Sent to the head of the Virginia and Maryland Militia.

K. M. Stewart


Dear sir,
   As the head of the Virginia and Maryland Militia you need to know that the Deep State, the traitorous crime syndicate within the Federal government for years, is already murdering patriots with smear campaigns and asymmetrical warfare weapons.
But with the post 9/11 unconstitutional laws, they have been having a field day.  Random people, Constitutionalists, critics, patriots, whistleblowers, Christians, etc. have been secretly put on the Terrorist Watch List and their Constitutional, Human, and Civil Rights have been revoked with no recourse.
In 2013 Obama even signed a modification to the supposed criteria outlining how to put someone on the list and it reduced the criteria to LESS THAN PROBABLE CAUSE. Meaning, a lie by an enemy was good enough.
This is being used by the Federally-sponsored secret hybrid army of anti-patriot statists, who General Milley warned about, to torture and assassinate designated scapegoats with poisons, radiation, staged car accidents, mobile directed energy weapons (like the bigger ones used at the Battle for the Fallujah Airport in Iraq where US forces used weaponized microwaves to “dehydrate” to death the Iraqi soldiers, contrary to the Geneva Convention.
In 18 US Code, various sections, these weapons are classified as weapons of mass destruction and are illegal for civilians to have much less use on other non-combatant civilians. (Wisconsin & Michigan have laws against them). Yet, some people in these secret armies make a nice living doing so.
The energy weapons when used for torture and assasination, are not used full strength, but the target is put under “surveillance”, which is used as a weasel word to forbid law enforcement to stop vicious, 24/7 attacks and torture meant to slow-kill the victim for plausible deniability. Neighbors are paid to house these weapons pointed at the victim’s home (with no concern for spouse, children, or pets) and turn them up incrementally in strength throughout the day and night to cause the person a health crisis that they hope will kill them.
In addition, big wigs put fraudulent life insurance policies, trust funds, and buy properties in the names of the intended victims to profit from their deaths, because they gain access to the victim’s private info by putting them in the terrorist watch list.
This was done by NSA management (DIRNSA General Michael Hayden, Dep DIRNSA William Black Jr.) to the 9/11 victims. (Bill was so pleased with himself that he nicknamed himself “the snuffer”.) They made fortunes on the 9/11 slaughter.
They knew 6 months ahead of time  and forbid Reginald Heefner and other NSA analysts to report the warnings under threat of firing and prison.
Now they and many others is DHS, FBI, Fusion Centers, Infragard & street gangs, are in collusion to do this to thousands across the USA. It is identity theft, conspiracy to deprive of Constitutional Rights, vicious slander, torture and harassment, insurance fraud, and murder. It is big wigs in government asset-stripping thousands of regular citizens to build their personal empires and turn this country into prey versus predator.
I am an “accidental whistleblower” who worked at NSA and was targeted for asking the NSA Inspector General to look into something blatantly unethical. Bill Black Jr. has targeted me, put me on an assasination list and has properties in my name waiting to pay off when his secret mercenary army of traitors kill me. My health has taken a nose dive in the last year due to exposure 24/7 to these weapons.
I am in Columbia, MD.
I am a known activist trying to save the lives of innocent people and put all these traitors in prison… until we can execute them for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Please take an interest in the real fight where many of us are being tortured and murdered daily. They will come for you and other patriots, its just a matter of time. Educate yourself. Bullets will be useless against these covert weapons and covert attacks.
I can name names of perps as well.
They need the weapons taken from them.
Karen Melton Stewart
850 408 7204














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