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Harvesting Organs


Published on Mar 25, 2017   by Birth of a New Earth

3-21-17 – Jeanice Barcelo interviews Dr. Z about the various ways medical students are systematically desensitized, purposefully traumatized and ultimately brainwashed into conformity with an evil system that is the antithesis of healing. Dr. Z gives personal testimony about the traumatizing experiences he endured during medical school which include the torture of animals, being regularly exposed to noxious, brain-damaging chemicals like formaldehyde, extreme sleep deprivation, nutrition deprivation, sunlight deprivation, and much more. Dr. Z affirms that what he experienced was, in fact, a form of trauma based mind control which obviously did not fully work on him, as he was partially awake when he started medical school and has since moved into various forms of natural healing. Dr. Z is currently involved in setting up a multidisciplinary healing institute called Total Life Center.  He can be reached via e-mail at



March 26th, by American Intelligence Media

Big Pharma is America’s new mafia whose chemical warfare on humanity dwarfs the number of victims killed by all the world wars and acts of terrorism combined. While drug companies profit billions, people are dying by the millions. It makes you wonder if Pharmageddon is upon us with the next set of mandatory vaccinations planned by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for the profit of drug companies.

There is a war raging for control of your bloodstream and it is led by the FDA, CDC, WHO, and Big Pharma, and it looks as if they are winning.

Over 70% of Americans are on some form of pharmaceutical drug that often brings negative side-effects, including death. Iatrogenic death, or “death by doctor”, is considered the third leading cause of death in America, conservatively speaking. Some experts interpret the data to read iatrogenic death as the number one cause of death, and they have a great deal of evidence to back up the claim. These statistics suggest that we should change the name “health industry” to “illness industry.” Read More

This is the most comprehensive article we have found that outlines the crimes against humanity perpetrated by big pharma on a daily basis, please read and digest — thanks Pineconeutopia

Also, below is a short video on how this industry uses cancer to reduce the population, by killing you and your loved ones.



Published on Mar 20, 2017   by SGT report

HAMPSTEAD UNCOVERED a SGT Report documentary interview.


Published on Mar 11, 2017  by Birth of a New Earth

3-11-17 – A short follow-up to my interview with Dr. Paul Byrne about organ theft and medical murder. In this video, I show how the media are promoting and attempting to normalize cannibalism in the United States. I also pose the question — could the brutal theft of human organs be happening in such HUGE numbers in the United States (and elsewhere) in order to fill the needs of Luciferian psychopaths that crave the consumption of human blood and body parts?

You make the call.

For more info, please visit:

Autonomous Humanity and the Demise of the Psychopath Magnets

February 5, 2017   by pineconeutopia

This is a short presentation prepared to help those who are grappling with the nefarious activities of the spy agencies (gangstalking, child trafficking and such). It gives a new look at what they are dealing with and hopefully this piece will motivate some action or at least alleviate some hopelessness. For more information and for cheap thrills visit

Day 101 – DynCorp Harvest, Why Killing Is Good Business, Part 1

February 1, 2017   by George Webb

Spirit Cooking With The Clintons

Published on Nov 6, 2016   posted by Black Pigeon Speaks

This is a guest video by Reality Calls. We chatted on Skype on this topic and I am starting to think movies like “Eyes Wide Shut” are actually closer to the mark than people believe.

What´s Eating You? Harvesting the Human Flock WorldBeyondBelief178

Published on Mar 4, 2016

The dehumanization of humans has created blossoming industries in trafficking human sex slaves, MK ultra automatons, body parts and sacrificial infants (virgins). This week WBB begins by questioning why beheading has become a major feature in the lives of westerners, whereas in the 20th century it was not part of the general public consciousness. There seems to be evidence for other worldly (inner worldly) entities being interested in human bodies and human body parts. This episode looks at mysterious disappearances taking place in US National Parks, Falun Gong practitioners violation by the Republic of China, the concept of mental death and of course Satanic ritualistic human sacrifices. The concept of the “other” is introduced as a way that we are controlled by the satanic elites.

INTO OBLIVION: Strange Disappearances Unraveled (2016)

Published on Feb 11, 2016

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