377 US
This Is a formal acceptance of your Oath of Office, and the oath of office of those under;your command.that
binds you to protect me, my rights, my privacy, and uphold the Constitution of the united States of
Dear Mr. George:
I. have reason to believe ·that I am and have been since at least 1999 or before, used as a non-consensual
experimentee in which your Department may be taking or have taken part. In 2003 I was approached with the
voice-to- skull statement, “The boys have new toys.” This ietter is not written to accuse but to NOTICE you of the
following as a living soul:
I) I do not nor can it be construed that I have ever volunteered for ANY clinical trial or research project.
2) My signature on ANY forms, documents or papers may not be construed or assumed to mean that I consent
or agree to any such use of me, my brain, 0r my name in ANY experimental research project for any
reason, group, or organization. Additionally, I withdraw my signature from any such documents previously
signed by me. . ,
3) No data may be collected, shared or authorized regarding me or any treatment receive<,1 by me via personal
contact, telephone, radar, satellite or computer. Nor can any such information be doWftloaded to me via
any electronic or telephonic means.
4) If any loss of health or life can be attributed to the participation of your Department you will be held
Related to the Air Force Intelligence and Security Doctrine, Patriot Act, and Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act,
can you swear under penalty of pet:,jury?
1) That you have received authorization through the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff for the use of
PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATlONS (PSYOP) strategies on this living soul?
2) That you are not under the lead agent of the US Army per SM-50 1-84, for training Department of Defense
(DOD) staff in Joint PSYOP Do.:trine using this living soul as a target?
3) That there are not now nor have been any planned operations desiened to project selected information
to influence the thoughts, dreams, emotions, and motives of this living soul, including psychic
4) That there is not now nor have been any deception operations used to influence this living soul to make
decisions and take actions prejudicial to this living soul’s objectives’ including remote mind control?
5) That Directed Energy Weapons in addition to other electronic, biological and chemical weapons have not
been used on this living soul for purposes of destabilization, disorientation and control, better known as
trauma-based mind control programming?
6) That written approval ofthe use ofCfA and KUBARK Interrogation tactics on this living soul via
electronic and occultic practices has been obtained from US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales? One
significant form of torture is sleep deprivation with mind invasion that has continued for almost four
(J~~~ “* IY
Book R1992 Page 556
.___, .
~ ~ ·.
. I
Enoch George, Maury County Sheriff
May7, 2007
7) That the Police Officers Training Manual includes the invasion and examination of a person’s body while
unconscious. Who would approve this type of investigation? Is CIA Terrorist Training taking place in
Maury County against the residents of this County?
8) That this “Test” is considered to be Ente1tainment for the purposes of Sensationalism to the
9) · That you are unaware of organized breaking and entering into my private vehicle and home for purposes of
violating my person with possible unsolicited sexual activity while I was unconscious, placing and
removing objects in either-or both, and contamination of my food and beverages? Executive Orders were
signed by Presidents Ford, Reagan and Carter, making it illegal to use chemical and biological weapons on
a non-consensual experimentee.
1 0) That your Department has I)Ot known of nor participated in the deliberate torture of this living soul for the
purposes of causing a nervous breakdown, suicide, or to provide a cause for someone else to murder me?
11) That you are unaware that the use of this living soul in this government experiment is for the purpose of
“training assassins” by those involved, among other crimes against humanity?
12) That you are unaware that the use of this living soul in this government experiment puts other members of
my family at risk?
13) That you.were advised by the “mad scientists” and “Dr. Frankenstein’s”, as they refer to themselves, of
their intentions to 1) attempt to change my sexual orientation, 2) turn me into a witch, or any criminal that
is restricted only by the limitations of their imagination via the use of hypnosis, trauma and other biological
and chemical means? (CIA/FBI creates criminals
14) That you are not aware of the “Blacklisting” of this living soul for the purpose of preventing me from
obtaining gainful employment, to cause isolation, and restrict if not eliminate any opportunities for
socialization in an attempt to make it appear that my personality has been changed?
15) That you are not aware of the use of Brain-Brain/Brain-Computer links being used for the purpose of
torture, humiliation, and dehumanization on this living soul? That such links cause the radiating and
endangerment of health to the participants in this community?
16) That you are not aware that the use ofDirected Energy Weapons is a form of”Slow Kill” which will lead
to death by torture? This IS premeditated murder!
17) That you are unaware of the psychological damage that the use of these tactics causes to your own staff?
Torture also dehumanizes the torturer and makes them candidates for professional intervention.
18) That the residents of the united States do not have any rights? Has the Constitution been abolished? What
about the Bill of Rights?
19) Does the color of law take precedence over the Bill of Rights, Civil Rights and Human Rights?
20) You received written approval for this living soul to be volunteered as a human subject for a government
funded project? What rules apply? What oversight is given?
21) When evaluating Rights, what value or weight is applied to:
a. Due Process
b. Police Brutality
c. Excessive Force
d. Double Jeopardy
e. Reckless Endangerment
f. The Miranda Law
g. Entrapment
h. Rites of Habeas Corpus
22) How do you apply the principles of:
a. Posse’ Commitant Act
b. Torture Laws for united States residents
c. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act for united States residents
d. International Wartime Laws
e. Geneva Convention
f. The Nuremberg Code
Pt15 e ‘J- ,f. ry
Book R1992 Page 557
:/1>./ _,.- ‘ \
Enoch George, Maury County Sheriff
May 7, 2007
Page 3
Please refer to The Torture Debate in America Edited by Karen J. Greenberg,, Cambridge University Press, 2006.
