Chapter 1

Leading by Deception

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.

Mark Twain


All media exist to invest our lives with artificial perceptions and arbitrary values.

                                          Marshall McLuhan


Sound bites plague modern mankind. These short verbal ejaculations prod the public into agreement with a cause for action. They sell, seduce and twist the common perspective and often serve as the mechanism that can “turn the herd” when necessary. The effectiveness of traditional sound bites relies on the conditioned viewpoint of the populace. This viewpoint emanates from authority (fill in church, government, father, mother, or whomever or whatever exerts this power over you) having been programmed through education, social and societal norms. The power of a sound bite can be devastating: launching wars, ostracizing components of societies or entire societies, inducing financial enslavement and engineering other desired (by someone) outcomes.

During the Vietnam war, many young men and women lined up to sacrifice their lives enticed by the first sound bite of which my emerging awareness became conscious. They (authority) told my generation (of Americans) that if we did not stop the communists in Vietnam we would be taken over by the enemy through a process that they called “The Domino Theory” (well crafted sound bite). Eisenhower argued that if South Vietnam was taken over by communists, other countries in the region such as Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia and Indonesia, would soon fall victim to the “Communist Menace” (not such a shabby sound bite of its own) and eventually the United States would follow. _ So amazingly and profoundly unquestioned by the populace of the US was The Domino Theory, that it maintained its prominence as an effective propaganda tool being utilized through the successive administrations of Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon. Good sound bites require constant repetition (in this case to turn a lie into a truth) and demand well positioned protagonists to dramatize (or animate) the deception.

“Vietnam is a nasty place to fight. But there are no neat and tidy

battlefields in the struggle for freedom; there is no ‘good” place

to die. And it is far better to fight in Vietnam – on China’s doorstep-

than fight some years hence in Hawaii on our own frontiers”

H.W. Baldwin

America lost the war and the Vietnamese people still maintain the form of government presided over by Ho Chi Min (whatever that was or may be today).

Although the war machine was ineffective, (if the object was to win) the same cannot be said about the Domino Theory sound bite. Through the skillful use of this propaganda instrument, 58,220 American soldiers lost their lives, (this does not include the veterans who continue to die to this day because of exposure to the deadly toxin dioxin [better known as Agent Orange]), 303,616 Americans were wounded and 13,167 became 100% disabled. 1,921,000 Vietnamese, 200,000 Cambodians, 100,000 Laotian soldiers and civilians also died during this conflict and 3,200,000 total Indochinese were left wounded. But body counts and broken people quickly become historical statistics as time speeds by, and in the instance of this atrocity, the pain and suffering continue to pass from one generation to another constituting the real domino effect set in motion by this well crafted, skillfully employed lie.

In April of 1975, when the US finally pulled out of this ravaged country, it had created 14,305,000 refuges and left a legacy of broken families, disease and misery. 300,000 children had become orphans while another 500,000 were robbed of a parent. But the real horror remained imbedded within the bodies of the Vietnamese left behind. Millions of gallons of toxic herbicides were sprayed over the country exposing an estimated 5 million people, mostly civilians, to deadly consequences. According to the Aspen Institute, 11.4 million gallons of this poison contained deadly dioxin, one of the most dangerous toxins known to man. Better known as Agent Orange, the Vietnamese exposed to this poison suffer from cancer, liver damage, pulmonary and heart diseases, reproductive problems, skin and nervous disorders. Second and third generations exposed to this dreadful nightmare suffer from severe physical deformities, physical and mental disabilities, diseases and a shortened lifespan. The direct cost to the American taxpayer of the undertaking based on a lie was a cool $900,000,000,000.

