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If you scroll to the end of this very long, in depth analysis, you will see the email I sent to the author of this in response to his allegations about me and this blog…

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Disclaimer ***  In the interest of public safety and security, not only of those in my own nation, but of those in nations that my nation is deeply allied with, with a view to securing truth for the great public, I have used the real photos and transcribed words of the two children’s police interviews, which children are now in the custody of RD, though that is not publicly admitted.

I use those photos and words to secure for the children, their right to an honest investigation that they never got and are not allowed to admit, now that they are, in essence, taken prisoner against their will and kept from all public scrutiny and hearing, so that they might be denied the help that publicity and public knowledge might otherwise, prevent or overturn, in the true name of justice.

To in any way censor this or attack it, to get it taken down, will be observed by God and may justify His intervention if I am, indeed, His servant for His interests. Interfere at your own risk!

Further let it be known that the participation of Alisa in an exceptionally visible and notorious open and public manner that would make it impossible to avoid heavy and extreme publicity, that whoever has custody of the two kids, Alisa and Gabriel, has hereby sacrificed any legitimate claim to rights of privacy, since the bold move was against all manner of privacy. Alisa and Gabriel are now free to have their faces and voices legitimately heard without interference of law outside of the UK.

Further, that for myself, no harm was ever intended toward the 2 children in naming them and showing their appearance. It was with every good intention that I labored in their behalf and that many others did the very same. To delete these children now has to be seen as act of defiance against God almighty, Himself, traditionally translated since 1209 AD as Jehovah.

You enemies of God and the children have been duly warned. Ignore at your own peril.


The Premise
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Alisa was and is the star in the most controversial Super Bowl Commercial of 2017. Seeing will be believing! This is huge. Alisa gets huge exposure as a result. The Super Bowl is the most watched event in the USA, every years. Added is that the commercial she stars is also the most controversial one that is getting heave amounts of exposure. This is going to push PizzaGate into oblivion. You just watch. Lots to discuss and ponder. This might be the biggest event of 2017, till the false flag to kick off a war begins. As well, it will be shown herein, that Gabriel also participated briefly and the so called father of both kids, also likely made a partially disguised appearance as well.

Careful Identification
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Before I go any further, I want to supply lots of look at the girl in question, Who I clearly believe is Alisa, beyond any doubt. This was from the 2017 Superbowl ad for Audi. A girl is shown racing in a soap box derby and she wins. It is the staring role, no less.

Audi #DriveProgress Big Game Commercial – “Daughter”
Audi USA

In 4 from the commercial, we see the knob at the end of the nose. You can see it clearly in 5, too. the two front teeth in 6 will show up later, too. We have her ears to compare if we get to see some ear.

There is a video that is claiming the commercial does star Alisa. I agree with it but how was it discovered when the views of the girl were so brief and blurred most of the time. I will discuss all that later. The video:

<b”>   I’ll Identify these by the time showing in the video, this being 3:01. Its the best match of the 7 comparisons.

The other 6 match on the nose and mouth/lips. The problem is the eyes that are shaded by the helmet and loose hair. I believe I have better ones for comparison. The fault is not in the original work. I’ll paste the other 6 before I put mine up. Above is Alisa, in my opinion. That is based on many things. Before we move on, note how absurdly big that helmet is. It is deliberate. It conceals her ears, her neck, causes lots of shading so that her complexion does not show and features are blurry. Its a tease. They are showing her and yet making it hard to prove her. A smaller helmet would ordinarily been desirable and sensible.

305 above is not bad, but still a little obscure. 253 below is fair. The helmet is a real problem. The author of this comparison chose well in trying to find picture of a similar angle. Alisa was likely doing ths months back so she is about 2 years older than the videos we have all seen of her at about 9.5 years in Sept. 2014. This girl is a reasonable match for Alisa. Without more features showing, one can never be certain.  The girl has make up on to hide the complexion.

Above and below, the background is a fake projection on screen or blue/green screen. Further, in racing, you want your hair tucked in your helmet, not hanging out. That is to further obscure her face. The hair is not blowing so she is either waiting for the race to start of the racing shot is a fake with a screen behind. I do think it is a match for Alisa but will admit that with so little, it would be hard to expect many to agree with this. And she is 2 years older on the right side of the 2:57 screen shot.


Above and below, the eyes do not look quite right. The Author chose the best matches for comparison but they do not help. Other than the eyes, the features are similar. Below, to get the shot of her racing from in front, they either would have to put a camera on the front of the car or otherwise, its another fake background, which is what I think it is. Her hair is not being blown back. The inconsistencies were deliberate. They are testing our intelligence. It is much like the many symbols used by Satanists and Illuminati types. They all use them but yet deny them as meaning anything. Nothing changes. This is another Illuminati production.

The eyes could look different because her head is bent forward and down. It could be Alisa but it would be like them to also use 1 or 2 other girls sort similar looking to throw us off or they could later bring the other girls out and  say it was all a trick. The JFK coverup is always a good tutor for what goes on. There different people used to present as Oswald. Further, there was a JFK body double used in the autopsy. So look-a-likes are all too common in this dirty field of deception. A healthy skepticism can never hurt. The more paranoid, the better.

Below, except for the eyes, matches. In particular, note the 2 prominent upper front teeth. A dead ringer for Alisa. Were it not for the eyes, that are uncertain, we would have a match. As well, if one considers the 2 years of aging and going thru a living hell, looks can evolve. But at the end of this commercial, we good look at Alisa as was intended. Its cat and mouse game.


Just above, the eyes seem different. Is it another girl? It could be. But that the rest of the features are like Alisa, is not something to ignore, either. IN any population, you have natural look-a-likes. But makeup could easily give Alisa a different look. the screen save it too blurred to discern the well defined “philtrum” between the nose and upper lip. Lets say for argument that it was someone else and that they wanted to fool us. So then you are saying that they spent at least half a million to pull off some minor tease or snow job? I seriously doubt it. But for the record, the eyes do not allow for a good certainty. Her head is tilted forward and down. We would need a picture Alisa in that position. The complexion is obscured, too. Alisa has some freckles.

>>Update March 4, 2017 Responding to insincere idiots and liars (Paid shills) As you can see above and just blow, which were published March 1, I clearly pointed out that the eyes do not enable certainty, and they do not rule it out out, either. But that another girl could have been used as a means to  discredit a genuine frame/pic of Alisa is well within possibility. But again, we can not eliminate Alisa. Why? If the light in the studio were harsh in the distance she might squint. The ones making and taping/filming this could have asked her to squint. Her eye color could be due to contact lenses, or video editing. None of the lighting in these 2 frames is good and the whole sequence could have been given a brown like casting to the lighting.

Two frames that do not confirm (but do not deny) Alisa, do not invalidate the other frames that clearly are Alisa. Two people co-starring does not upset anything. But that this possible “other girl” should have the same brows, nose, and lips should cause any objective person to be slow to ignore these as being Alisa. Further the picture I have just added at this time of Alisa, shows her eyes squinted. Anyone can do it. The lighting alone, as dim as it is, could cause the eyes to look brown if not black. Can you tell between the pupils and cornea? I’d say you are lying if you say you can!

I had woman, (Hi Maria!) pretend to be concerned about the 2 faces whose eyes did not look like a match. Even I admitted that. But she kept going at it. My shill alarm went off and I let her know how I have felt for at least a year about her. For her sake, I’ll leave it out. She left the FB forum we were in, as a result. Embarrassed that she made a fool of her self. To state clearly, nothing can overcome the fact that some of these frames are clearly Alisa. End of story.<<


The features that are clear on both sides, match. The eyes are not clear in most. At the angle of the face, one might wonder with that big helmet, if she could see well. Not to worry. She is sitting in a studio and visibility is not important. Obscuring her features is. I would say its probably still  her but that is not certain. Foul play is always possible. Keep in mind, too, that these shots were only for a second or less in the actual video. Everything was brief and fast. Those who made it were well aware that some would be examining still-frames. They also knew they would be leaking the info that would make some look and examine. They were counting on it which is why these shots were made very carefully and deliberately.