If you are aware of any devices that have been implanted in my body without my consent, please provide me with
the following infonnation. Additionally, I hereby refuse to be used as a part of any experiment or research
project AT ALL. No consent is given nor can it be assumed by my signature on any papers, forms, or
documents. No data can be collected, shared or analyzed regarding me or any treatment received by me. Where
allowed by law for you to do so, that same law makes it possible for me to received infonnation as I am requesting
below. If such infonnation has been collected and shared pleac;e provide me:
I. The name of the requestor for such device(s) to be implanted.
2. The address, phone number and principal Agent of this organization.
3. Thereasori for this requested invasion of my privacy and violation of my rights.
4. Who authorized such implantation/invasion?
5. Written documentation regarding such actions (cettified copies of original correspondence).
I request your response to the above, point for point, and your signature in blue wet ink in the space below. It is my
understanding that the law states that it is my legal right to receive a reply to this requested research infonnation in
no later than 15 clays. If the above is not sworn to, signed, and published, there can be no lawful action brought
against this living soul under ‘color or law’ and artifice involving legal fictions with names that sound like that of
the living soul, and you have conspired to facilitate the volunteering of this living soul into an unlawful jurisdiction,
involving third parties with no firsthand knowledge of me, have no firsthand information, and operate under ‘color
of law’ voiding their immunity.
At the time of the extension of the Patriot Act, I learned that it IS possible for law officers who violate and abuse
their authority to be held accountable and punishable by the same laws that govern US residents. Can you attest to
the fact that you did not have ftrst hand knowledge of crimes being committed against this living soul by military
and law enforcement officers? These c1imes included plans to frame me for crimes I did not commit?
You have been NOTICED! Conduct yourself accordingly.
This Notice will be documented and recorded in the County Courthouse in accordance with the 3,7,10 law of
contracts. If you do not respond in 3 days with your signature on this document-we have a contract, at 7 days you
are in dishonor, at 10 days 1 have a swnmary judgment against you. Said summary judgment being your
admission of the use of this living soul as a non-consensual human experimentee, government or otherwise
with you as a conspiring party, and appropriate monetary compensation is due to this living soul beginning
at $7,000,000 compensatory and $28,000,000 for punitive damages.
Since I am not currently represented by an attorney or other third parties, I require that only you, Enoch George
sign the following statement under penalty of perjury and record it in the public record regarding me being used as
a non-consensual human research subject for government and/or other purposes.
p~<! 3 cr(-ff
A living Soul
Without the united States,
County of Maury
Book R1992 Page 558
• J-~ .
. . ~ • . ~ . .
Enoch George, Maury County Sheriff
May 7, 2007
Page 4
Signed Under Penalty of Perjury
I can attest to having proper knowledge and authorization as stated above. Furthermore, I understand the message
and the intent of this document.
Enoch George, Sheriff, Maury County
Notary Public
cc: Department of Air Force lntellige-:1ce
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
Senate Judiciary Committee
House Intelligence Oversight Committee
Ch~irman, Senate Committee on Human Rights
Chairman Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
Secretary, Department of Defense ·
use Committee on the Judie’
lly Mmrager ana cmer ot Pollee, M1. Pleasant
(Date) ______ _
CM 7006 2150 0003 0467 1792
CM 7006 2150 0003 0467 1808
CM 7006 2150 0003 0467 1815
CM 7006 2150 0003 0467 1822
CM 7006 2150 0003 0467 1839
CM 7006 2150 0003 0467 1 846
CM 7006 2150 0003 0467 1853
003 0467 1767
ity Manager and Chief of Police, Columbia CM 7006 2150 0003 0423 1743
ounty Executive, Maury Coum-y CM 7006 2150 0003 0423 1750
n~~~) · ~~~fJ~,ll~lr9tl ~~~(11-dY’qz.Jf~k” 5vr’i.qJIJ….-a).eJ.p, rl-/e-H’€1 ~ ~ ~~,·~~
Jurist: I, futJolV. 5f2J/e~ a Notary ·Public residing in Maury County, Tennessee, do affirm and say that
Millice.n t Y. Black appeared before me in her true se,l,f. a..n.d.. d,,i,d affix her name, as a Living Soul signature to the
above mstrument. “‘”‘ D V 8. ,,,,,_
~,’l_~~ …. ·ll,”,,_
m i.f ciamm,;~.siM Cic.-pt~ .s
~~LoA~ e. · ~··’·~~~ 0 :, .:.-.· ,….. ·eta~ .= .• ~·’ -•… .. ..:..
\c\ ‘-b~ :fl’i ~~ • PIJI!..~ • ~
~~·. –uo •• “;’c.······~~.._. ..,. .:
.,,,,,’O,,U,,N,T ..Y. h•”•”‘, ,,”
Date: S-g’-(;)a:?7
f~e V rll- fy
Book R1992 Page 559
-,…..-·.. . . .
~ IAirForce
Intelli~ence and Securitv Doctrine
This instruction expands and implements AFPD 10-7, Command and Control Warfare. It explains how to plan
and execute psychological operations (PSYOP).It applies to major commands (MAJCOMs), field operating
agencies (FOA), direct reporting units (DRU), and their subordinate units. It provides guidelines for planning
and conducting PSYOP to support US Air Force C2W and theater commander-in-chiefs (CINCs) conducting
C2W operations. For a full understanding of PSYOP and its role in the perception management process, read
the referenced publications, which include DoD Instruction S-3321.1, Overt Psychological Operations
Conducted by the Military Services in Peacetime and in Contingencies Short of Declared War (U); the War and
Mobilization Plan,Volurne 1, Annex DD (S),- Joint Publications (Joint Pub) 1-02, 3-05, 3-07, 3-53, and 5-03.2;
Joint Chiefs ofStaffMemorandum ofPolicy 30; and Service Manual (SM) 501-84, Designation ofthe Chief of
Staff, US Army as JCS Executive Agent for Joint Psychological Operations Training (U).
1. Glossary of Terms. See attachment 1.
2. PSYOP Guidelines:
2.1. DoD Instruction S-3321.1 establishes policy, provides procedures, and assigns responsibilities for overt
PSYOP conducted by the DoD in peacetime and in military operations other than war. This directive states that
PSYOP, as an effective and essential instrument of national policy, is an inherent responsibility of all military
commanders. Theater CINCs must conduct PSYOP, and Services must support these operations and PSYOP
undertaken by any other US agencies.
2.2. During a declared war, the National Command Authority (NCA), through the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of)
Staff, issues specific national policy on PSYOP to the unified and specified commands. The Joint Strategic J
Capabilities Plan (JSCP), Annex D, Psychological Operations (S), furnishes guidelines for commandep… ./
conducting PSYOP.