Granted the Domino effect sound bite was not the only propaganda technique used to achieve these fatal consequences, there were other (media/government) events and interventions. Critical among them was the Gulf of Tonkin incident. This operation (or the fictional account) subsequently revealed to be a false flag operation,_,_,_ staged (or simply characterized) to demonstrate the hostility of the North Vietnamese by alleging an attack on American destroyers on August 4, 1964 that never really occurred. To the American populace at that time, having been convinced that they were the good guys and that their government had just saved the world from the Imperialist Japanese and the Nazis, the realization that their own authorities would perpetrate such a hoax was inconceivable. That being said, our collective naiveté made us a monstrous weapon of mass destruction in the hands of the unscrupulous, reeking havoc upon the people of a sovereign nation, using young American blood to make this nightmare come alive. This same naïve viewpoint remains alive today, allowing most of the public to be easily manipulated into doing immoral deeds for authority and the sound bite (guiding the mindless into action or compliance) is emblematic of this mind control device.

In my opinion, the effectiveness of the sound bite technique rests upon a tripod of critically important factors all strategically positioned within the mind of the target population, in the case of the Domino Theory, the American public. The first of these elements is the complete acquiescence to authority. In this case authority requested (and currently still requests) the sacrifice of lives for the reified notion of “national security” (another sound bite at some point upgraded to “homeland security” sounding not so remotely like a bite taken from the middle of the last century “fatherland security”). The second element required for successful application of the sound bite involves the dramatically confined notion in the minds of the populace of what is possible. The proposition presented regarding Vietnam was to fight and perhaps die or have your country overrun by communists (yuck!). This rings as very reminiscent of George W. Bush’s statement when initiating the “War on Terror” (sound bite [sb]) declaring “you are either with us or against us” (sb). When possibilities are limited like a rat in a maze you must choose one or the other. (As a side note, rats, although they figure prominently in scientific experiments, in general, have no inherent interest in research and would crawl out of the maze if they weren’t held in by a glass ceiling. Apparently they have more of a grasp on an expanded sense of the possible than do many of the general human populace. Although for people, the idea of escaping the choice presented regarding Vietnam, notions of escape resulted in “America, love it or leave it” [sb] thrust in the faces of the [unpatriotic?] out of the box thinkers.) The third element needed for effective use of the sound bite is ridicule or downright prohibition of the contribution of those who have developed the ability to think outside of the narrow view of consensual reality (the box). These broader thinkers live in relative freedom from the prods of the shepherd’s shaft or the nips of the sheepdog. If left to remain vocal, they could stop the herd from turning and perhaps guide it toward rationality. Among these radical out of the box thinkers in the last century were the likes of Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Alan Watts and Bill Hicks, just to name a few.

These three factors, unquestioned authority, small conceptualization of what is possible and the elimination or suppression of out of the box thinkers will be discussed in detail later when we explore how this confinement works and how to spring the trap. But for now, more on the influence of the sound bite.

In the 1980’s the herd was grazing contently (including me munch, munch) when authority decided to redistribute the wealth of what was then known as “the free world” (sb). At that time, the Reagan Administration in the US and the Thatcher Administration in the UK, made a push toward privatization and the redistribution of wealth upward to those that already had quite enough. At that time, individuals who were paying attention objected to this unfair and shameful raping of the middle and lower classes on the part of the government and corporate sector. The answer to the insolence of those questioning authority was (you guessed it) – sound bites. The first to roll off the (probably Tavestock) production line was “the politics of envy.” This sound bite inserted by the media into the mind of the general public was designed to elicit an immediate response that characterized those who objected to executives making tens of times what the employees were making (today it is hundreds of times – pretty effective sb) as jealous, cry babies. People who thought it was morally wrong for certain well connected individuals to destroy the trust between the worker and the owner (fill in authority) robbing rights and benefits for the single purpose of making these connected entities very rich, were simply green-eyed individuals stricken with envy. In the new era of unrestrained capitalism, workers were no longer considered “stakeholders” of a company with interests that should be accommodated. Instead in this new arrangement shareholders were the only stakeholders that mattered. Workers had their wages cut, pensions slashed, or jobs entirely eliminated and the employees had no power to look out for themselves.

When someone objected to this rape, (usually a small voice from out of the tiny box) he or she was labeled as engaging in the politics of envy. But people still objected, so another more powerful bite was devised. This time it was directed not at the objecting party, but informed the general public (living in tiny boxes containing limited options and possibilities) that this rape was actually good for them.

