Super Shemitah Reflects Ever-tightening Spiral of Mayan Calendrics and the Kali Yuga Climax

September 13, 2015 aka Elul 29, 5775
Marks the End of the Shemitah Year
~        ~        ~
70th Biblical Shemitah Jubilee
begins on September 25th


70th Biblical Shemitah Jubilee is the
world’s first and only Super Shemitah

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

Virtually every resident of planet Earth is now aware that humankind is now experiencing the end of days.  The signs and omens are everywhere, and becoming more dramatic by the month.  Never before have so many people been inundated by so much information and stimuli, all of which strongly conveys the message:

“The planetary civilization is now
passing through the eye of the needle .” 

It is no coincidence that various calendars of the major religious traditions of the world are on parallel tracks, each reaching a similar number of years since their inception.  For example the Mayan Long Count Calendar terminates after 5125 years.  The exact end date may have been on December 21, 2012 or it might be in 2016 or even 2023.  Only by knowing the exact start date can the final date be accurately identified.

Likewise, the Hindu religion observes the death of Lord Krishna as the beginning date of the Kali Yuga dating back to 3110 or 3113 B.C.E.  The widely used calendar of India, which measures the passage of time within the Kali Yuga, closely aligns with the Mayan Calendar.  The entire Kali Yuga includes both a dawn and twilight period, each being as many as 500 years in length.  That means that the present Kali Yuga has already seen well over 5125 years pass; and, that it can literally end today. READ THE REST