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In his latest book Belief Magic, Marko exposes the truth about the mental processes and outside forces that cement you firmly into what he refers to as “your belief wardrobe.” The book is crammed with fascinating information designed to trigger breakthroughs in understanding the how’s and the whys of your currently held beliefs. Some of which may not be in your best interest and may indeed render you more subject to control and manipulation by advertisers, governments or other interested parties. The insights spotlighted in this colorful but practical exposé include  a process that he describes as “intentional belief acquisition and management” (as opposed to beliefs superimposed by media, schooling or the TV hive mind). You may be surprised to learn the criteria that your ego uses to select your beliefs and how much effort is expended by outside forces to render your beliefs compatible with their aims. Also as a side benefit, understanding how the ego within everybody determines beliefs often helps in developing an appreciation of those around you that may have limiting beliefs and possible ways to aid them in realizing the circular nature of their predicament where beliefs select data to reinforce their chosen truth. 

In an unusually clear and instructive fashion the author provides breakthrough information and techniques intended to successfully lead to the development of an expanded worldview. One from which you can remake your reality to one where miracles are able to be seen all around you and magic can move from the realm of scientific anomaly to a lived experience with infinite possibilities. This new “Science of Liberation” may just be the element that puts humanity back on the path to conscious heaven.

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