The new sound bite was…

Wait for it.

The bite that would finally put the last nail into the coffin of any pretense of financial and moral equity was “the trickle down effect” or “trickle down economics.” This sb was designed to give the general public the notion that as the wealthy class became more wealthy their money, through investments in expanding their businesses would eventually trickle down to the rest of us.

Now history has illustrated the absurdity of this notion many times, and study of the past, for the most part, demonstrates that the very opposite has been more than often the case. (Keep in mind that those residing in the tiny box remember only the history approved and given to them by authority and hold this information as generally accepted as fact [consensus reality]). Why? Because, controlling [or at times creating] history can help keep the herd in a very malleable state. As George Orwell once said, “He who controls the past commands the future. He who commands the future conquers the past.” Actually, in the case of the trickle down effect, to find a tragic example of the outcomes produced by this particular economic strategy one needs only to gander at the events of the recent past (nineteenth and twentieth century) and read accounts of men who exploited the general public to this same end. These merciless individuals through the use of skillful sound bite technology are known today by the esteemed euphemisms of Captains of Industry (sb) and Pioneers of the Industrial Revolution (sb).

During this era of American history, known as the Industrial Revolution (sb) a group of what many would consider ruthless businessmen known more appropriately as the Robber Barons (sb) dominated the economic landscape. Known for what many consider questionable business practices, they amassed great wealth on the backs of their workers. An example of their ethic was the elimination of competition. This strategy began by selling a product at extremely low prices made possible by paying workers practically nothing. With the money made, they bought out the competition – companies that could not (likely because of a properly functioning moral compass) sufficiently starve their employees to the point where they could contend for a place in the market against these manipulative giants. Subsequently, after the competition was eliminated these snakes in suits would hike prices as high as the market would bear and rake in the profits. As one of their ranks, J.D. Rockefeller once said, “Competition is a sin.” During that time in American (English and European as well) history, so little wealth “trickled down” that these looters in suits were eventually reigned in and the tyranny (for that moment) seemed to stop.

Lack of knowledge of history coupled with repeated bombardment by the media of sound bites and the suppression or ridicule of dissenting views (politics of envy) combined to steer the majority of the populace into the proper corral (thought containment area). Amazingly we see a vivid echo of this controlled mindset today with masses of poor, hard working people influenced (brainwashed) by right wing politicians and their media to act (sometimes violently) against their own self interest by opposing even the mention of taxing the extremely wealthy. Meanwhile these “fat cats” are doing quite nicely concocting sound bites to enrich their holdings.

If we divided the income of the US into thirds, we find that the top ten percent of the population gets a third, the next thirty percent gets another third, and the bottom sixty percent get the last third. If we divide the wealth of the US into thirds, we find that the top one percent own a third, the next nine percent own another third, and the bottom ninety percent claim the rest. (Actually, these percentages, true a decade ago, are now out of date. The top one percent are now estimated to own between forty and fifty percent of the nation’s wealth, more than the combined wealth of the bottom 95%.)_

To me, the sound bite “the trickle down effect,” brings to mind the well known French statement “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” translated as “Let them eat cake” (falsely attributed to Marie Antoinette). Let them (fill in us) eat whatever trickles down. Who on earth among us should be satisfied with whatever happens to trickle down? The answer is those who live in little realities, with limited options, acquiescing to whatever authority commands while being frightened by dissent offered by those with a bit of a more grand (and moral) vision.

Describing the effect of the sound bite demonstrates a powerful form of public manipulation by authority (usually through the media). Used in conjunction with false flag events, orchestrated false ideological debates, pre-selected (false) representatives and other slight of hand,it is a potent tool of control. The technique of the sound bite works amazingly well – but it works best when the target population is sleeping soundly, unaware that

the phrase that they have been hearing over and over is a sound bite that has been specifically designed to deceive and manipulate them. Sound bites also provide the opportunity (or excuse) to not think, not get involved in stopping criminal action, and not to question authority. A good sound bite can immobilize dissent, provide a thoughtless retort to stop the consideration of out-of-the-box ideas and ensure conformity to the ideas presented by authority. A supreme example of all of these outcomes elicited by a sound bite took place in the 21st century.