The problem I note is that 1, the commercial rarely focuses on anything. It quick flashes an ever changing view through out. This was intentional. They wanted to show you something but not too much. Not enough for the many who are asleep in life. As well, I believe that this commercial was given birth by mutually agreed consent in the spirit realm between God and Satan. There is enough in this 1 minute to arrive at a solid conclusion for anyone willing to dig. But not enough those asleep. I offer the following:
NKJV)   Mark 4:22 “For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light. 23 “If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear.”

It’s a promise from God that the propaganda war waged by Satan will be a fair fight if people put some effort into life and its understanding. But for those who will not, they will not be able to grasp what has taken place thru time and circumstance. God has secured our right to hear the truth, if we can accept it.

NKJV: Matthew 13:

10 And the disciples came and said to Him, “Why do You speak to them in parables?”

11 He answered and said to them, “Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven,
but to them it has not been given.

12 “For whoever has, to him more will be given, and he will have abundance;
but whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him.

13 “Therefore I speak to them in parables, because seeing they do not see,
and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand.

14 “And in them the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled, which says: ‘Hearing you will hear and shall not understand,
And seeing you will see and not perceive;

15 For the hearts of this people have grown dull. Their ears are hard of hearing,
And their eyes they have closed, Lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears,
Lest they should understand with their hearts and turn, So that I should heal them.’

16 “But blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear;

17 “for assuredly, I say to you that many prophets and righteous men desired to see what you see,
and did not see it, and to hear what you hear, and did not hear it.

>>To say it more plainly, God has limits on excusable stupidity and ignorance. Too much stupidity is not excusable in His eyes. He gave us marvelous brains. He created us in His image. He expects us to live up to that image and ability. He did not intend for us to waste our ability and talent.

Oh, and one more thing! The main reason for most things worded in symbolism, figures, parables, metaphors, is that though not specifically said, many things were (had to be) worked out between God and Satan, when Satan disputed God’s intentions to deny Satan the worship of his own little group of humans. We are seeing the effects of that agreement, even as an agreement was made in the case of Job. God has demanded that all of Satan’s deceit will be revealed.

My opinion is that God has actually made Satan expose himself. Satan would have asked for that. Satan probably suggested that he ought to be able to pick who of his that he would prefer to use as a escape goat and control the narrative so that his plan could continue along side of the exposure. God consented. It would only affect the dummies, not the alert ones.

As well, it was likely Satan that argued that God should make it a bit more challenging for people to read the words of God and understand them. “Speak to them in coded language and they will not bother or will twist it to their liking.” God agreed to this in limited measure. His expectations for people would be perfectly capable of thinking and speaking in symbolic language. So God speaks to us in figurative language most of the time.

But it will not be forever as promised below.<<

NKJV: John 16:

25 “These things I have spoken to you in figurative language; but the time is coming when I will no longer speak to you in figurative language, but I will tell you plainly about the Father.

This is what I believe is going on with this Superbowl Revelation. It is designed to reveal some things. But not too easily. We have to work for it. But we can do that. If we love God, and ourselves and our lives, we will make the effort.

Background Information
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This exposure of Alisa was not an accident. Satan was forced to begin to spill the beans on the Hampstead case. This case has always had a supernatural feel of Divine providence to it, from the very first moment I saw the video of the kids in “Papa Eats Babies.” The Hampstead case is going to get fully exposed and blown wide open. It was only a matter of time!

Have any of  you wondered about how the video and revelation came to us? Satan has been forced to let the cat out of the bag. So his decision as always, was to use it to his best advantage. He will have this info dispensed to someone on earth in His ranks so that they look like a hero and good guy/gal. Nearly all exposure of evil has come thru people who are, as the kids said, “in on it!”

Too often, the hidden stuff would never be known if God did nor force Satan to expose what his servants do. What I suggest is, that many psyops of recent times, were full of what would appear to be really stupid screw ups and obvious rigging. To put it plainly, they were carried out with the intention that some were going to see thru the phoniness and absurdity. In fact, Satan and his servants delight in making sloppy productions and watching how most fall for it all. They can not believe most could be as stupid as they are. They sometimes make something look really fake because of their contempt for the stupid.

Superbowls get the biggest audience there is in the USA and some other nations also watch USA football. Canadians follow it in good numbers. You could not pick a bigger event for publicity and exposure. Now keep in mind that God has things He wants, too. Don’t think that this Hampstead case does not have God pissed off. I am going to suggest that God is going to blow this open. It has always been His intention to do so.

So first up, He says to Satan (says I), Your going to expose the girl for all the world to see. In fact, you have to do it during the Superbowl AND use the most attention getting commercial to do it. But you can do it subtly. Satan says, I will make a fast moving blurry commercial so that no one would ever recognize it unless it is revealed by one of my guys down there . . . Fair enough? God says, fine! One exposed, my guys will do the rest. Satan says, fine!

Advertisers often plan Superbowl commercials months before they will be aired. Some start planning as soon a Superbowl is over, for the next one. They want to create something that will really impact their audience. No effort is spared. Now Satan alerts his earthly servants to his wishes. He probably has it all worked out. The guys just have to carry it out. God has to approve the commercial to make sure it will have its intended effect. The commercial must be one that is either controversial or dearly loved and perhaps very funny, with internet exposure. This year, they chose to spread some more lies about women getting raw deal and being screwed over when in fact, women are given preference  in schools, job hiring, divorce laws, custody battles, and more.

Men have been driven out of everything and relegated to nothing. But many of them have taken the internet to expose feminism, SJWs, and Marxism present in those movements. And the Audi commercial Alisa was in, was going to really bring out the anger or really, more like sarcasm, mockery and laughing at the absurdity of the claims in the commercial. There were tons of videos making fun of it. And everyone of them has Alisa in it. So even after the Superbowl is over, the net continues to show Alisa. Now let me ask, What if it were to become known, with the history of Alisa and her brother and that she was broadcast in the Superbowl? It might become huge. It might become far more of a scandal than the feminism crap of Audi.

And by the way, Audi’s reputation is apt to suffer for their commercial. The tide has turned on nonsense and fake news of the MSM. So why did they do it? Satan wants to continue the war against men and keep fooling the young and gullible. Corporations are expected to sacrifice their own interests for those of Satan and the whole. And I am sure Audi will be looked after, for their “sacrifice.” Superbowls are wonderful opportunities for bullsh!t and propaganda.

So the commercial could even face review by Satan and if not by him, then by very skilled advertising firms, who carefully go ever ever little nuance and detail. Everything must be just right, especially when several different objectives are involved. They have to expose Alisa, but not too much. But for sure, enough to satisfy God’s requirements.

Now the next step. Who gets to let out the info that Alisa is in a Superbowl Commerical? Well, I would think that it would be someone who might be involved with the Hampstead case to begin with, but obviously, someone who is actually against the cause of the kids, but pretends to care about them. So who did release this information? Who was behind the video and screens that show Alisa in the commercial? I would suggest it is someone well known in the Hampstead arena. Someone who was their own worst enemy and needs bailed out. The youtube channel this come from, has all the indications that it is this person.

I have done a lot of research on the shills of Hampstead. I know them all and all about them. But someone decided the Grand Dame ought to have some help to recover her tragic mess she made of her assignment. I will call her Jax, like the game of jax played in school yards before my time. She gets the hand-off from the big wigs to alert people that Alisa is in a huge commercial. The info is intended to get out. But it will still take some careful analysis to prove it is Alisa. That done, I suspect God will have to make the next move. Or one of Satan’s guys will have to do something.

OK, its time for a ton of pictures from the commercial. The goal here is to expose this girl, who is not hiding from publicity and by being involved is such a highly visible public display, welcomes attention and attraction. Further, whoever is in custody///possession of her and Gabe must feel the same way to allow this. The cult has no more right to claim laws are being broken in caring about what happened to the children. The foster parent has the options to the kids, although we all know that RD likely has total control of the kids, which does violate the law and decision of the courts.

