Remember, a computer multiplexer routes the signal to a Tower, Satellite or MOBILE PLATFORM and the Tower, Satellite or Mobile Platform relays the signal to the digital receiver similar to how cell phone technology works.  The digital receiver is tracked and pinpointed in real time just like a cell phone as CIA/DIA TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL depends on two things: Timing & Location.  However with CIA/DIA TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL technologies the digital receiver is not a phone.  It is a human brain.  The victims brain has been digitalized by the nanotechnology in the victims brain which adheres to and speaks to and decodes the neurotransmitters of the victims brain.  This is crucial information to understand or you will never understand how you are being attacked.

So what then is the MOBILE PLATFORM?  How is the MOBILE PLATFORM utilized?

Cars, vans, trucks, boats, planes ships, etc., are all used for the purposes of the Mobile Platforms and segments of entire urban populations can be targeted simultaneously with these Mobile Platforms but while those are the instruments and mechanisms they utilize, none of those things are the actual Mobile Platforms.

The Mobile Platform is a NEURO-CHIP in the body or gear  (e.g: Clones) of the Hive Mind Team members.  It is about the size of a grain of sand and is called the ‘Electronic Brain to Brain Interface’.  They are not using screens, monitors, etc., as that is ‘old hat’ technology to them.  They are using a Virtual Interface only they can physically see.  Think of of highly sophisticated Virtual Reality headset which creates a virtual environment, but the Hive Mind Teams don’t need the headset.

They are using an eye gaze tracker instead of a mouse.  They interface with the RNM Supercomputer (Brain to Computer Interface) to attack the victim when they wish to manually inject during each phase of EEG Heterodyning.  The Clones Thoughts are the active triggering sequence which the RNM System (Conscious Computer) responds to as it locks on to your emotional state.

They pull up multiple virtual screens at a time.  For example, the first screen is the brain wave patterns of the mind control victim.  The second parallel screen is the brain wave patterns of Clone Member of the Hive Mind Teams.  The third drop down screen is a mixture (EEG Heterodyning) of both the victims brain wave signature and that of the Clone Member, etc.  Depending on their objectives additional screens can be opened and closed as needed but those screens are invisible to anyone who does not possess the Electronic Brain to Brain Interface (Neuro-Chip).

The Hive Mind Teams are not sitting in some laboratory or office somewhere.   They are out in the field constantly attempting to interact with you at regular intervals, such as for the purposes of Verification of their technology etc.  They are sitting next to you on the plane; the new employee sitting near you at the office, the new pastor at the church, etc.  THE Hive Mind Teams don’t have to be near or next to you to attack you, but these are some examples which may help you understand what they are doing and how they use the Mobile Platforms.

The moment you are selected as a test subject for Mind Control technologies all the available apartments, homes, offices, hotel rooms, etc., near and next to your residence are sublet and the Hive Mind Teams, Surveillance Teams, Organized Stalkers, etc., move in and training research and development begins.  Placing a person inside a Psychotronic Concentration Camp is no small operation so a lot of people are involved.  Sometimes the sheer magnitude of the operation can overwhelm new victims.

The Clone Members of each team clone their brainwave signatures to the victims brain wave signature and engage in remote neural manipulation at regular intervals.  The RNM System does the rest.

The Hive Mind Teams can be easily manipulated using bait and switch tactics with your thoughts.

In other words, you learn to read active memory and correlate the patterns (e.g beautiful women, etc.) to whatever stimuli they are using against you and create a false pattern and then break it.  I do this with them a lot and find it very satisfying.   Worked well this weekend.

I keep telling them to use voluptuous beautiful red heads against me, but they never listen.

Pay no attention to government perpetrators and Cyberstalking Thugs on Talkshoe and other Internet Forums filling the Targeted Individual Community with Disinformation (lies), Misinformation (Half-Truths) and constant Misdirection tactics to prevent a credible discussion of the issues.

You are not being attacked by Secret Government Agents dressed in camaflouge guillly suits hiding behind the next door neighbors porch plants shooting you with electromagnetic ray guns (lol), like Ella, Dr SuperDuck and other government perpetrators and Cyberstalking Thugs want you to believe.

You are being attacked remotely often from great distances.