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Alien Deception

Red Planet Deception | Space is Fake & Mars Missions are Too

Published on Mar 27, 2017   by ODD Reality

Here is a better quality version of the freestyle video I did last night called “Mars is a Place on Earth | Devon Island, Canada”. In this video, I prove that space travel is not possible and Mars Missions are fake, including future plans to put humans on the so called red planet.

Why an Extraterrestrial God Appeals to Today’s Culture – Michael S. Heiser, PhD

Published on Jun 20, 2013  by Alien Resistance

Ancient of Days Conference, Roswell NM
See also for DVDs

We (people in general) have been Oh SOoo set up for this fake Alien Messiah!!!!   Ball earthers are especially sesceptible to this ploy to have humanity ditch religion, traditional morality and rational thinking and bow to an outsider (likely breed in the Dulce base or another facility). It should be fun to watch, but might be a bitch to live through.  Thanks for being here — pineconeutopia

Flat earth secrets of the Jesuits

Published on Feb 28, 2017   by 2utoflove

The Jesuits were created to put down the reformation and the spread of God’s word amongst the common people of Europe. They ultimately were kicked out of every country in Europe because of all the evil they espouse

10 Flat earth proofs in 3 minutes.

Published on Oct 24, 2015   by Cherubim Church

BUT WHY WOULD THEY LIE!? Mantra of the Ball-Earther

Published on Dec 28, 2016   by Eric Dubay

Incessantly asking why the world’s governments would lie about flat Earth when you haven’t yet actually done your due diligence in researching the hundreds of proofs, experiments and evidence easily and widely available showing beyond the shadow of any doubt that Earth is absolutely flat, is like coming upon a bloody homicidal crime scene with your eyes closed and refusing to believe it happened because you can’t fathom the perpetrator’s motive, and until someone offers you a motive proper to your subjective sensibilities, only then might you open your eyes and investigate the obvious murder scene.

10 Reasons the Bank of America Mural holds the key #illuminati

Published on Dec 27, 2016   by The Outerdark

Hidden occult symbolism fill the bank of america mural. But how are they connected to the mysterious symbols at Denver International Airport. But what are the connections? And what does it mean? #Illuminati #BlackSun

Flat Earth & Project Blue Beam

Published on Dec 21, 2016   by ODD Reality

Reupload: Something that’s really been on my mind is the massive amounts of space programming and alien programming. In light of the flat earth awakening, it makes sense that we would have to be heavily conditioned to believe in outer space, then aliens, & finally an alien attack. It’s obvious that the programming is more rampant than ever, but the project blue beam fake alien invasion could still be years or even decades away. The occult elite / Vatican / Illuminati / Jesuits / Jews / etc are very patient and will take as much time as they need, but if they get desperate, they can be unpredictable. In the current times we are living in, be on the look out for anything and everything. Little steps towards huge events are constantly taking place.

NETFLIX UFO’s! OMG! (Freemason Propaganda)

Published on Nov 19, 2016   by TRUTHMEDIA REVOLUTION

Netflix UFO’s are good for a laugh, and that’s about it.

2 Deeper Themes Behind the Reopening of the Hillary Email Case


We posted this wonderful article by Makia Freeman because it has great insights into what might be happening in the world of the elites. Flat earthers who frequent this sight will read into this article a much deeper conspiracy, that of the staged alien invasion (by various entities manufactured or natural) soon to be rolled out. Why are they allowing this information to surface now? (three guesses). It all leads back to the Luciferian agenda – strap yourself in for a wild ride, it ain´t over yet partners.  Also, if you aren´t finding humor in this, you might already be dead. — thanks, Pineconeutopia

by Makia Freeman  posted November 3, 2016

The reopening of the Hillary email case is another jaw-dropping and unprecedented scene in the 2016 US presidential reality TV drama series. However, in all likelihood, there are 2 deeper themes behind it. On the surface, the reopening of the case is more drama in the great American clown show; underneath, there’s serious issues that people in high power are trying desperately to keep out of the public eye. The 2 themes behind the Hillary email case are international pedophile rings and the Secret Space Program. It has the potential to take down a lot of people. It is an open question as to how much of this will come out, but even at this stage there is still enough evidence to see the looming conspiracy behind them. Both of these themes are a fundamental part of the New World Order. On the one hand, pedophilia is a result of out-of-control desire and power (recall black magician Aleister Crowley’s “do what thou wilt”), mixed with exploitation of the weak, the theft of innocence, demonic possession and the energy vampirism. On the other hand, the Secret Space Program is deep in the rabbit hole of the conspiracy, involving the long-existent programs of interaction with ETs (extraterrestrials). Indeed, the Hillary email case cuts so deep; if properly unraveled, the thread will expose all sorts of people and activities, and peel back the utterly false facade of American democracy and decency the NWO is desperately trying to uphold. Read More please

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