Audi Commercial Grabs
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Audi #DriveProgress Big Game Commercial – “Daughter”
Audi USA

I took a lot of grabs from the original Audi commercial as follows. My goal is to Give all a real good look at the girl. The fast moving commercial did not allow that. So I will. As well, I could only hope that more take in interest in this and have it grow. As well, I expect, sooner or later, that this story is going to become huge. And as well, I am hoping Alisa will get noticed by others and get more exposure. It is to her benefit. And the world’s, too.

The start of the race, notice the sun is either just rising or just setting. Not when a race would typically start, but an ideal time to show a dimly lit surrounding that would not allow too much visual detail. Alisa and Gabriel came into the same sort of circumstance when they were born. Their lives would be like race, struggling to stay ahead of it all. The path ahead was uncertain.

Opening scene. I just noticed that Alisa’s racer appears to have someone with blue helmet. The gold helmet is in a different car. She was probably not in the race. Ya never know.

Below all is blurred to convey motion, but her hair is not getting blown back

Below, no camera mounts. So above is a fake back screen. A common method for making TV and movies.
I am adding narrative now as well, rather than apart from the pictures, in some frames.

Below, can you really tell who is in that car? I can’t! I don’t see any hair.

Note that this commercial has over 12 million veiws. How do ya like that one, huh? Gotta love it!

Below is a good decline to race on. After a short start up the hair would be getting blown back. Fact!
Notice all the bales of hay on both sides. And hills hug the road. And the sun is in front of them, casting a shadow in back. 3 photos down you will see the opposite and more.

Those teeth below will become important

We know there were no cameras on the racer so these backgrounds are fake. And her hair is not getting blown back. FAKE!

Below, The sun is now casting  a shadow on the front, caused by her helmet. And the hills are far off the road. FAKE! Note the helmet extends way beyond her forehead and face. Its big enough for a Neandertal to wear. Ah ha ha ha ha ha!

Below is a really good clear crisp side profile. She plays very well for the camera. Again, the back ground is even further off now. The hills should have her closed in. They are not even there. Now this is how all movie making is done. My only point is that every shot was carefully attended to, to provide just enough exposure and yet leave some room for plausible denial.

Next is the money shot! That is 100% Alisa to the letter! Make no mistake about that one. And she is racing and again, no hair blowing back.
And her 2 front top teeth are there to behold.

Alisa for sure!

Below is as close to her face as we will get. I think its a match. But I get this feeling that they have applied something around the eyes.

Remember the hay and the hills? Below they are in a suburb racing on fairly flat land. How bout that! They must have engines under those hoods 😉 the photo below does not have Alisa in it, says I.

The kids were always in a race/chase to get away from abuse but there was no where to go. They felt so helpless. They often threw fits of rage without anything to really set it off. Their mom had no idea what the school/cult was doing to them. She did not even know a cult of Satan was running the school. Ya know, that sounds like an oxymoron. Do take notice of how the sun in the background blurs out all detail. Just what they wanted!

Below the sun has disappeared so that her face is not illuminated too much. Its Alisa for sure. Her nose is one of those that is extended and prominent compared to most noses. There is a 3 sister Celtic music band named the Gothard Sisters and two of the sisters have the same kinds of noses. I am am going to see if I can find some photos that show it good. She’s dead ringer for Alisa. I am taking bets, now 😉 Call me!

seen previously in my photo collage


The eyes would not be recognizable except for key photos to come later.   >>This photo is like the others referred to that some dismiss as being Alisa. But the teeth are also the same, as well as lips, nose and chin, too.<<


The next photo really highlights her unique nose. It sticks way out there. All her front teeth are very prominent. Dat be Alisa!


The sun is casting a long shadow making it either close to sundown or sun rise. This commercial shows a variety of times and circumstances for shooting. Some shots might have needed to be redone. It was not all made at once or in an hour.

Alisa is out in front now and she is not going back. This race is hers! God will see to it!

I’d say the above 2 are Alisa. Remember that she is 2 years older at this time.

She is soon going to have good reason to celebrate as she is above and below.

See the teeth of both above?

It is possible that this is “daddy” disguised enough so that we can’t recognize him? I really think it could be. CIA are masters of disguise and learned much from Hollywood makeup artists at one time. Give him a weird hair style, maybe a prosthetic on the nose and ears. His face is shaded. I think its him.
Below: She is very expressive and quite the actress.


The photo below really nails the nose. Can you see how much it sticks out? Its her!

Below Alisa appears to be entering the long bone growth stage, the very first part to start to take place in the process of puberty. She is not a little 9 year old now. She’ll likely be tall like mom and dad. Actually, Grandparents often show up in grandkids. Have seen Ella’s but not RD’s.

What follows is a carefully staged video shoot. She is instructed to look into the camera as she is going by it. These will be the best face shot of the series. Her cheeks were rose-colored up a little to highlight them. The picture below is her for certain. The other 3 would not be certain were it not for this one, that shows clearly her nose shape, brows, ear, and teeth.

They even blow her hair out to show off her ears for ID use. How bout that! When she was supposedly driving, her hair was not blowing out. Ain’t it funny?
My opinion is that this face still has the Alisa feel to it. I also want to point out that they made her look sweaty while racing, but the race is over and no sweat and she looks fresh and showered. And how about that Mona Lisa smile? Ain’t it cool?

I think she looks a little bit like Drew Barrymore. “They” are letting you have a real good look at her in these four photos. There will be no doubting these.

The source that released this suggested Alisa is possibly being marketed to the elite. It is not an unreasonable suggestion at all. But I have reasons why I believe its something much more and much different. But I am sure none of us rest comfortably knowing she is in RD’s hands and Satan’s, too.

And now for a bit of (barely) humor. OMG, our car was stolen and they left us with this piece of crap. Well, maybe we should try hitching, huh?
So this is how they reward winners! I don’t think I like racing any more! ( suggestion to audience: take these photos and make up good jokes about Audi. It will further publicity of our girl and her brother waiting for her. Listen, he could have been in one of those racers. But to be honest, She was never in a race. It was all done in a studio with a back screen.

(at the time of 1st writing this, I as unaware that Gabe was in this. Kris got the idea to look into it and her instinct was right on. Mine was out to lunch. I suspected dad but not Gabe. But when Kris showed the photo, there was no doubt.) She was a big help in this. All I can say is is much better having 2 heads working at their own paces but sharing their ideas. I would probably have never notices had she not pointed it out.

48 at top shows the Alisa nose. The other 3 at top, 49a – 50, do not show the nose clear enough. All of them together make it her. Were it not for 48, I would have been in doubt.

I had a tough job finding ears in the commercial. Got just a piece in 4 frames. I tried to get (on my) right, right ears from Alisa’s earlier stuff but only found narrow views looking down at her.. The commercial views are looking up at her. Her eyes in general in the commercial not as wide open as they were after she first disclosed to mom and Abe. But L1 and L2 left ears are the same as the top 4, 48-50. Its enough to allow for a reasonable amount of likelihood-certainty. Kris pointed out a gap in the bottom left photo of Alisa. Not to mention, she got the photo I was looking for. Mine disappeared after a Geek Squad repair in December. At the times 0:43 and 0:38 frames earlier, are the other pictures that shows that gap on her right side teeth, our left side. Too much coincidence becomes a match. You can see it in the commercial pictures where the teeth are showing. And her eyes are squinted like in the commercial photos. Even the hair and cheeks are similar. It seems like smiling shows the teeth off and eyes slant as well. It her, 100%.

March 17, 017:  The mother allegedly does not believe the girl at the end o the video looking into the camera and then shown back to, is Alisa. I will argue why I think it is. This not just a consideration of the photographs, though they are the primary evidence. As well, are circumstances, such as leaked info and other relevant info.I took new screen shots to catch different looks. You judge for yourself. Left, I got her with her eyes squinted. Its a very different look. But the teeth match, the brows and the nose. The nose in particular will be important. You can not see the projecting tip of the lower nose, but the wide nostrils and the curing slope of the nose are there. The last views of her face follow. The chin will be the same.
These 2 frames at 0:48 show the hair parting, forehead, brows, curved slope of the nose, the wide nostrils, the teeth, the ears. 8 features match! And you say no match. Bear with me. the 2 to the left match the one above left. Its her! Her neck looks fairly normal. Alisa in 2014 was quite thin. Not unhealthy but thin. The 2 to the left have the hair out of the way so that we can see that at best, her neck is average and some likely minor weight gain. But not much! Coming up!