2.3. SM-501-84 appoints the US Am1y as the lead agent for training DoD in joint PSYOP. Joint Pub };a~~ Joint
PSYOP Doctrine (U), contains policy for joint PSYOP. .cl0~!~~r-~
2.4. The War and Mobilization Plan, Volume 1, Annex D (S), contains US Air Force specific ti ~~~4-~
PSYOP. .21 IIIF#.ClfOR \~
· I~ENtY.aiJ£K ~
3. PSYOP Mission: \\ Rr.KTSRESEIMD rs-
~<-,9> ~Ji tll’l'”‘
3.1. PSYOP by Air Force forces support US national.and military objectives through planned~ ~
designed to project selected information to influence the thoughts, emotions, and motives of foreign
governments, organizations, groups, or individuals. The Air Force systematically employs PSYOP to induce
or reinforce foreign attitudes and behavior that are supportive of US objectives. Commanders must include a
designated PSYOP planner at the beginning of the campaign planning process to effectively accomplish this
mission. Ultimately, PSYOP’s main purpose is to help theater CINCs accomplish their combat missions.
f~e 5 ~ IY
Book R1992 Page 560
t;. ·.,., … ::_:
‘·:~. ~~;~
‘ ~
Lowe Street 106
Mount Pleasant, Tennessee [38474]
April 1, 2007
tJ)rance of your Oath of Office as a united States Congressman, as a member of the
that binds you to protect me as a resident of these States of America and to uphold
urilted States of America.
Arlen $pecter, Chairman
Committee on the Judiciary
United States Senate
224 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
R~~ tf+ 5’~? 3J. 7 ~l.flf f/5
Senator Patrick Leahy
Committee on the Judiciary
United States Senate
~ !J1M} f.fl 5J5 Jd-1 l/35 t{~
224 Dirksen Senate Office Building
vyashing,ton, DC 20~10 · .. ,
Dear Chafrman Specter, Senator Leahy and Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee:
My ears perked up as I heard Senator Durbin refer to the availability of the 5th Amendment rights for the FBI agents
during the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings which were held on March 27. FBI Director Robert Mueller said
his agents had not pled the 5th, but he was aware that it was their right. I was elated to leal’n that if the 5th
Amendment applied to the FBI, surely it applies to me. When your brain and body is raped daily by seemingly .·
thousands of viewers and listeners, via the occultic practice of artificiartelepathy, the 5th Amendment is not talten
into account. hypnosis, which is often used in Prisoner of War Camps, or under satellite surveillance, fl)~
. ·: brain has no firewall,: When one is that exposed, anyone with the proper computer software and wireless
connection can send their perversion to your brain, take your thoughts out tweak them and send them back, and no
one is the wiser. ·
I have yet to.understand what intelligence can be gained by sending electroshocks up my vagina or rectum. It’s
· beyond me why the interest in the color underwear I put on or how I style my hair, yet these same people are prying
into my every move, my every choice, and control most of the thoughts that go through my head. All the while the
perps love to tell me when they have “framed” me through the use of these tactics .

Senate Judiciary Committee
Page 1 “‘
And the merchants of the earth wi/1 weep and mourn over her, for no one buys their merchandis ore~isl”&f gold~
precious stones and pearls, fine linen and purple. silk and scarlet, every kind of citron wood, e ry kind 1f]Object of ivory, every kind of
object of most precious wood, bronze, iron and marble; and cinnamon and incense, fragrant and frankincense, wine and oil, fine flour
and wheat, cattle and sheep, horses and chariots, and bodies and souls of men.” Revelatio 8:11-13 (NKJ)
Book R1980 Page 622

are electroshocks being sent to my vaginal area as a warning that I am not to proceed with
Vac:~irial villation has become a calling card for these perperTRATORS of hatred in the name of mad
stein, Master Illusionists, and magicians. I have since481eamed that the true culprits of
local law enforcement agents being trained in terrorism tactics by the Intelligence
my former employer who is a major contractor with the DOD, DOJ, DOE, DHHS, CIA, and
or.,•A8A on their University Medical Center campus.
I was to learn were Kubark Interrogation and CIA Torture tactics using Directed Energy
Inter-cerebral Control, Electronic Dissolution of Memory and many other acts of the
me they already had enough on me. Here I sit almost four years later with:
health ·
ectronically sexually assaulted, radiated, sleep deprived and anything their brains could
imagine since 2003
Electronically induced.dreams that radiate my head, eyes, face, neck and across my shoulders
Had a man, who I have never been intimate with tell me of hair in the small of my back, thatt did not even
know was there. Apparently I have been the subject of physicarexamination as well, thoughfalways sleep
with clothes on, and how did they get into my home, who issued a warrant for my unconscious search?
I have reason to believe that I have been gang raped and possibly sold into unconscious sex slavery, while
I hear their voices-to-my-skull declare, “This)s Police Academy.”
I have pictorial evidence of many violations to my person and property, including the fact that a key is used
to access my car and my home. The torturers told me ¥you’ll never feel safe again.”
Been made to watch my dad’s demise while he was refused adequa~e medical attention. After my dad’s
death, the perperTRATORS that my mom would be next. I live in constant threat of danger to
my children and grandchild a~ welL They don’t miss a day telling me, “You’re dead.·
I have asked the perps several times to take me and leave my family alone. The people in this town where I am
forced to live are constantly at risk as they are being radiated while being drawn in to a bogus investigation that is
not to end until my death. This targeting also seems to be a legalized neutralization of my person by my former
employer who seems to have made me and my family a research project without my consent and without my
agreement or knowledge, but it would to be to their advantage to have me ·dead. They knew when I was placed in
this “test”, that it was to end in my death. The perps want to see if they can “make someone.kill me”; they said they
are “training assassins.” . When did the united Sta~s need civilian assassins in their arsenal of soldiers? What
happened to the repentant hearts of the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment hearings?
How ~n the united States of America/AMURDERica allow such cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment to be
done to its own people? I read that a Mr. Locke in the 1700’s, stated, “When the government declares war against
its own people, the people are no longer obligated to obey them.” It seems that the Patriot Act did just that. It gave
the CIA and other Intelligence agents the license to declare and perpetrate any act of war against the very ones
who fill their budgets and pay their salaries. Never mind that we are also the ones to whom they swore an oath to
. protect, serve; and uphold the Constitution.
