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What is the Difference Between a Fascist and an Anti-Fascist with Larken Rose

Published on Mar 12, 2017  by the Anarchast

Anarchast Ep.347

Jeff interviews Larken Rose, topics include: defining alt right and antifa, both totalitarian, the current use of the term ‘nazi’, power cannot be used for freedom, state indoctrination, a criticism of Stefan Moleneux, open or closed borders, some perspective on the Muslim ‘threat’, the US troops are the real terrorists, the immorality of statist ‘libertarians’, ‘anarchists’ for Trump, Trump is pro military and police state, Larken’s seminars on debating with statists, bypassing statist indoctrination, ‘Candles in the Dark’, logic and evidence do not work, statism basically a cult, The Mirror to be more effective than any conversation, exponential growth of freedom, the end of the ruling class, Larken’s report on Anarchapulco and on becoming a Jeanjacketarian!

Larken Rose’s website:


Autonomous Humanity and the Demise of the Psychopath Magnets

February 5, 2017   by pineconeutopia

This is a short presentation prepared to help those who are grappling with the nefarious activities of the spy agencies (gangstalking, child trafficking and such). It gives a new look at what they are dealing with and hopefully this piece will motivate some action or at least alleviate some hopelessness. For more information and for cheap thrills visit

The Violent Unraveling of the LEFT: Get Ready!

Published on Jan 26, 2017   by The Patriot Nurse

The Women’s March telegraphed what the Left is all about. Pay attention and prepare for the little Bolsheviks and their antics. They are pushing HARD for a civil war.
Donna Hylton:…

Don’t Ask for Freedom – Live It!

by Zen Gardner  April 26, 2016


“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” – Albert Camus

That quote pretty much sums it up, at least on one level. What’s fundamentally dystopic is that humanity petitions others for their freedom, as if it’s something to be granted by someone else in a position of authority over them. Not only is that counter intuitive at a very deep level, but it reinforces the very paradigm from which they are trying to escape.  Read more

Proof that the USA is Controlled by Foreign Corporations

USA Corporate FlagPao L. ChangGuest
Waking Times

One of the greatest tricks that the New World Order (NWO) did to enslave the people of the world was to secretly create a corporate version of counties, cities, states, and countries. By doing this, the leaders of the NWO and their minions were able to trick us to unknowingly agree to be “agents” or “employees” of these corporations through the use of fraudulent contracts (i.e., birth certificate, social security card, driver’s license).

The information in this article is more focused on the USA, because I am more familiar with the so called laws in the USA and the U.S. legal system. If you do not live in the USA, you should still read this article for the reason that the same legal system that has enslaved Americans is the same legal system that has enslaved most people of the world.

The “laws” in the USA are not really laws; instead, they are acts and statutes of the United States, Incorporated. In other words, they are rules of a corporation. Like any corporation (i.e., Walmart, Target), you are NOT bound to the rules (acts and statutes) of the United States, Inc. unless you agree to be a citizen (“employee”) of this corporation. The only laws you (the natural living, breathing person) are bound to are the Laws of Nature.


Mark Passio Interviewed by Lee Ann McAdoo on Occultism & Natural Law

Published on Nov 9, 2015

Mark Passio being interviewed on the InfoWars Nightly News with Lee Ann McAdoo on the topics of Dark Occultism, what Satanism really is and how pervasive it is in our society, what The Occult actually is, Subversive Occult Symbolism and Mind Control, and the understanding of Natural Law as the Solution to the current human condition of slavery.


Just a quick commentary on this and a related topic…we are big fans of Mark Passio. This is obviously a scripted interview and thus Mark isn´t as dynamic as he often is when he is teaching a seminar and speaking directly to his audience (us). But put that aside as he reads from his very well crafted script as the information is, as always, very powerful.

As to Info Wars, Alex Jones and those who work for him… we have been on and off with (mostly) him, debating who he works for, questioning the enormous profits he makes, the topics he avoids, his credibility, etc. but we have cycled back around to valuing the information he (and his associates) provide. I think the area to mostly question is the topics he doesn´t cover…Jury is still out…

Enjoy the interview!

Natural Law

The Definition of Natural Law
Mark Passio breaks down the definition of Natural Law.

Natural Law Definition:

NATURAL: Inherent; having basis in Nature, Reality and Truth; not made or caused by humankind.

LAW: An existing condition which is binding and immutable (cannot be changed).

Working Definition:

Universal, non-man-made, binding and immutable conditions that govern the consequences of behaviour. Natural Law is a body of Universal Spiritual Laws which act as the governing dynamics of Consciousness.

An excerpt from Mark Passio’s phenomenal lecture entitled: “Natural Law – The REAL Law Of Attraction And How To Apply It In Your Life.”

Click here to watch the full length lecture: …

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