I put these in as well because I could get better ear shots. The ears from 2104 to 2016 are the same.

I was trying to get more squint eye shots but this was a close as I could get. But I got great ear shots. I don’t have any side profiles but the consistency of the front shots seal the deal. That’s our girl. I did get some squinting in the 2 zooms below. Note that she has heavy makeup on now to hide all the freckles and birth marks. Why hide them if they are not like Alisa? They are like Alisa so they covered them, although they want to make her as pretty as they could. Had they not done so, we would have had the freckles for 100% certainty match. I got one thing left.


Below is an enlarged photo of the dad daughter. Its the very same man as has appeared throughout, in brief shots. The are some trees in the background that possibly but by no means certain, be turning leaf color. If so, this is fall somewhere. There are people wearing sweaters and light jackets. This could be the 2nd half of 2016. Its relevant but also a long shot.

This is part same continuous walk at the end. I grabbed it to show conclusively that Alisa is not putting on weight or that her face is only slightly fleshed. And that she is a lot taller now than in 2014. Not her? I disagree. She has slender legs that seem just a touch long to the rest of the body. She has begun the first part of puberty that starts with long bone growth. But she is near enough to the 2014 Alisa. The girl and her brother have been thru a horrific ordeal in their short life times.Oh, and one more thing (thanks Columbo!). Circumstantial evidence. RD is not stranger to Hollywood or similar. He was in a video of California Dreaming. I do not know were this was filmed.

Besides, he is part of the huge world wide Satanic Network. You always have friend around very corner.


Implications and Possibilities
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OK, someone leaked the claim that Alisa was the girl in the video. That is very  high level information when one considers the intense persecution of  many involved, to say nothing of the UK stealing the kids thru total dishonesty and fraud. And while in custody, Alisa possibly experiences a nasty rape, complete with video taping, before the 3rd interview with so called police.

No one could have ever discerned Alisa being in that video without going to still frames and careful detailed analysis. And the leak proved true. Again, only high level intelligence operations would have the authorization to release this information. It was intended to be released and become known. In fact, I believe it is destined to become far more known, which is why the commercial was made and done during the most televised event in any given year in the USA, other than a disaster news break.

I could write about the many possibilities, but I don’t believe there are many. Yes, she could have embraced the cult and RD could stand to profit from her as a star and prostitute for the Elite. But that is not the kind of thing you want to try and publicize, especially while PizzaGate is raging in the Alt News on youtube. And that is even if the Illuminati and the cult were out of their minds with arrogance.

No, I say God has forced their hand and the commercial has 2 purposes. That’s right! Two! The commercial was/is intended to, in the most dramatic, bold, forceful way, to announce her upcoming release from hell, along with her brother, I would assume. Why just her in the video? It would have to be kept to one, to not be extremely obvious. Alisa would be more attractive and appealing to audiences and fit the feminist/Marxist agenda of hate, racism, and bigotry, not to mention the open declaration of recommended genocide of the male sex to 10% of the population.

Further, I can’t help but be impressed by her ability to portray incredible emotion in this commercial. She has real talent and is photogenic. I saw that in her third police interview and mentioned it briefly near the beginning. Both the kids were intelligent, but clearly, Alisa was exceptionally bright. She was the one that dished the details of social services getting babies for sacrifice from around the world and she related business info from the books RD and the cult kept. All at age 9. In fact, closer to eight when she saw it all and remembered it. She acts like a maternal 1st born. And if I am right about the possible rape, (I am as far as I am concerned), then RD and the cult and Satan all held her principally and primarily responsible for the defiant exposure. Her strong denunciation of what done to her in the 1st police interview, no doubt angered the hell out of the cult.

It is only fitting that she be the one to finally blow the case open as its best representative. Revenge is so sweet! So now its just a matter of Satan trying to minimize the damage. But ultimately, he is going to have to come out from behind the curtain, like the Wizard of Oz and declare what he is really up to. It won’t be hidden anymore. Most will still go along with it all but I also think some will finally wake up when this all comes out dramatically.

The promise was that nothing carefully hidden and suppressed would remain as such. Sooner or later its all coming out and nothing in more hideous than the outrageous abuse of all types against defenseless children, the very creatures we depend on to continue our species. In the most dramatic way imaginable, I believe God is going to free these two kids and expose everything.

Prior to this article, I had been working on exposing the conintel operations that had been going on around this Hampstead scandal/atrocity. And I had actually been getting some help on this one as regards research. That’s a first. But prior to requests for help with certain abusive individuals on the dark side, I had been working on the story of the Exodus, as part of what I had pledged to God in my 3rd published prayer/plea for help. Namely that I would show how God loves to humble and humiliate the proud, cocky and arrogant in extremely bold and very visible ways. I had gotten distracted after having published the request to God, but upon coming across my first steps in beginning that, I went right  to work on it.

But I had underestimated the attention that was really due to this subject. I assume by Alisa’s commercial appearance that God had not doubted my intent and that my neglect was not intentional. So though that project is still in progress, God has acted anyway, having faith that I will fulfill my expressed recorded intentions and pledges to Him and the world.

So I do not know exactly what God has up His sleeves. But it is going to be something very big. This Alisa appearance is the sign for things to come. Don’t believe a word I say. You will see with your own eyes.

A Commercial Gone Viral
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Below are 16 different videos ripping Audi apart. The great news? Alisa is in all of them for substantial amounts of time! Do you have any idea what this means? Her face is now a household name. Any news of her or this commercial could make her a meme. To accomplish something like that? That took a lot of brains and a lot of power that Satan can’t deny, nor his followers either. No one could plan this much success without living in the supernatural realm. To quote the Egyptian priests of Pharaoh when Moses outdid them, “It is the finger of God!”

Audi Super Bowl Commercial Pushes Feminism

Audi’s Feminist Super Bowl Commercial is Bullshit
No Bullshit

Audi Debunks its “Daughter” Wage Gap Car Commercial – Response
Don’t Walk, Run! Productions

Audi Releases Shockingly Anti-Woman Super Bowl Commercial
Red Pill Philosophy
In this one, Alisa’s face fills most of the screen starting at 8:48 and stays there to 20:22, 12 minutes of her smiling at the viewing crowd! YES!

Audi Debunks Their Own Wage Gap Claim
Independent Man

WORST SUPER BOWL ADS! – The Pay Gap Strikes Back
Chris Ray Gun
Alis-Audi commercial at 7:13

Parody Audi Super Bowl Commercial
Mark Dice

Audi Superbowl Commercial and More Transgender Creepiness
Texas Shrugged Book

The Super Bowl Commercial Executives Will Wish They NEVER Made!!
This guy is begging everyone to make the Audi commercial go viral to make more fun of it and protest the left leaning agenda. I’m all for it. Alisa will get far more publicity.

FBE     Alisa starts at 2:18

Audi Ad: SuperPropaganda For SuperBowl
The Alex Jones Channel

Top 4 Super Bowl Car Commercials 2017
Alisa starts at 4:18

Audi Super Bowl Commercial “Daughter” Response Video
Hammered Veracity

Ben Shapiro: Super Bowl Audi Commercial Self-Destructs on Wage Gap
Blob Builder

Audi Super Bowl Commercial 2017
Trends Weekly

Super Bowl 51 2017 Feminist Audi Car Commercial
Mad-Agent Media

A 2nd Hidden Narrative?
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God has often been faulted for His double meaning prophecies. There is what appears to be the obvious and immediate fulfillment or prediction, often failing 1 or several details and then there is the ultimate fulfillment that answers all details and with far more significance. In our day, we are due to see another sort of fulfillment of the Exodus, The Exodus itself being a pattern of how God works and that when He gets good and mad, all hell breaks loose in the most dramatic of ways.