In June 2005, I alerted Congress and many others of the violations of the Patriot Act against residents in the united
States. In January 2006, I made a plea to Senator John McCain. Now I write to you. Can you swear to me, under
penalty of pe~ury?
I. That slavery has been made legal since it was abolished in the 1800’s by Abraham Lincoln? If not. what
protections are in place to secure my freedom? The perperTRATORS told me that they would “sell my soul
again.” Apparently soul and body selling has become quite a commodity in Ametica.
2. That the people of the united States do not have any rights? Has th.e Constitution been abolished? What
about the Bill of Rights? .
3. Does the color of law take precedence over the Bill of Rights, Civi!HightS and Human Right~? c
4. Who givesthe approval for a human subject to be volunteered for a government fund 11 ~~les
apply, what oversight is given? · /”. ~-.>.”!- A~.9~q”‘-
5. When evaluating Rights, what value or weight is applied to: ~ HIFACTFOR
a. Poliee Brutality ~ IIUJCEKTY.BIJ,CK
Senate Judiciary Committee Page 2 4J
And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her,for no one buys their merchandis 1ymo~rilt~~~~
precious stones and pearls, fine linen and purple, silk and scarlet, eve’}’ kind of citron wood, e ry kind of object of ivory, every kind of
object of most precious wood, bronze. iron and marble; and cinnamon and incense, fragrant I and frankincense, wine and oil, fine flour
and wheat, cattle and sheep, horses and chariots, and bodies and souls of men.” Reve/atio 18: Jl-13 (NKJ)
Book R1980 Page 623
r”~: · c.
Exceasive Force
Datil:& Jeopardy (I heard from law enforcement officers, “everyone is not in agreement with the
are being treated.1 .
d: · · Rec~ss Endangerment
Habeas Corpus
ply the principles of :
remberg Code
Laws for united States residents
Intelligence Surveillance Act for united States residents
~. .: :ational Wartime Laws
At what point does Congress take note that sooner or later these bullies will be breaking down your doors to invade
the privacy and bodies of your wives, husbands, children, grandchildren, and loved ones. How secure can the
traveler’s be to find out that the driver is asleep and the stage coach or the train is running wild, and out of control?
At what point did Fidel Castro realize that a coupe was on the horizon? Mrs. Marco had to leave thousands of pairs
of shoes behind in the closet when they were exiled. How many soldiers have to die in Iraq and children be
sacrificed to the devil before someone stands up to the task and says, “The buck stops here?”
At the last hearing about the MKUitra experiments, the CIA and Intelligence agencies should have been abolished.
Now the FBI should be included in this group. Can you be assured that your mind is not under their control? What
about your spouse or loved one?? How do you know that you are not a subject in one of their cruel experiments
called an investigation? ·
Enclosed are copies of letters written to Senator John McCain, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, and Connie
Chevalier, Dir. Clinical Trials and David Williams Ill, General Counsel, Vanderbilt University Medical Center. This
correspondence was to either ask for help to end the torture, or to make a written declaration that I have not nor do
I want to participate in any non-consensual human radiation experiment.-….
Three things I heard while on the campus of my former employer (via voice-to-skull technology) before I W!3S
terminated during medical leave.
• We cannot afford. to allow you to hurt ourfunding
• Anybody can call the 800 number to report you as a terrorist. This was just after 911 and just after the
Patriot Act took effect
• Nobody will risk loosing their retirement, their job or their family for you. They implied th~t bribes and
blackmail would be used to gain cooperation ·
• To my face, a co-worker, who had been brought in over me to wreck havoc in my department made light of
· my plans to contact Johnny Cochran for help. I had not breathed that idea to anyone. She could have only
acquired that knowledge by using technology to read my thoughts, either brain-computer link or brain-brain
llnk, b9th of which are violations which prove that an employee would not stand a chance of any kind of
plans to fight injustices or abuse of the institution.
I respect your position in the seat you hold in Congress. I would like to be able to respect your leadership in
demanding accountability of all agents, agencies, universities and organizations that are using and abusing the
Patriot Act as a tool for marketing and bartering over the souls of men, women and children in these states of
America. .~~uc.rc.s~,.
0,;.•-;-….,..auHtwltiN/Jl v<f.,
~ ~~c\1? TRl’.~l-f.-10_.”?>
~~”‘ ·<~> ~ .. Regards, &j._¥c liflvr.;:;;:i ‘\¥’1
. .. ·’-fl!~ f. dt ~~;.:::.. ) ~· Milli~ent-Y:Biack, Plinci~al · ‘-~~~”‘”‘:’11 A Living Soul ~~~!’~;.”~~
Senate Judiciary Conunittee Page3’f”/
And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her, for no one buys their merchandis ore~isl”ey’ gold an~
precious stones and pearls, fine linen and purple, silk and scarlet, every kind of citron wood, ry kind t:JObject of ivory, every kind of
object of most precious wood, bronze, iron and marble; and cinnamon and incense, fragranJ and frankincense, wine and oil, fine flour
and wheat, cattle and sheep, horses and chariots, and bodies and souls of men. ” Revelatio 8:11-13 (N KJ)
Book R1980 Page 624
‘ t. .·.:,.:.-· .·;:’
~’. ….. : .. . . . ·nv~~- 0
llvm h.t.r<.,l mesJ-Ihf333 (<~fJ. 5nq5 /~6 Of) S l: -.
. .
/Jv0 A-cl~ M (J~.JA.~~ ~~p~~~~~7
R~Mk PMf~· .
Q ~· .
Jk~~” ‘
. ~~IJ~
.. ~kClf~/f~
W a/W ‘ ~v/bl• C’l!ft\/C& itt t-el!rP
(e~tts; .A-rm I
c} · .