At the turn of the millennium, one of the greatest sound bites in history was resurrected (Legend has it that this sb was hatched up by J. Edgar Hoover and the CIA to label people who questioned the official version of the JFK assassination). This amazingly powerful sb was re-launched to squelch any questioning of the official account of an occurrence that many consider to be a false flag event designed and carried out to get public consent to execute foreign wars and restrict personal freedoms and rights here at home (which [coincidently?] happened and is happening as a result). The event is the tragedy that happened in the United States on the morning of September 11th 2001. Below is the independent journalist, James Corbett’s, account of the official September 11th story.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, 19 men armed with boxcutters directed by a man on dialysis in a cave fortress halfway around the world using a satellite phone and a laptop directed the most sophisticated penetration of the most heavily-defended airspace in the world, overpowering the passengers and the military combat-trained pilots on 4 commercial aircraft before flying those planes wildly off course for over an hour without being molested by a single fighter interceptor.

These 19 hijackers, …managed to knock down 3 buildings with 2 planes in New York, while in Washington a pilot who couldn’t handle a single engine Cessna was able to fly a 757 in an 8,000 foot descending 270 degree corkscrew turn to come exactly level with the ground, hitting the Pentagon in the budget analyst office where DoD staffers were working on the mystery of the 2.3 trillion dollars that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had announced “missing” from the Pentagon’s coffers in a press conference the day before, on September 10, 2001._

Individuals questioning this official story quickly earned the label of “conspiracy theorists” (sb). Even though the official story describes the output of an evidentially well planned and executed conspiracy, it was never referred to as such – that term appears to have been carefully reserved for those folks that questioned the official story. The extreme weakness of the official version demanded questions be answered, but instead of publicly putting forth these questions and answering them to the satisfaction of these questioning minds, all of those not falling in line with the official story were gathered under the general rubric of “conspiracy theorists.” Questioning all or any part of the official account earned one this label, which for many of the herd in the tiny boxes was synonymous with kook, wing-nut, unpatriotic, un-American and eventually it was used as a delineation of someone who either was a terrorist or sympathized with terrorists.

Much of the power contained in this particular sb (outside of its possible occult endowments) exists because it was a sound bite that defined and reinforced all of the components that make sound bites work (the ultimate sound bite’s sound bite). Firstly, it put authority out of question. Sound bites rely on authority and in this instance you have a sound bite that expressly forbids the questioning of authority. There is an official story that is true (of course) and any questioning of this story must originate with someone outside of the general norms of behavior and logical/rational thought. Secondly, it tells one what to think (maintaining a tiny box outlook). Sorting opinions into two groups; sanctioned and non sanctioned viewpoints, the mother of all sound bites gives you the reality in which it wants you to live. In this particular instance, authority wants you to believe that the government floundered helplessly on the day of the attacks and in order to prevent further killing, this country (US) must attack various countries in the middle east (killing massive amounts of people [women and children mostly]) and severely limit your personal freedoms (of which [of course] the people of the US have (had) many more than any other race of people on the earth ever had). George W. Bush said that the reason for the attacks is that “they hate our freedom.” So logically if we had less freedom, we would become less vulnerable. Besides, making authority beyond question and giving an official account in which to believe, thirdly, the sound bite of sound bites by its very nature forbids further discussions, questions or conflicting viewpoints. This marvelously crafted “prison for the mind” (original Matrix movie) forbids the very activities that make humankind – human: freedom from oppression, freedom of thought and the right to pursue the expansion of consciousness through knowing the truth.

Like landmines or demon seeds correctly inserted in the host mind (in this case frightened, naïve, confused, dumbed down, medicated and hypnotized,)

sound bites produce a bumper crop of automatons (zombies) bent on the thoughtless pursuit of conformity. The cultivators of the dark seeds naturally plant their nuggets of deception in brains where they can expect an abundant harvest of predictable, controlled responses. In addition to brains conditioned not to question authority, the host species (us) ideally must hold a strong belief that they are something radically different than what they truly are. The perception of what we are, where we came from and possibilities of the future are tightly controlled by education, media and peer pressure (political correctness) to prevent any attempt to look out of the box, let alone escape.