Could we see a humbling of the most arrogant nation on earth, the UK? I have always believed that was going to happen. At the very least the 2 children might escape the Satanic cult and also experience a life of joy and enrichment that has been denied to them up to this point. And that they might come to know God and respect Him, the one to free them.

Don’t know if you noticed but there was a sort of narrative in the Audi commercial. And there is one for the 2 kids, too, summarizing their lives. As well, Jax always loved the sensational, no matter how little it had in common with good sense and logic. So why not me? I’m just asking. But lets look at a few things. The video snaps are all showing their times on them. So I will use the times to create a sort of timeline and story.

I was going to put a summary here. But it would not do justice. So though the article I am posting is still being worked on, the story of the Exodus from Egyptian slavery is an exciting one.  I point out many things that I feel get neglected and make the account more exciting, too. But if you were to believe the status quo official party line, The Exodus never happened. What I have in research, collecting dust, will blow that notion right out of the water.

There was all kinds of evidence left behind, despite 3500 years of passage. I believe that this is the most impressive part of the Exodus. You ought to see what is on the bottom of the Red Sea and the Saudi Arabian mountains and plains. And from Egyptian tombs and historical writers. Its a large but amazing amount of stuff. I gather no one was interested in it, except me, but there has been some great work by 2 or 3. It will be in my article eventually, hopefully soon.

Meanwhile, the incomplete article Link:    The Exodus Account

But I believe the extent of this horror carried out in Children will bring a wrath of exposure from God, not really to stop it, but to see what humans might do when confronted with it and without the possibility of reasonable denial. No one will be able to say, “I did not know!”  Besides, ignorance is not a good excuse in God’s eyes. He expects more of us and many have failed that measure. You will note how  few even know of the cause many of us have carried on, in behalf of abused children all over the earth. Carve this in stone! Alisa and Gabriel will eventually be free, hopefully very soon!

Brian Gerrish’s Opinion
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Angela Power-Disney

February 28 at 7:29am           Posted on the “Justice for the Hampstead Kids FB forum”

Encouraging message from BRIAN GERRISH after viewing the Superbowl half time vid allegedly featuring ALISSA

“Hello Angela

Thank you for sending this to me.

I have not changed my opinion that that the Hampstead case is real and the family still have my backing and support despite their video(s) attacking me.

There may well be something in this Superbowl thing but for me the staying focused on the facts around the case and the failure of UK authorities to act is the important thing. This is the evidence base which has the power to convince ordinary people that something is wrong.

>>Truth1>>I would disagree with the power to convince people that something is wrong. It feels as if we were banging our heads against a wall. In fact, I would strongly suggest that the worst place to discuss anything or try anything, is in a court of law, which is no law and all corruption. But Brian is simply stating how he feels and that is fine. But facial recognition is recognized by law and used by law. FACT!<<

Even if the girl is Alissa how do they get her back? As they still have to face the same issues at the start of the case but now there is an element of ‘conspiracy’ being brought in. Having said that I do not dismiss the possibility – but am aware how the other side manage public perceptions.

This is not a negative comment just a realistic one.

>>Here is where I alone will stand. There is no getting the kids back by legal means long ago corrupted. The only hope, Says I with emphatic out-of-control hollering is: Only God can fix this mess at all, and all my pleas are directed to Him, without any idea that even my own efforts can amount to anything without Him. But with Him, if He decides to bless me and back me, there will be nothing anywhere to stop me.<<

In UK we now have Wiltshire police investigating Heath with attention to SRA abuse. We also have the start of the IICSA inquiry.

I feel we should be pumping evidence at both these people and other police forces so that at a minimum they can never say they didn’t know.

>>That is a reasonable statement except that there has been mountains of evidence already and the few small victories are a mere drop in the bucket. Not a real Victory!<<

But on a positive note it is clear that there are police and child protection people who are now starting to wake up and smell the coffee.

Re Superbowl – it does fit with the fact that everything we see at UKColumn is that the child abuse and trafficking is on a vast scale. This is only possible with extensive international contacts and global satanic families, societies, and political structures that fit this bill. They are also ruthless enough to encourage and control ‘normal’ child abuse rings for power and profit.

keep going

rgds Brian Gerrish”

>>I can not express enough gratitude for Brian’s admission of the scope of this problem. Some might say, “its not enough! I say for a man and news source that has spoken out for the kids when the MSM had not,  and who clearly does have to worry about political parties who could and would shut him down completely if he went too far, must of necessity calculate his words. This is preferable to him going beyond and getting shut down so that nothing get heard.

Its easy to throw rocks and find fault on a keyboard and screen. But Brian has been far more help than not. The kids were going to be taken sooner or later. Abraham caused them to maybe move just a little bit faster.<<

Truth1 in black now >> if you want a good contrast say between Brian and say a typical shill, which at times are merely trolls; you will note that shills invariably resort to lies, twisting the facts and manipulating them and always being real nasty. When has Brian ever behaved like this? Answer: Never! He put out much in the way of good info. For those who might still insist on the questionable, Jesus once said, “A kingdom divided against itself can not stand.”

There are questionable shills who say a lot and some of it is very good. But some of it is pathetic, too. It lacks the conduct and manner that a professional concerned with Credibility might demonstrate. Brian as always tried to be a Professional, beyond reproach and has done just that. I am grateful to him for his support of the kids in their cause.

Hoaxtead Busted! – Birthmark Freckles!
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This ought stir some things. For your viewing enjoyment, Hoaxsy gets hoisted up by their own petards! Allow me! On the left below will be Alisa’s photo from Morocco Holidays, say maybe August 2014. On the right, obtained directly from Hoaxsy Doaxsy, is a frame grab at 14 seconds. What you will clearly see, in Alisa-Morocco is one of the few times Ella did not have Alisa with makeup on so that we get to see her freckles/birthmarks on her right nostril (our left) and the front of her nose, too. And frame 14 on the right which shows the very same freckles. And all her commercial face shots show the very same freckles.

Can you believe the implications? These freckles are unique and distinct marks that no one else would share. Had they used makeup, they could have hidden it. God is not going to let anything be hidden in this case. But they probably wanted to avoid looking similar to most of Alisa’s typical pictures with makeup. They thought freckles would throw us off. It actually backfired and sealed the deal. All those face pictures are Alisa. Every last one of them!

In order to make the pictures more similar for comparison, I rotated the Morocco picture 7 degrees counter clockwise so that the nose comparisons would be the same angle. I tried to lighten up the frame 14 pic and enhance the contrast, but had little success. I did save back ups in case anything went wrong. I kept an untitled Morocco picture as well.



nose zoom darkened

You can see Alisa’s freckles very clearly on her right nostril shaped almost like an M or seagull. Then near the tip of her nose is a conglomeration of 5-6 freckles.
On the right photo you can make out the M, a bit more brown than the surrounding red and though very light, you can see the 5-6 freckles there. There was far less contrast in the photo screen grab than there was in the Morocco photo. But however light, its clearly there and in all other photos of face shots up close.

Also note that the left photo has Alisa looking up and slightly tilted to the right before I rotated it 7 degrees. And her head was just very slightly turned to her left, our right. Instead of looking up, the right photo is her straight ahead or even just slightly (barely) to the right and down for sure so that no light and contrast can be made. What is brown in the left is only red/pink on the right. But the “M” is still there but with the head not turned to her left as it is in the left photo.

The use of low contrast light and the large helmet hiding her in shadows had given little contrast and dampened the comparison but does not eliminate it. You can still see it is her! And it is this way with every face shot! With the distinct blemishes, this can no longer be disputed. The eye color is easily fixed in any number of ways. Video editing, contacts. I have seen plenty of blue eye contracts.

Original un-tilted unedited except for reducing the size



So there ya have it. Hoaxtead Busted Wide Open. Now where to run, and nowhere to hide. Touchdown! Score!!!! Truth1 7 > Hoaxsy 0!    Or is that 666? Just kidding with ya, guys. Oh, and Alisa’s reaction upon hearing of this new discovery?

Alisa: I love it! When do I get out? 

And Gabriel is delighted as well, I hear 😉

Ya can’t make this stuff up, ya know  😛


Mr. Dearman I Presume?                Updated March 17 017
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Below far left and far right are the same pointed nose.