CIA!ff!JJ; C:reo.. ~ tn’rh; fll7l/s by,’ b-ero..l Sds be-e
www· sas heev-Ph;, c11rn
4 D eepe( $15s-~At s Into -rA-e f;/lv~trn~fl f;rrnvl~
b’1 ~;tz- 5fr.'(l’}Me;’er 4 6’5c, a),~u .
that,flf g .-rAe ~cte” ce d” /Joel~ !Jrlufl”:f. .f i’
¥- Prd~(().Vf’l1l•'”~ . I?.J
Senate Judiciary Committee Page4 41
And tire mere/rants of the earth will weep and mourn over her, for no one buys their merchandi morel!..i··-~al!t'(ifi~
precious stones and pearl:;, fine linen and purple, silk and scarlet, every kind of citron wood, ery kin object of ivory, every kind of
object of most precious wood. bronze, iron and marble; and cinnamon and incense, fragra il and frankincense, wine and oil, fine flour
and wheat, cattle and sheep, horses and chariots, and bodies and souls of men.” Reve/atio 18:11-13 (NKJ)
Book R1980 Page 625
January 9, 2006
U.S. Senator John McCain
Washington, DC
Dear Senator McCain:
1116 W. 7th Street, PMB 72
Columbia, TN 38401
I very much appreciate you and your stance against the use or terrorism on not just military detainees but all
people both within and without these States of Arne~ .. ·’.!’l!§o respect the positions that you take concerning
the urgency of the hour in which we now’live. I am a ~of these United States where it was reported in
Congress, that “there have been no reports of abuse of the Patriot Act In the United States.· It is my belief
that I am a victim/survivor of torture more horrendous than that suffered by the prisoners in Guantanamo in what
seems to be non-consensual classified research. As such, I write to request yo~~tance to help start an
investigation and the Immediate end of the use of Directed Energy Weapons on In these United States
and redress by the people using such weaponry and psychological warfare. My research describes these
weapons as electronic survehlance, electromagnetic and radio frequency radlat!on, acoustical, ~hemicall
biological weaponry, and vigilante style gang stalking, all of which I believe that I have beenlObjected to.
Additionally, I believe that some, if not most of this activity is being financed for Federal, State and local
communities via funding provided by Congress through bills such as the State, Justice Commerce Spending Bill
H.R. 2862, Department of Defense and Energy, H.R. 1815, and Central Intelligence Agency appropriations in
H.R. 2475 . According. to what I heard on C-5PAN, provisions of HR-2862 specifically, “Prohibit. use of funds
to justify or support torture by the U.S. Govemment”. yet, many U.S. citizens report to be victims of the
abuse of this directive. Such torture of U.S. citizens also violates the principals of the Geneva Convention,
Nuremberg Code, International Wartime Laws, and goes beyond the realm of approved conduct in a Military
. I became aware of covert physical and psychological manipulation, harassment, and torture early in 2003 as I
approached the end of a three year effort to obtain a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at a
University in Nashville, Tennessee. In my life, I have organized groups for community service activities such as
helping the sick and shut-In, the elderly, youths and their parents. I have worked in and out of church settings to
further the goals of Christ through actions and deeds. I also had a successful career, working in jobs of
increasing responsibility with a salary that was commensurate to those responsibilities. It is possib~at the
harassment/conditioning started long bef9re I knew what was happening. I went for about six years suspecting
that my privacy was being Invaded but I did not know how. This was between 1996 and 2003.
I began to feel stalked in 2001 in a non-threatening way. Summer 2003, I knew an attack had been launched
against me when a family member noticed what appeared to be Initials “scarred” on the back of my shoulder.
These marks made me look as if I had been branded and they disappeared as mysteriously as they had
appeared. I have photographic documentation of this and other results of physical torture that I have endured.
Following the realization of the scarring, I had an intense, unexplainable feeling of imminent danger, yet I had no
idea of what was about to happen to me. Following is a list of physical and psychological experiences that
.a, confirm to me that I am, indeed, a target of some form of harassment
Some of the physical symptoms that I have experienced include burning sensations, both internal and
external, sometimes with scarring , increased body temperature to the point of drying my eyes and skin,
sleep deprivation. electronic sexual stimulation and sodomy, stinging in my nostrils and nasal cavity
sometimes bumlng to the point of producing sores in my nostrils, anxiety attacks and many other acts of
torture that seem to coincide with Central Nervous System stimulation, sharp pains in various parts of
my body, fatigue, awakening to find needle marks on my body as if someone had entered my dwelling
and shot chemicals into my body, having my sense of smell tampered with, getting out of bed in the
middle of the night and finding myself hardly able to stand up, as if I had been drained of energy, or
feeling like I was walking into an electrical force shield; having my whole body cool down to the point of
shivering or feeling so hot that you have to throw the covers off, yet this Is not the same feeling that one
Book R1970 Page 61
would experience as a result of menopause, loss and thinning of hair, especially in the crown and on the
sides, experiencing what seems like lightening flashes in my peripheral vision, involuntary movem~nt of
limbs mostly arms and fingers. awakening In the middle of the night to find my heart racing, having
feelings of extreme pressure in the middle of my chest from what seems like electromagnetic radiation
or some electrical force, hissing sound in my right ear (sometimes high pitch) sometimes both ears are
involved, sometimes the tones are barely noticeable, and on and on.
I have reason to believe that my car has been entered on many occasions as different car parts have ended up
being reported to need replacement I also have reason to believe that my home has also been entered by
persons unknown to me at times that I was either asleep or not at home. I have received warnings of people
tampering with the food In my home, have had mail delayed in delivery, as well as sabotage of anything that I try
to accomplish. There have also been subtle threats on my life and the lives of my loved ones. I have a d~ who
is currently confined to the second nursing home in 5 months, and at both, I have pictorial E\Vidence of torture
and abuse which may be related to thE\ tqrture that I am enduring. i.J~ -<.d /I4MJ ~ M 4 /J..-‘8··dt; •
Based on the nature of conversations that I have had with more than a dozen persons, I have reasons to believe
that various branches of the government Is responsible for the torture that I endure. Each person with whom I
have spoken have indicated to me that they know what is happening to me and why. I believe this to be true
based on information that I have received from members of the clergy, former supervisors and coworkers,
members of government, and family and friends.
Since this attack has been launched against my life, I have been unable to obtain employm,nt at my level of
education and experience. When I am offered a job, it has been sabotaged in a way that makes it either not
suitable employment based on my physical limitations or I am harassed into quitting. I have lost my home, had
to sell most of my belongings, have unpaid debt which causes credit problems, all relationships have been
tampered with, many destroyed and on and on.