If Not That, Then What? : Our True Identity

Here in the west, there exist three competing chronologies that explain what we are and how we got here. All three presuppose a physical reality and teach that we spring from incredibly humble beginnings (clay, ape-like species or ape-like species and alien DNA (sperm?) [Zecheria Sitchen]). Two of these historical mythologies portray us as inferior beings with the need to be dominated (controlled, judged or ruled) by an extra planetary force. The third story (allegory of the brainy ape) explains our origins as a combination of fortunate accidents and successfully beating the competition (“survival of the fittest” [masterful [sb] predating Tavistock_,_]). In the physical reality that this mythology (and the others) presupposes, there exists severely limited resources – barely enough to get by. This drama surrounds an ongoing narrative where only the strong survive and the strongest (most ruthless) dominate and rule.

Any one of these chronicles might have some merit, or indeed might be completely true on some level but debating or arguing about this topic is a massive distraction and leads nowhere. They all, however, have three things in common (that the controllers/authority appreciates and needs to accomplish their aims). First, these stories all demean humans, portraying our species as a physical creation undertaken and/or severely influenced by forces outside of ourselves. Second, the contrasting views supplied by these allegories provide fodder for disputes in which neither faction can actually win (my proof is better than your proof). Setting up the divide and conquer dynamic that authority has used throughout the millenniums for control (i.e. conspiracy theorists vs. coincidence theorists) – pitting one side against the other while both sides are puppet-ed by the overlords. Third, each explanation appeals to a different slice of society being reinforced and legitimized by the dogma (ensconced beliefs) inherent in each of those slices or mindsets (more on this later). The origins of the species and creation myths are masterful bits of jargon that serve to separate and find differences rather than pointing to commonality.

But humility (characterizing humankind as springing from clay, apes or apes and alien sperm) and subservience to authority does not yet create the perfect subjects for mind control; one component is still absent. Most surprising of all, in stark contrast to their learned chronology about their humble origins, the human subjects to be properly controlled must be top-loaded with a generous helping of hubris (hubris for those who aren’t familiar with this word and have too much hubris to look it up is: an extreme and unreasonable feeling of pride and confidence in yourself). Most humans in the west are taught to regard their society as the ultimate product of the species and that their knowledge and technology far surpasses that of any previous or existing human culture. For most, this belief is unshakable and indisputable (the notion is that we have been evolving from stupid [apelike hunters and gatherers] into smarter and smarter naked ape type animals [commonly known as advancements in science and technology]). That now we are so impressive that we can put a man on the moon (true or not), fly in jet liners (I’ve done it myself), interact on Facebook and cure bacterial infections (except for those resistant to antibiotics). It seems that the subservient, controlled mind that thinks he or she was either made from clay or evolved from or fashioned from monkeys with an air of close minded arrogance about their unquestionable superiority in the universe is the ideal acreage engendering manipulation and populating zombie-land. But the walking dead describes precisely the opposite of our true nature.

When unmasked, the secret of the ages reveals the nature of our true identity and our overwhelming power and magnificence. Anything that obscures this fact or attempts to corrupt or limit its realization is inhumane by definition. Our path forward leads back to the comprehension and reclamation of our identity, our purpose and our destiny. The control system that now appears to hold us in temporary estrangement from our legitimate nature melts under the light of truth and human behaviors consistent with what we really are. Learning the veracity of what we are begins with a discourse of two false assumptions that describe what we are not.