Mr. Dearman in his BBC interview The father of the girl in the Audi TV ad

Both men have their hair swept back. Both noses are the same. Both straight. Both have the same chins. Even the ears look close. the hair lines are the same height 1 & 2. Both above and below his brows are similar to his kids.


RD has an odd right ear, his right, our left. But the other ear is fairly rounded and smooth. Yet the very top photo on the left shows a normal looking right ear. Its probably the angle since they are all RD, except for the 2 TV pics.

I don’t have any doubt that the father in the ad is RD himself. Added to this is a discovery by Kris C. that Gabriel was also in this video briefly.

I went and got some more screen shots. I had a video editing program that let me view all frames in a second of video. Wait till ya see.



These 2 frames were 2 frames apart. Look at those teeth! Just like Alisa’s! Coincidence? Below zoomed in.



The left  below was at the beginning 5 seconds on. The right blow at 42 seconds. Its not evident on the left but its loud as hell in the right!

Right is an obvious painted crescent under the eye. Its strong! Why was it done. He look like he got in a fight. But I propose that the makeup was put on to disguise the overall look of his face. The high hair line, the teeth, the long pointed nose on the right. It does not look as long on the left because he is looking more toward us than in the right. Even his brows might have darkened to change the look a little. I believe this is almost certainly the real dad, RD. There would be no reason to distort his face under both eyes other than to hide something. What would that be? He is RD.


Here are 2 shots of RD from his BBC interview. Above right and below left are the identical nose. Sadly, I have no verfied photos of RD’s left ear from a near side profile that show so well in both of the above. The brows look the same. upper teeth not showing below. But earlier above, he has quite a set of upper teeth.


Now because he is the dad and has the connections to get into a commercial, how unusual would it be to have him in this, too, disguised, of course? Not at all. In fact, you would almost expect it, would you not? Why keep him out if he is the real dad. I grant his daughter look a lot better than he does but but they could have gotten a batter looking guy. But who would really care? Yeah, throw the old man in. put a “bag” over his head and we’ll be fine. We’ll blur it anyway, to spare the camera lens.

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Gabriel has the very same nose as Alisa and his brows are straight like hers. He has the distinct space just below the nose. He looks much older than the photos from 2014. Again, the face is lit from behind so that his face is shaded and contrast is minimal. Eye color uncertain, though it looks possibly blue, green or hazel. I say its him. This TV add was a family affair. Whoever leaked the info (Pinecone Utopia) did not give all the info.

It is quite clear that Mr. Dearman has full custody of his kids despite no decision of the court regarding that. This should merit looking into the entire family court system. Perhaps some deals have been made in Hollywood. But as long as the kids are in custody of Mr. Dearman and the cult, they will not dare say anything ever again. I leave this in God’s hands. He knows a lot better than I do. But I am sure this whole matter will bring far more before its all over. Meanwhile, with Mr. Dearman presenting in extreme public exposure, no internet provider should give any serious attention to any pretended concern of privacy.

Nor is my resolve any less in this case and the world wide cause of SRA, child trafficking and slavery, and sadistic trauma based Intelligence agencies mind control programming. To quote Buggs Bunny: “Of course you know this means war!”

Here is another good site dealing with the Audi Commercial and the kids:

She discovered Gabriel. I totally missed that one. I got Dearman and missed Gabe.  So two heads are far better than one!

Update: March 17, 017   I was not satisfied with the paucity of evidence. While I know the features of the kids well doing this article, I did not provide enough. Lets try again.

because of the soft blur of Gabe right, we can not easily discern the protruding nob at the tip of the nose but you can see it on the left. Alisa has it, too. But the cheeks seem silimar. The mouth very much. Even the eye shape. I say the brows left are darkened and exaggerated up/outward on left.

The bottom lips of 2014 all match and all the chins match. The width of the nose is just fine, too.

I am going to try some other pictures of less quality.



What is clear here is that Gabe has wide space between his 2 upper front teeth. They can not be seen in his one screen shot in the commercial. How convenient. I’ll bet it was deliberate. The only thing I was not able to do is find a frame that would show the nob on the tip of the nose. But I say there is a strong similarity. Add to that the dad and Alisa are ‘In on it,” would seal this deal. It was a family affair. It would have been odd if he was not in it. Gabe of 2016 does seem to have some red blemishes on his cheeks or redness at the least. He has grown and I am sure both kids have been under high stress. No kids deserve the hell these two have been thru.

Cover-up Under Way
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I got notified by a friend that Google has pictures up and that there were some freckle pictures. So I ran right over to see. I grabbed the photo and left. The picture was very clear and distinct, of far better quality than the video, but I had other things going and left it for 10 or 12 hours. Lets have a look at the photo first, OK?

Below was frame 0:21 Can you see the vast difference in resolution? The above appears to be either a camera or high resolution film. Certainly not YouTube video. Notice sharp resolution of the reflective metallic paint. No where near that below. As well, there is black tape slightly covering the chrome rim above. The lighting is much different. Obscure and dark below but lighter and more clear above and with many freckles I had never seen in Alisa before.

The hair is blown differently. In fact, below is not moving back at all. Her head is lifted back slightly more above and point down a little more below. And the black stripe tape below is NOT covering any of the chrome rim on her left side like the above picture.


The angle of the 2 black stripes is slightly more counter-clock wise below. the two pictures do not come from the same source. Below is clearly video quality, which is marginal. The biggest problem of all is that the now very visible freckles look nothing like what we find in the video and may have been a camera shot and the freckles are likely faked. They are nothing like the video shows or any known pictures of Alisa. I had written the night or day before this that the freckles totally nail the Audi girl as Alisa. Beyond any dispute. And then this Hi-res photo shows up looking nothing like the video girl. Very suspicious. It think they were hoping I might use it or get discouraged that it did not match. It did not match anything known to be Alisa or anything in the video, either. Its an attempt at fraud and deceit. Busted yet again!

The back grounds look slightly different. My best guess is that these were both done in a studio. The the background is not the same. I am not interested in examining further. The girl above is nothing like anything in the video. Its still Alisa but not from the video. It has been altered/forged/faked. I might point out that we do not know where RD might be residing with the 2 kids right now. They could still be in the US for all we know. Or going back and forth.

Now comes some sad news. Yet another Hampstead hero has come out of the closet, as far as I am concerned, and shown her true colors. I believe what I have seen indicates she is lying for someone and covering up for the cult. That makes her a shill in my book. You may differ in opinion. I will call her Chrissy. I had been working loosely with her over a month or so maybe. She often came to conclusions that made no sense and sound kind of absurd. I wondered, could she be that soft in the head or is she trying to lead me down a wrong path and make me look bad.

Listen, if you are in the Hampstead movement, you better be very cynical and careful. Almost everyone in that movement is a liar and government employee of some sort, if you get my drift. But I went along to see where it might lead. I might learn something. She tried to sell me on a number of things. I never said anything but I did not agree with her conclusions and Hoaxtead did not, either. But I now believe, myself, that she did not believe what she was saying. She was just trying to get me to believe and say it. Do I really look that stupid? Don’t answer that ! 😉

I had come across Angelada posting a video from some undisclosed source who must have told her. It was claiming that Alisa had been in the Audi Superbowl commercial. Coming from Angelada, I did not believe and word of it and the only video maker I know in the movement if Jacqui Farmer and the two have always been the best of friends. So I determined I was going to solve this with an article, that became this article. I had good practice with photographic analysis of Paul McCartney to see if the 67 Mac was any different from the 66 Mac that some say died in 66. I also analyzed key types of songs to see if her sounded different. It was the very same right back to childhood to very recent. It gets tougher as they get older unless you have a steady stream from year to year or every 5 years.

I had also worked on Elizabeth Smart, kidnapped in 2002 and recovered in 2003, supposedly. Rumors many aspects of this case suggest it was not the same Elizabeth. Well, that was right up my alley. I have not published it yet. But the Alisa allegations immediately put me to work. I had it out in a day and notified Chrissy about it before hand. she went to work on some of it, believing it was Alisa in some or nearly all of those shots. Careful photo analysis and comparison was done by me and what she did also seemed well done. I liked having a 2nd person independently ding the same thing and comparing results. It sparked all kinds of interest and response.