Today, I continue to try to have some semblance of the life that I have known. All attempts at normalcy are
challenged by a system that defies my Constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
I am leery of seeking medical attention on any level due to my strong suspicion of the medical profession’s
participation In many of the events that have led to my vulnerability to this attack. Consequently, I have health
concerns that need to be addressed. I have developed extreme sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies, and
talking on any phone or using the computer means possible danger, yet It Is •the only means of communication,
other than being there In person or writing. Being stalked and avoided makes the “In person• idea a moot point ·
Such tactics could and does render a person pretty isolated from the rest of the world. Most job applications
require the use of the telephone and/or computer and Internet, as do many business arrangements o”
communications with other targeted Individuals for emotional support. Whether it is to type a cover tetter, submit
a resume, or perform an actual job search, the computer use cannot be avoided. I am also sensitive to other
electrlcaVelectronic appliances in my home. I beUeve that this sensitivity has developed as a result of the
constant exposure that I have had via the use of Directed Energy Weapons, especially during the past two
I have to fight the effects of mental invasion and manipulation on many fronts as I resist street theatres and
gang stalking, from persons both known and unknown, to intimidate me and make me afraid to perform the most
‘ basic of life’s activities such as travel on the highway, shop, sit in the park-in my car, or make any attempts to
cany on my life as I have l<nown it for the past 30+ years. As I sit here writing, I am aware that •au· of my
-~ privacy is exposed to the eyes and ears of those who wish to invade my body via electronic means.
Laws banning the use of these weapons have been passed by the States of:
Michigan – Acts 257 of 2004 and Acts 250 of 2004
Massachusetts- Chapter 170 of the Acts of 2004, Act relative to Section, Chapter 140, General Law,
Subsection 131J
Maine- Section 1.17-A, MRSA 1058.

To date, I am aware of more than 400 people that have come forward to seek help and support to fight against
this torture and violation of our Civil and Human Rights. Recently, attention has been drawn to the abusive acts
of torture on an International level, i.e. Iraq, Guantanamo, and Afghanistan. I would ask that you would help to @2
Book R1970 Page 62
.,..~ ,…..
call attention to those of us in these United States who are experiencing the same abusive acts of torture . . I
have photographs that could substantiate my claim. I also have great interest in seeing that the parts of thd
Patriot Act of 2001, set to expire this year (2006). would be allowed to do so without renewal. I am aware of the
fact -that many cities and some whole States have refused to support the Patriot Act.
I am not trying to dictate your feelings or opinions to you, I only ask that you would at least read some of the
research that Is available on the topic of electronic harassment. gang stalking, and directed energy weapons.
There are many sites hosted by victims of such torture right here in America. I teamed a Directed Energy
Weapons Conference that was held In Artiligton, VA on June 28-29, 2005 at which the majority of the speakers
appear to be associated with various branches of the Military. It might also be very enlightening for you to
become familiar with the types of weapons that are already patented and in use by the military, law enforcement
and stalkers around this country that can afford to purchase a weapon or the items necessary to build a we~pon
in their own home. ”
I .- •
For further documentation on this topic please refer to:
> 013
(Petition Human Rights)
~ ..
> htto://!lntro.htro ~
(this brochure explains the dynamics of technological and community-based harassment)
I have heard the use of such programs as H.A.A.R.P and D.A.R.P.A. in Senate proceedings and can be assured
that these terms are also associated with weapons of torture being used on American Glti%eml.
Thank you for your time. j..f>-D’)
, Sincerely,
Millicent Y. Bla~ r:Mrace3~<# .~,ra~ l.q,~ ‘3~~1? ~
.M’tGRAGE911 (a’t’8hee.eeRI


Book R1970 Page 63
Lowe Street 1 06
Mount Pleasant, Tennessee [38474]
April 12, 2007
This Is a fonnal acceptance of your Oath of Office as a united States Congressman, as a member of the
Bar, and any other oath that binds you to protect me as a resident of these States of America and to uphold
the Constitution of the united States of America.
Henry A. Waxman, Chairman
Committee on Oversight and government Reform
U.S. House of Representatives
2157 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Dear Congressman Waxman:
~A ~J53!938StJ5
I learned of the contacts that many of tr.e victims of government sponsored human radiation experiments have
made with your office. I too am a victim/survivor of the abuses of Directed Energy Weapons in a war that is being
waged against the American populace. This letter acts as my formal request and agreement for an investigation to
be launched into the uses and abusers of these and other weapons of mass destruction while using the Patriot Act
as a shield from redress and accountabi:ity.
On January 22, 2007 I wrote a letter to Attor:1ey General Gonzales asking him if he gave written or other
permission for the use of CIA Kubark Interrogation tactics ·:ll\ me. I was able to identify some of the abuse that I
have endured since July 2003, in this Manual and learned that death threats were forbidden and certain tactics
could only be used with the permission of the U.S. Attorney General. I have not received a reply.
Today, I have almost lost rny voice from the use of Directed Energy Weapons targeted to my throat and affecting
my Endocrine System. As of Sunday, A~ril 8, I have noticed that my facial features are changing consistent with
what is described as cranial manipulation used in trauma b2sed mind control maneuvers From an article entitled
“The Shocking Menace of Satellite Surveillance”, I learned that cranial manipulation can be achieved via
satellite, and that such satellites are usually launched by NASA. In early March, I saw an lridologist who, from
examining the iris of my eyes, was able to identify many areas of my body where tissue damage can be found. The
lridologist stated that he feared that some of the damage could lead to cancer and without the cessation of the
attack of the Directed Energy to my central nervous system; my nervous system will be permanently damaged.
Within a week of this examination, I obtained the report from my Reflexologist, who after giving me a foot massage,
was able to identify the exact same areas as did the lridologist of weaknesses in my body.
Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the use of ionized radiation aQainst my body and brain is having profound effect on
my health. As you will see from the enclosed letter addressed to Senators Specter and Leahy, I have information
on the perperTRA TORS of these attacks on my person, 3nd can relate at least some of the reason to retaliation for
what was ~ermed “Whistleblower Training:
Again, I join the other victims of human radiation experimentation using Directed Energy Weapons in asking that an
investigation be launched and orders be issued to the powers that be to cease the use these weapons against the
residents of these States of America.
