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Goodbye Democracy, Hello Technocracy


January 12, 2017   by Patrick Wood

A tectonic-level battle could soon take place over the fundamental structure of America, and hardly anyone sees it coming. Nevertheless, I am making a bold prediction for 2017.

With the Democrat party seemingly in total upheaval after the 2016 Presidential election, it boggles the mind at how fast political fortunes can change these days. Democrats, liberals, leftist and progressives have arguably realized that the current system of things political has become impenetrable to them, and that they will not move forward by gaming the existing political machinery any longer.

Instead, watch for a new mantra: “Since Democracy* is irrefutably broken, let’s just throw it under the bus and start afresh with… Technocracy.” In other words, if you can’t get rid of Trump, then get rid of the office altogether.   Read on

Here’s what you need to know about “mind control” before dismissing it as a fake conspiracy theory…

January 9, 2017  Via Danny Quest

This article is going to be hard for some people to accept. Depending on what level of awareness you currently have and how far you have ventured into the rabbit-hole, some of the information presented going forward may be overwhelming and/or frightening. Some of the claims made may make you skeptical of the truth, depending on your perception of reality.

Before we jump into the realization that covert elements of the United States Central Intelligence Agency and its black budget apparatus have been using military mind control technology to implement false-flag terror attacks on the American people as part of a larger geopolitical agenda, let’s first ask ourselves if these type of  technologies could even exist?

In my research, I found that early work on mind control goes back almost 100 years with the discovery of electroencephalography (known as EEG) by German psychiatrist Hans Berger, who made the first EEG recordings in 1924, and was the first to report on the rise and fall of alpha and beta waves in the human brain.

By 1969, a researcher named Eberhard Fetz had connected a single neuron in a monkey’s brain to a dial the animal could see. The monkey learned to make the neuron fire faster to move the dial in order to get a reward, and while Fetz didn’t realize it at the time, he had created the first brain-machine interface.  Read More

After reading this you will want to watch a video about a real time MK victim below, Thanks Pineconeutopia.


The “Fake News” Psyop: Our Freedom Depends on the Freedom of the Press

Published on Nov 26, 2016   by Truthstreammedia

“Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.” ~Thomas Jefferson

[UNBLOCKED!] Flat Earth & Apollyon’s Key – connecting the UN logo with CERN (+ the Flat Earth)

Published on Aug 19, 2015   By CarolannJ2

Part 2 – Flat Earth & Apollo’s Key:

I am reaching out help for my youngest son:

Yes, Yes, I know it is almost 3 hours long, but we think it is worth the time. This seems to tie everything together and leaves the viewer with a positive outcome. Try it, you may like it, Thanks, Pineconeutopia.

666 POKEMON GO Linked to CERN : Birth of the Augmented Reality MATRIX

Published on Aug 7, 2016 by C. Ervanna
Holy shit! We haven’t had our minds blown in a long time…until now! Our minds our blown, once again. Think long and hard about the ramifications of this…please!

Pokemon Go is the new fad spreading across the world. The game has become larger than many long-running websites in just a few weeks. What’s behind all of the Pokemon Go rage?

I believe Pokemon Go is conditioning us for what is coming at CERN, the opening of a portal and the birth of matrix, fully realized and integrated. This is called the “5th Dimension.” We know that the Large Hadron Collider has been actively hunting for the 5th dimension for a long time now. It is hypothesized that gravitons can leak through our four dimensions of space and time and into the fifth. I have warned about this agenda in my videos.

Pokemon Go directs players to see and interact with a www hallucination. This is a part of the new augmented reality field of online interactive applications that allow a person to enter a whole new world they have never seen before. No longer is the matrix trapped behind a screen; Now, people all over the world are interacting with the matrix and its hallucination. I have treated hundreds of people with mental health anomalies in the course of my practice. ARG and the augmented reality environment is an artificial creation, a lying sign, and is extremely dangerous to people’s mental health. One such player of Pokemon Go documented that she almost went insane playing the game, and had to stop for the sake of her mental health. She called Pokemon Go the “opening of the Gates of Hell.”

Pokemon Go is not the first entry into augmented reality genre. It was preceded by another ARG called Ingress. Ingress is about opening portals and ushering in something called “exotic matter.” The storyline of Ingress begins at CERN, where physicists have found that portals are opening up around the world and exotic matter is coming in. Behind these portals is an “alien force” that is offering a promise to assist humanity through the next stage of evolution.

Pokemon Go and Ingress have changed our basic perception of reality already by expanding the territory to include new visual, tactile, and auditory stimulation. Normally, doctors treat people who have diseases where they see, hear, or touch hallucinations, however Niantic and Google are actually encouraging people to participate in the hallucination that they have built on the world wide web, birthed at CERN in 1989.

The agenda is about bring you into the matrix and will eventually involve hardwiring your body, your flesh and blood, and introducing it into the www. This will be mandatory in the future. Everybody must be brought into the www. Nobody will be allowed to refuse it. What better an idea than to use a children’s cartoon to condition us to become united with the matrix.

Microwave Technology: The “GIFT” That Keeps Sharing – Your Information, That Is!


By Catherine J. Frompovich   July 7, 2016

If everyone, who is so enthralled with technology, would wake up to what really is going on in cyberspace utilizing computer networks to surveil and undermine your personal space and rights, especially what’s going on with Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating platform, we could take back our inherent God-given power of self-determination and keep our blest rights of privacy and informed consent!

Dr Katherine Albrecht, a technology security expert, discusses what YOU – and probably most folks – don’t know about Windows 10, plus how your personal space IS being invaded by Microsoft, Google, etc. who save the data you generate and send it to law enforcement, academic researchers, and marketers!  Did you know that?  Read More

The British Lion, Mandela Effect, Flat Earth & the Wizard of Oz

Published on Jul 1, 2016 by pineconeutopia

How does the Mandela Effect and the Flat Earth relate to the mythical story of the Wizard of Oz? Simply because all of these “physical” phenomenon and trickery are attributed to those behind the veil (curtain). But if the Wizard story tells us anything that there is no powerful being behind the curtain only a misguided old fart with delusions. Behind today´s veil (curtain) lurk multiple old farts following a lesser god and hoping that no one notices their frailty. World Beyond Belief 195

PROOF! Quantum Effect (Walking Amongst The Dead) Mandela Residue

Published on Jun 22, 2016   by photohelix

Mandela effect residue of the JFK Assasination. Along with a look at perspective and understanding the Quantum Effect per the
D-Wave A.I. algarhythms and molecular distortion.

Interesting Words used in this Vid titled Umbrella Man JFK…

interesting Immodium AD has changed as well…

Man sharing personal experience.…

Music by Kevin Macleod

Mandela effect or Quantum How and Why

Published on Jun 11, 2016  by photohelix

More of a quantum effect really. A deeper look at How and Why we are seeing this phenomenon.
Reality is stranger than fiction. This is worth the watch.

music by Kevin Macleod

This is an excellent tieing together of CERN, demon magic, AI, The Mandela Effect, Quantum Computing and Luciferianism. Begin with the idea that you are going to devote the time to watch it to the end. Believe me, it will be well worth your time. Confidentially, we had to watch it twice.

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