That I got I got a message from Chrissy on an FaceBook PM.  It was after midnight, then Sat. AM, March 18, 017:


Hey Scott, The Audi girl is NOT Alisa, it’s a girl named Jessie. I just took my post down. Here’s her dad’s Fb page…
Mickey Giacomazzi

>>Of course I was supposed to take her word for it. She obviously does not know me well. For starters, no pictures were given. I smelled a rat.<<

Scott: Not buying it till I get some close ups of the face and explanation for why the photos perfectly match Alisa’s freckles. You are aware the Satanic cults are networked around the world? Right? Claims require evidence and refutations also require evidence, not opinion.

Baby photos and such on dads profile.

Scott: I saw a naked girl and that was as far as I went. That does not qualify. They must be free of traps.

That’s Jessie with mom Marilyn. She’s only 3 or 4 there.

Scott: show me something in 10-13 range.

I wanted it to be Alisa, but it isn’t. Totally sad moment. She’s the baby in the carrier.

Scott: With no supporting evidence? Your name Angela by chance?

Lol! I’ve been working on this all night

Scott: I worked on mine to 11:30

At first I thought she was adopted by these people but there are photos all through out Jessies life with her family

Scott: Can you find just one and link to it or send it?

I will in the morning, I just got in bed.

Her last message on Sat. morning:  “Mickey and Marilyn are both stunt people that live in Malibu with their 2 kids.” >>She never sent a picture or screen grab. I went back to the FB page and got 2 pictures of “Jessie” in the racing car.<<

The pictures were wide angle so that her face was just a small part of the picture whereas the screen grabs from the commercial showed her face up close. I am going to put them here, but they are useless to compare faces with. They are said go be Jessie but they are, as best as I could tell, the same as the girl in the video. And that I am aware as I was not about to run into naked pictures again. I do believe their hope was that I would click on those naked pictures or screen save or menu save the photos. As if! Obviously, they did not get what they hoped for.

So was the girl in commercial Jessie? Well, let me put it this way. The girl in the commerical had the very same freckle patterns as Alisa. So am I supposed to believe that a random Malibu Cali girl, has the very same freckle patter as Alisa? No Way!!! What Chrissy does not seem to get thru her head is that people can lie. I’ll bet she lies. I can take any family photo on the net and claim its my family and me. Sure its phony. The whole net is phony.

What do I need to prove Jessie is the girl and not Alisa? I need to see at least 5 pictures that hopefully show different angles at the same age and ideally, good lighting and contrast in the photos. I got little of that in commercial screen grabs. And I would need to see Jessi in a variety of activities with her parents. And technically, ID that the parents are who they say they are. Anyone can say anything on FB. Does not mean it is authentic. But unless someone challenges that name/ID, it is taken for granted, which is not allowed in a court of law. Chrissy never delivered a photo. I am sure she knew she was busted and the game was over. Nice try, Hoaxsy and Satanic allies. Better luck next time. You’ll need it!

Now for the 2 photos I was able to get.

Notice the girl on the left, supposedly Jessie, whose face is harshly overly exposed to sunlight washing out features. Notice how bright the sun and photography is. Is it even the same event? But the commercial was very dark, dimly lit to also limit gradual contrast.This photo is obviously Alisa. The one at left could be Alisa or anyone. We would have no way of knowing who since the face is way too small to discern anything. We might question why the commercial was so dimly lit. I say likely to cause uncertainty of detail. They knew what the objectives were. At left is the way it should have been. I believe the close ups like above were done in a studio or controlled setting with a background screen.

The larger pic was taken from the FaceBook site as being Jessie. I say it is Alisa as it is in the inset left/bottom corner. Note the tripod behind the race car and a black screen, likely to block out sun coming from behind and having a reflective surface on the other side. This so that Alisa can have video of her racing while in truth, the background screen looks like its in motion.

Now If you can show me both Jessie and Alisa together and they both look alike, then I will buy that the rest are also Jessie. Otherwise, go to hell.

So why did our dear Chrissy believe that I should take her word for what she said? Wishful thinking. To me, what this indicates is that the world wide Satanic Cult network is terrified.  They are in seriously exposure now. This was only supposed to go as far as perhaps, possibly Jacqui and Angelada. Not with me around. Sorry Jose! So as far as I am concerned, I have found a new shill to be outed or at least avoided. As far as I am concerned, she tried to lie and con. I see her as phony. I have a right to my opinions, and to express them.

I’ll say this! The manner of speech by Chrissy in the messages to me, reminded me of 3 other people and the way they respond. There are two possibilities with that. Most shills are limited in what they can say and do and up against truth, they have few options so that they have their hands/tongues tied by having to lie and void facts. Chrissy dogmatically asserted things as a fact, as if they could not be disputed. But as you can see, they can be. But if you know the Hampstead arena, then you know that the shills are many and the good are very few. But the reality is that just one person can seem like an army. I do believe that one person, paid full time by British intelligence, is responsible for most of the opposition to the cause of the kids. I call her the Grand Dame of Hampstead.

Hoaxtead supplies lots of insults to her to give her that seemingly authentic scent of the persecuted, tormented, righteous crusader for the kids. Bullsh!t! In fact, Hoaksie picks on a number of government agents at work in the Hampstead arena, so as to give them an authentic air of credibility. Its a lot like the Home Office operation known as INFORM, whose real job is to protect persecuted religions that are actually abusive.

My opinion is that Hoaksie loves the shills, who act outrageous. The more outrageous the better. Hoaxsie’s job is to really play up the crazy aspects, and say that everyone who supports the kids is crazy and/or uncivilized and a law breaker. But its all government lies and deceit.

As for Chrissy, my opinion is that if she is truly a USA citizen, it may be that the combined US/UK intelligence agencies want to have a crusader they control in the US so that they are outside of the reach of UK law, that forbids free speech. It is rumored that Jacqui lives in Surinam, South America. Whether this is true or not, if it is, it would good place to be, since she would be beyond the reach of UK law and could carry on as a crusader to fool people and try to mislead them, even as Chrissy tried to do with me. Most people are not all that bright and seldom ever question anything. Those are the ones they target for deception.

We are seeing with this commercial that there is a strong attempt to deceived those who might see this article and be persuaded by it. Shills will say I am crazy, which has a small amount of merit, and that there is nothing to the Alisa allegations. Its Jessie in California. Bullsh!t !! This site is not called Truth1 for nothing. Number 1 and the only one!

A day after the Jessie “explantion,” a new one followed. Now it was claimed a female stunt driver was the “girl” in the commercial. Really?

She does appear kind of youthful looking, but the picture is very small, isn’t it? The nest picture is her on Xmas, 2014, 3 years ago:

For starters, her eye sockets are slanted downward from the insides to the outsides. They do not match the girl in the commercial. There are also many wrinkles under those eyes. She is in her 30s, anyway. The teeth are not that much different. No gap is apparent but is is possible, even if not likely, that gap is concealed due to the direct facing to the camera. The nose is too big. Wrinkles around the mouth. Sorry, but this is not a match. She’s way to old to be 14 or less. Alisa in some frames looks possibly 13/14. If she has begun puberty, then her being 11 would still allow her to look a year or two older. Its been 2.5 years since we last saw her. And what is more, it is rather easy and often done in cults, to speed along the onset of puberty. They like to have them breed babies for sacrifice or if the “mother” is very attractive, they might let the child survive long enough to determine if they have “potential,” or not.

But how did this go from “Its Alisa!” to “Its NOT Alisa, its Jessie,” to “its Susan, a stunt woman!” Why does the story keep changing? Is someone a little too eager to publish without careful research? How does that affect credibility? Any police investigator immediately gets very suspicious when a suspect keeps changing their story. If I have erred in my analysis and judgment of some, my defense would be, “you should be much more careful and thorough in your research so that you do not arouse what I would call justified suspicion. I’ll leave it at that. You, the reader, can decide for yourself, can’t you?