Re. “‘” d. In~ I’ I Regards, o’io~F.·IAC”- s
rl-ardw-ifed 8ehav.df h’J &.vre~ce !~aeJ, ·:;z,;:;y ;/”~~’~·
PP I~ “3-J 6 (1_7 J/'” IJTORilY ” \
. · 1 ~ , Millicent Y. Black, Princfflil a~c:~~~K .?.
IHIRP The UlnrntJ.fe v/tZ<AfJil ~+#e LtJnsf~titCIJ ~ All
b’J Je((ll 6 · 51h ‘-fl.. 7 I I /) ~~ 9.1IO OHTSRESEIM,:D.;,t :.+4/’ :.t
Tf.e /Y417-iJJ.tcf,!r<- /Yiecl.·cal /q!/tn1 j 7/,e 1’51j c/.,;,~9 rrf f<:No'</e bq ‘j’$$~ ~ Lrtft. -“Jile c.f!+t~ tJp 5c-cre-t· /’fdJ(~ 1’1’1 ffvltltAI\ 6-‘f.fer,'(!len~f-·~ ,_ &Aav,’;r·lh’d Jjl’.’f riM7
D ‘J t:eol’5-e i1 ttdre,;s llt!J, d(l,·.,., c”‘ , ·(/1’1
Book R1980 Page 621
May 6, 2015
Dear Targeted Individuals,
My first concern is for the safety and wellbeing of all of our residents. As a city official! am requesting that
other city officials provide moral support to the Targeted Individual community nationwide. A small group
of volunteers, dedicated city residents, and their associates have brought before me troubling information.
These individuals have reported the need of support in reducing the stigma placed on them via exposing
technology; to alter their minds and covertly deem them mentally ill within society at large.
Three years ago, I met Richmond resident Amy Lee Anderson about this matter. Ms. Anderson informed
me she was a survivor of these horrible attacks. According to her description, these government patented
technolog ies and weapons interfere and disrupts the targeted individual’s health physically and
psychologically by remote transmission. Also, it has been brought to my attention that many survivors
have reached out to their city officials peacefully, through numerous avenues of redress and
accountability about these types of horrifying abuses, only to experience dismissal, being stonewalled,
mocked and ignored, or a level of all out discrimination resulting in these individuals being wrongly
labeled as unstable, criminals, or troublemakers.
I am writing this letter in full support, and on behalf of Amy Lee Anderson and other unwitting residents’ of
the Richmond, California, who believe they are unwilling and unwitting victims. These hostile
technologies, as described to me, cause physical, psychological and sexual trauma at times unbearable
pain to the body, causing undeserved harm.
In our city, we put forth our best efforts to listen and respect the voices, wisdom, and experiences of our
residents. We will not ignore: but support those who suspect they have been exposed to these types of
inhumane attacks with the intent to cause them great emotional and bodily harm. I am encouraged by
these citizens who have stood up to protect our residents. In response to the Targeted Individuals’
concerns, I facilitated a meeting with Captain Gagan from the Richmond Police Department to ensure that
reports from the targeted ind ividuals would be accepted and investigated, as any other alleged crime.
I would like to encourage other officials at the local, state and national levels to explore methods to
extend the listed courtesies below to all residents.
• To reduce and eliminate stigmas or wrongly derived labels of instability against victims of crime.
• Informing others of any abuses or crimes against citizens.
• To listen and encourage participation from all its residents
• Means to make these abuses visible and recognized as crimes by local, county/parish, state and
federal legislators and law enforcement alike.
Best wishes to all survivors,
Jovanka Beckles,
Richmond City Councilmember
440 Civic Center Plaza, P.O. Box 4046, Richmond, CA 94804-1630
Telephone: (51 0) 620-6861 Fax: (51 0) 620-6824
·t l· hun1an rights first
American ideals. Universal values.
Quotes: Release the SSCI Torture Report
0 Vice President Joe Biden. “Now this voluminous report has been done. It is sitting, still classified, in an
intelligence committee and access made, copies made to the Administration. And the internal debate that goes on
in the Congress and in the White House is do we go back and do we expose it? Do we lay out who was
responsible and how we got to where we are? There are disagreements in the Republican Party, the Democratic
Party and the Administration. It is not resolved yet, John, but I’m where you are. I think the only way you excise the
demons is you acknowledge, you acknowledge what happened straightforwardly … l’m of the school that it should
be exposed.”1
0 Letter from 26 Retired Generals and Admirals to SSCI Members. “The Committee’s comprehensive review into
the CIA detention and interrogation program will demonstrate the negative impact of torture on our national
security and stand as a testament against those who urge otherwise …. We strongly urge you to adopt the report
and make it public with as few redactions as possible.”2
0 Lieutenant General Harry E. Soyster (Ret.) and Major General William L. Nash (Ret.}. “We need to examine the CIA’s
past conduct, and we can’t do so if the SSCI report is locked away. It must be made public so that we can avoid
repeating our mistakes and ensure that our national security policies comport with American ideals and laws, and
protect our troops.”3
0 Major General William L. Nash (Ret.). “The shame hidden behind the cloak of secrecy that still surrounds the
use of extraordinary rendition, secret detention, and torture should be lifted by making a full disclosure. Openness
lends credibility to pledges not to act in such a manner again and can help the United States regain some of the
respect it has lost at home and abroad as a result of these activities.”4
0 Rear Admiral John D. Hutson (Ret.). “In fact, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has written an over
6,000 page report that details the use of torture in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is the real story of torture, and the
American people deserve to read it. This CIA torture report has been held up in committee for more than a year,
but its findings must be made public if we, as a nation, are to close this chapter on torture and move forward.”5
0 Brigadier General David R. Irvine (Ret.). “It’s important for people to understand what happened …. The rest of
world knows what we did; it’s the American people who are who are in the dark.”6
3 http://www. soyster-nash -release-the-cia-torture-record/article _7123dff8-a60c-5 568-8772-
2ebb0d050 1 c9 .htrnl
4 http:/ /thehill.cornlblogs/congress-blo g/homeland-security /281221-come-clean-on-rendition-detention-andtorture#
ixzz2Kn WRz6uA
0 Tony Camerino, former Air Force interrogator. “We don’t condone torture not because it isn’t effective, but
because we place our moral principles and lawful obligations first. As we reaffirm our commitment to our values,
there’s no reason to ignore the record. It’s time for Americans to know the truth about the real consequences of the
CIA’s torture program. Now that the SSCI has approved its study, it should be made public.”7
0 Michael Marks, retired Naval Criminal Investigative Service special agent. “A message at the beginning of the
movie says it is “based on firsthand accounts of actual events.” But it isn’t based on the best, most complete
information. That’s contained in the Senate report. The Intelligence Committee should now vote to declassify it so
that Americans can see what was done in their name -the fact-based account, as opposed to Hollywood’s
0 Jim Clemente, Retired Special Agent, FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit. “Perhaps the largest accumulation of data
on interrogation practices post-9/11 is the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s (SSCI) comprehensive report
on detainee handling. Since President Obama made transparency a cornerstone of his administration, I call on him
and the SSCI to release the full report to the public. The president lived up to his transparency promise when he
released the ‘torture memos.’ It’s time for him to do so again.”9
0 The Los Angeles Times. “Yet neither the inconclusiveness of criminal investigations nor changes in the law
justify official amnesia about torture. Although much is known about how, in the panic after 9/11 , the Bush
administration resorted to tactics impossible to reconcile with the Geneva Convention and alien to American
values, a complete picture has yet to emerge. That is why it is essential that the Senate Intelligence Committee
make public the results of its investigation of the CIA’s interrogation program.”10
