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Yes, I shall also put out a public note as well. In fact, I shall put out public notes about Robert Duncan too. (I had asked him for help and to write an expert testimony for use in court and he declined in this weird exchange saying that my mind is “too average”). After what happened to me just now, I shall spend every last waking second putting the perpetrators’ names out.

Karen and Ramola already know what happened last night, but here I put it again in writing.

1. Last night, I was mutilated in the kidney and repeatedly brutally to the head all the way until 2am as I was making the website in support of all the other women who are being mutilated, see here:

2. At about 2am, I managed to record a brutal and very painful 5s long microwave burst that was fired into my head from a block of flats South of my home. See here:

3. I sent another cease and desist request and request for help to the BND (again), military police (again), copying the head of the army and the population protection agency into the email. I attach the screenshot as evidence although it is in German.

4. Just now I met my husband for lunch at a nearby restaurant. As I arrived to meet him (on foot), a gang stalker was standing and staring at the back of our car (in which my husband had arrived). That “stalker staring at the back of the car” trigger has been going now for over a year since we moved to Switzerland.

5. As soon as we sat down a group of 4 police arrived and sat down at a table next to us, so that they were behind my husband’s back but such that I could see them left from him. That’s another classic.

Bottom line: Given the chance of 4 police officers deciding to go for a drink at 2pm (too late for lunch in Switzerland) at exactly the restaurant next to us AND seating themselves in such a demonstrative fashion in my field of view, I would say that the police has been sent out as some sort of intimidation theatre. For them to be sent there must be (not surprisingly) a link between the military police and the police. However, that “link” must be close enough to be used to stage such trivial piffle.

Conclusion: There must be some very close “networking” between the heads of the police and the military police that bonds men tightly enough to put on such a muppet show. My bet is on pedophilia. Not enough evidence, but already good indication of a close link.

I am sure over the coming weeks more will mount up.