Now one last thing. The facebookID said to be Jessie’s dad, shows a guy involved in the entertainment industry.

Now These are my own personal convictions about the entertainment industry. They do not reflect legal guilt or any wrong doing. But I am of the opinion and conviction that The entertainment industry is totally corrupt and controlled by Satan.

Brice Talyor was a CIA mind control victim of the highest order. She communicated with the Illuminati and delivered messages to presidents and big power people as a mind control agent is the ultimate in security and secrecy. No amount of torture can break an agent since they do not have access with their conscious mind and there is a secrecy code that must be known to get the message out of her mind.She had lots of involvement with Hollywood in the 60s and 70s. She was born into a multi-generational family. Her parents were obedient mind control (MK from here on in) victims, themselves. She was born in 1951 in LA, CA, USA. She grew up in a little community of Woodland Hills, CA, USA. Her mother joined a Baptist church there. Tunnels ran underneath the church and connected to neighboring homes of the inner circle church perpetrators. Woodland Hills was very small in the 50s with no highway 101. The community was insular. Everyone that lived there was “in on the SRA and MK activities and programming.”

There were a number communities like that in California in the 50s. Cali grew and so did the cellular communities of MK cults closely coordinated by the CIA, Hollywood big wigs like Bob Hope, who really, in many respects was like Jimmy Savile of the UK elite. Bob Hope fixed things. He was very much part of the MK programming scene. Really, though with a Hollywood cover, he was instrumental to the CIA and the vast politicial & Intelliegence machinery of the USA.

There were cult communities all over the the USA. They spread like gangrene and cancer. Kathleen Sullivan report of such communities and networks in Pennsylvania.

California  could be said to the the MK capitol of the USA. It’s pretty hard to separate Hollywood from Washington DC. California is loaded with wealth. Wealth is, in my opinion and experience, the key thing to look for, if your looking for Satanists and Cults. Follow the money.

So I note that Mickey (Mickey Mouse and Disney?), father of Jessie, at least as is implied on the Facebook page, is in a nice section of Cali, Malibu, in the entertainment industry.  And he has lots of pictures of his young daughter naked (at the time) on his FB page. Could it be advertising or maybe trap? I am not going to condemn him for letting his little girl enjoy swimming naked. I have seen many parents allow it in the 80s and 90s, for age 2 or 3. They do not allow it anymore at all in Maine.

But it is my opinion that there is enough association revealed in that FaceBook home page to make those who are well informed on SRA matters to be very suspicious for whatever the reason. So if you were planning a coverup, perhaps Mickey might be able to help . . . or maybe not. Its your call, not mine. I got my own ideas. Too much suspicion merited for Chrissy not to notice or care, when she says her dad or step dad was associated with Raymond Buckey of the McMartin preschool day care center in California, of course. As well, she was quick to notice some questionable associations with a French celebrity named Bridget Yorke.

Boys and girls, always demand evidence and think for yourselves and never trust anyone else to do your thinking for you.

Some Coincidences
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I believe I know who released the video. Some might have doubts or have something else in mind, but the patterns are unmistakable. Our dear Arch Shill  of the East prefers to make videos so that she does not have to write much and she likes youtube as propaganda outlet. And she loves WordPress, too. It enables her to get her site deleted when she makes a fool of herself (which she never fails to do) and blame it on someone else so that she becomes a persecuted hero. Here is the site I refer to:

On that site today, she posts Jon Rappoport’s article that came out while I had my email open. I paid Jon a big complement for a superb article on CIA as huge liars.  A little later (an hour at best) I go to the above site, and Jon’s article is up there, too. She likely saw my post because Jon quickly had mine and 2 others up. What makes this interesting is that this arch shill (shall I call her Archie?) found me at Jon’s maybe in Dec. 2016 and was aiming a few jabs at me and might have poisoned Jon, although he had been treating me cautiously all along. So maybe not. I seem to be known wherever I go. Word is out, I guess. I scare people. Can you imagine? A lovable guy like me? 😉

But anyway she used one of her sock puppets on Jon’s forum, one she knew I would know. She thinks she is intimidating me. Ah ha ha ha ha!

But here is the fun part. She says that the girl walking with her back to the camera was not Alisa and was someone else. Well, here is the absurdity. With her back to us and the camera, there is absolutely no way anyone would be able to tell if it was her or not her. But the site insists that Ella and her mother do not believe it is Alisa, either. this may be so. They could be right. But how do they know? Ella last saw the kids in Jan. 2015. Its March 2017. The filming and production could have been done for months. The girl, whoever she was, had long thin legs, indicating early puberty. She could have been 11 at the time. While girls typically start near 13 and later. A few at 12 these days, but its by no means impossible for an 11 year old to start puberty.

So here is what I ask. Why is it important? Alisa could have easily changed enough in nearly a year’s time to be hard to recognize. Further, how do we know that Ella and her mom are even in contact with “Archie?” You can say anything on the net. Who would know better? Ella and Abe have never been too forthcoming on the net. They are reclusive. They have good reason to be. And worst, Archie is not be trusted in the least. She is a notorious liar as most Hampstead shills are.

Now I am no fool, though Archie might choose to disagree with that. But I note this! I took 4 snaps of Alisa at the end, looking into the camera with her face clearly visible. She seemed to me to be slightly fleshed out in the face. It would be a good indication that puberty could be in progress. But I ask this! Why would they change the girl, when the father still seems to be the same guy. And since her back is turned to us, why would this be done? What is the game?

I am aware of the Markos running this site and having interviews Ella/Abe before. But I also suspect Archie is working and cooperating with them to keep hidden. Someone somewhere is trying to avoid detection and claims to know things that require inside info or it is otherwise BS. Alisa is proven. That she was not the backside girl? Prove it!

The only thing I could think of is that the 2017 Audi model shown might not have been rolling off production when the race was filmed. So it was done using near body doubles with their backs to us. But again, what difference does that make? Am I supposed to be impressed with Archie’s inside knowledge? Well, I am not. When you have intelligence operatives feeding you, you do not have to do anything. But for sure, there is no evidence in the video that can confirm or deny the claim. But that it is claimed that Ella said anything, I respond: “Prove it !”

Hoaxy Doaxy is being rather quiet since the birthmark freckles have been noted as the decisive fatal blow to Hoaxy’s denial. I’ll be back here as often as new info comes in. You can give your email to me for notification of new material. The email will not be used for any other notices but what you specify. My email is on the front page at the very bottom. Later! Truth1 out!

My response to this author:

Not sure who you are but just read your article:
Not exactly sure where you were going with it, but you seem to make some inaccurate allegations about me, my channel and my blog…
I am one of the people responsible for releasing the  video about Alisa being the girl in the superbowl commercial. For what its worth, there were no shills involved and I myself am not a shill, just a concerned citizen working with the mother of the children to expose the crimes and retrieve the children from their father and the cult.
There is nothing hidden about my husband and my identities or our channel pinecone utopia. We were introduced to the story of Alisa and Gabriel by a woman in England whom we had previously interviewed, right after their story came out: We exposed it in a few podcasts before being contacted by the mother, Ella and her partner Abraham who thanked us and asked us to interview them to get more exposure and hopefully justice. It was the mother who told us that she had found out about Alisa and Gabriel both being in the Audi commercial. It was her hope that by exposing this there might be a lead towards finding and saving her children. This is the simple truth of the origin of the release of this information. It was her desire that we also expose the truth of Gabriel being in the commercial as well, but that has yet to be released as so much is going on that the intended interview has yet to take place…..
I suppose that with so much deception going on and now being exposed to the light of truth, you want to find deception where there is none to be found. Perhaps that is natural, but it is not the case here.
You are welcome to open a dialogue with Paul and I if you have unanswered questions about us or our intent in releasing this information….
But to allege that we are deliberate purveyors of misinformation seems unfair and unwarranted. As to what we share on our blog….it is simply articles and videos we come across in our own personal research that we share with anyone who likes to follow our blog…in an effort to awaken humanity, for no other reason.
in hopes that you are on our side and not yourself working against humanity,