0 The New York Times. ”The Senate’s report may be the last hope for Americans to know the truth about what Mr.
Bush and Mr. Cheney authorized in the name of protecting our country -decisions that caused enormous
damage to its reputation worldwide. But it remains classified, and Mr. Brennan has not said whether he would
support releasing a redacted version to the public. That is the only acceptable course. The cover-up of the Bushera
lawbreaking has to stop.”11
0 The Philadelphia Inquirer. “The broader conclusion to be drawn from the 6,000-page report, according to the
panel’s chair, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.), is that the Bush-era use of secret overseas prisons and ‘so-called
enhanced-interrogation techniques were terrible mistakes’ … The report’s unveiling cannot come soon enough,
since Americans have yet to be told in any sufficient detail what antiterror tactics were employed in the name of
keeping them safe after the 9/11 attacks.”12
0 Portland Press Herald. “There’s plenty about torture that is not a secret. For one, it’s illegal. For another, most
experts consider it ineffective. And a country’s willingness to use torture damages its reputation in the world and in
history. Now we should find out finally what was done in the war on terror and what was its result.”13
0 Senator John McCain. “It is my hope that we can reach a consensus in this country that we will never again
engage in these horrific abuses, and that the mere suggestion of doing so should be ruled out of our political
discourse, regardless of which party holds power. It is therefore my hope that this Committee will take whatever
7 http://thehill.comlblogs/congress-blog/homeland-security/276285-senate-intelligence-report-on-interrogations-should-be-madef
9 http://www .huffingtonpost.cornlj im-clemente/jose-rodriguez-hard-measures_b 1457 404 .html
10 http://www -torture-20 120914,0,6615797. story
11 http://www. nytimes .com/20 13/03/08/opinion/j ohn-brennans-excuse-on-torture-report.html
12 http://www. philly .com/phil! y/ opinion/20 121219 Inquirer _Editorial_Zero _movie_is_just_a_fantasy .html
13 http://www. pressherald.cornlopinion/snowe-committee-should-release-torture-report_20 12-11-23 .html
.. ‘
steps necessary to finalize and declassify this report, so that all Americans can see the record for themselves,
which I believe will finally close this painful chapter for our country.”14
0 Senator Dianne Feinstein, Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. “I also believe this report
will settle the debate once and for all over whether our nation should ever employ coercive interrogation
0 Reverend David McKee, former president of the Virginia Council of Churches. “The Senate Intelligence
Committee has spent years investigating CIA interrogations, including the use of torture. The report on its
investigation is likely to contain evidence proving once and for all that torture is an ineffective interrogation
technique and a net negative for national security. It is also likely that the information in the report will point to new
safeguards that can be employed to prevent future use of torture. The American people need to see the results of
this investigation -redacted as needed, certainly, to preserve vital interests. I believe that if we have all of the
information, the American people will do the right thing and reject torture as immoral, illegal, ineffective and
harmful to our national security.”16
0 Frederick Neidhardt, professor emeritus of microbiology and immunology at the University of Michigan medical
school. “Though the practice [of torture] has been halted, what is the safeguard that it will not occur again? The
Senate Intelligence Committee is due shortly to vote on adopting and releasing to the public its in-depth report on
the use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” seeking information in the aftermath of 9/11. The American people
deserve to know its contents, fully and unexpurgated.”17
0 Reverend Jill Saxby, Executive Director, Maine Council of Churches. ‘”We the people’ are ultimately responsible for
what is done in our name. Our job as citizens doesn’t end with voting. It continues by holding our government up to
the scrutiny of open, public judgment. And that begins with getting our own story straight, with ourselves and with
history. With one vote to adopt and release the intelligence committee report, [Senator Olympia] Snowe can help
us all to do just that.”1B
0 Reverend Jerry Stinson, Senior Minister, First Congregational Church, Long Beach. “As people of faith, and as
Americans, we call upon the Senate Intelligence Committee to release the facts about the U.S. government’s use
of torture. If the report fails to be made public, torture will never cease to haunt our collective conscience. Let us
set the record straight and move forward. The very morals our country was founded upon are at stake.”19
0 Reverend Thomas Wenski, Archbishop of Miami. “Our government is accountable to the people. If our citizens do
not understand and know about past torture policies and practices of the U.S. government, they will not be able to
hold our government accountable. Releasing the results of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into
CIA interrogation practices will provide that information. Knowing the truth about any situation is powerful.
Understanding the truth about U.S.-sponsored torture can help ensure that it will never occur again.”20
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