First, is the myth that we are physical beings in a material universe. Humans are not physical beings and in fact it has been proven that there is no tangible reality. This primary lie forms the basis for all the deceptions to follow. Accepting this conception springs the trap in which humankind is snared (and has been stuck for thousands of years). Neither you nor the world you live in is solid – you are experiencing an illusion or a mirage. From your current perspective, however, the fact that you live in a material world seems indisputable, having been taught by the controllers to rely exclusively on your 5 senses as the only way to discern reality (Newtonian science [remember high school?]). Employing that indoctrination, each of our sense organs appears to reinforce the notion of your being a separate physical presence in a world of solid matter. But is it really solid?

Science explains that atoms constitute the basic building blocks of all matter but atoms are basically non-material._ An atom appears as a tiny solar system with a component known as a nucleus at the center (occupying the position of the sun). Orbiting this nucleus are particles known as electrons. Because of the vast distances between the nucleus and electrons, the overwhelming bulk (in a nonmaterial sense) of the atom is comprised of empty space. For example, if the nucleus of a hydrogen atom were the size of a softball, the orbit of the electron would be approximately 20 kilometers in diameter._ Furthermore, a common problem that all scientists encounter when working with atoms is what is known as “The Measurement Problem.”_ This most bizarre of realities posits that an atom only appears in a particular place when it is being measured. So in order to even notice the existence of an atom, a conscious observer must be on looking. Therefore, the act of measurement or observation, in a sense, creates the atom and therefore the illusion of solidity in the universe. To make the matters of matter even more confusing, atoms may exist in multiple universes and disappear and re-emerge into our reality sporadically._,_ This nonphysical nature of our world is not a new shocking revelation; the secret has been hidden away in books for at least decades. As far back as the 1930’s, Nobel Prize winner Werner Heisenberg stated that the atom “has no immediate and direct physical properties at all.” Einstein also assured us that solidity is simply a mirage.

So why does everything looks so solid? Simply because the reality that we know as the material world is a product fabricated by our brains based upon belief and the billions of signals picked up every minute. The brain organizes these signals based upon beliefs and projects this manufactured holographic image outside of ourselves for us to experience. This construction we interpret as our physical reality. Bill Hicks, one of my favorite stand up philosophers describes us as product of our imagination, “All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration…We are consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves.” Solid matter is an illusion, all that exists is consciousness and we are conscious beings floating in a sea of consciousness. Consciousness is the ground of all being and the stuff of which everything is composed._

The second myth maintains that we are separate from each other and the world around us. Another product of the brain and beliefs is the illusion of separation. In truth, there are no such things as separate “things.”_ Thoughts create an illusion of separateness which is fixed in our perception of reality by place holders that we call words. Words create separate worlds. We all lock together. Consciousness (us) extends beyond our skin; what we have labeled as the external world is simply a part of our own bodies. Our brains create and define the world around us as being an array of separate things in which we interact, but in fact what we are interacting with is a hologram fabricated by the mind. Through our automatic instinct (or perhaps learned behavior) we search for and find differences between ourselves with which we create a separate reality called self. It is through these differences that we define each other and learn to hold ourselves as separate. Alan Watts puts it best, “I am I because you are you, and you are you because I am I. Then, I am not I and you are not you – in other words we are not separate, we define each other.” What you see as the external world (word) is as much you as your own body. Your skin is not a protective barrier between you and the outside world, it is your connection to that world and is simply a conduit through which consciousness plays. In consciousness research, the first stage of awareness is labeled in many models as the symbiotic stage. During this period, the child has not as yet realized that he or she is separate from the mother and the world around him or her. Perhaps our sense of separateness is a learned reality that we tend to forget between lives.

So we are consciousness experiencing itself – we are a figment of our own imagination. Ours is an infinite imagination loaded with infinite possibilities. We are a magnificent blank slate on which it is possible to create any reality that pleases us. It is that time on the planet and that time in the evolution of human consciousness for us to begin again our evolution. It is time to start unpinning our magnificent butterfly from the cork board of our current reality and then taking our first timid flight into expanded possibility. Our task is to be like a butterfly that represents freedom in every sense of the word, beauty in the rebirth into truth. From a caterpillar whose world is limited to the ground that it can cover, unleashed into a new world of flight and unlimited possibilities – in a word; transcendence. This process does not include: hate, war, fire arms, capturing the villains, contracts, constitutions, governments or punishing the perpetrators. It involves simply learning (changing the beliefs that create our reality) and Loving (employing by far the most powerful force in the universe to set us free). In the words of the fantastic singing group, En Vogue, “Free your mind and the rest will follow.” Your best equipment for this task is an open but discerning mind and if you have read this far and are planning to continue, you meet that criteria.

Following the reasoning so far splayed, we appear to populate two ongoing and distinctly different narratives. One as infinite consciousness constantly evolving and all powerful, and the other as a vulnerable physical animal clinging to the third rock from the sun involved in a dangerous ongoing drama that appears to be quite pointless and definitely out of our control. We seem to be ruled by mad men which conspire and move to subject us to their every whim. From the infinite consciousness side, times exist for most of us when the complete realization of our connectedness with ourselves as infinite consciousness can be seen clearly and experienced deeply. Fleeting as these glimpses might be, they certainly reassure us of an existence beyond this body. On a day to day, hour by hour basis, however, we must show up for our performance in the drama (or dream) here on earth. Transcending the physical has certainly been done before, but most of us are not quite ready to sit in a lotus position and dematerialize into pure consciousness and Love. We have to deal with the man or woman on the street that wears our clothes and claims our names. The path out of this dichotomous existence is obviously also the path to freedom, the path to oneness away from our current schizophrenia.

For those interested in liberation, one direction to move involves pulling back from the drama. This is done by expanding the awareness of the actor such that he or she identifies increasingly with the role of the observer of the drama and less with the poor, victim actor that sees little choice. Expansion of awareness increases options for the actor because this higher level observation tower sees more possibilities. An analogy might be that achieving higher levels of consciousness is like a hand pulling out of a glove. Imagine that the glove is our material existence – your narrative (the experience of being [fill in your name] at this particular time on this particular planet) and the hand within the glove is infinite consciousness most assuredly growing through its experience in the glove. In our analogy, initially the hand is completely submerged into the glove. The fingers fitted tightly into the finger tunnels and the palm of the glove directly below the palm of the hand. At this stage, the hand completely identifies with the glove and indeed totally bonds with the given role of the glove (rubber glove, work glove, elegant glove or whatever). The hand forgets that he or she is a hand and completely identifies with life as a glove. This characterizes the most common level of existence being currently experienced on the planet. Eventually, through a bit of work dis-identifying with the role of the glove, the hand/glove performer elevates to the next stage in our process. At this level the hand pulls back from being snuggly in the glove to fitting in a bit more loosely. Now the hand has a bit of distance from the role and can assume the additional part time role as the observer of the actor. From this elevated position the hand can gain wisdom from his or her experience observing the actor along with the drama. Decisions now begin to originate from a wider perspective and greater latitude of perception and reactions can become responses. Total self interest, exhibited in the “snuggly in the glove stage,” begin to be replaced by a few notions of choosing behaviors that might benefit the greater good.

Following this same pattern, through self-examination and fluidity of belief, the hand pulls further out from the glove. At this point, the hand can begin to observe the observer of the hand. This third position has the same type of effect on the drama as the second position had: more elevation, more latitude of understanding, and increasingly wise choices based upon a morality that takes into account a greatly expanded sense of self (from little me to all creatures in the universe). Ideally, the process continues and the wisdom increases until the hand can intermittently leave the glove or wear it in whatever manner (snugly or loosely) the hand may choose. This position, ultimately flexible and ultimately insightful is a vantage point worth reaching. This is the point where the experience of life becomes a joyful ride full of options and worry about the security of the glove becomes a thing of the past.

I believe that when a certain percentage of the population begins to dis-identify with the glove, a massive shift in consciousness will ensue. At that time, our collective consciousness will assume a new perspective, new understanding and automatically birth new solutions to our old problems. When Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them,” perhaps he was thinking of this elevated vantage point as the necessary ingredient for answers to humankind’s current dilemmas. For anyone to climb to these heights involves the fluidity of beliefs, self-examination and the constant seeking of new perspectives.

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