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To the followers of pinecone utopia’s blog, the subscribers of pinecone utopia’s YouTube channel, my friends and followers on Facebook, I write the following with the intention of sharing my inner journey. I am returning the focus of my attention once again to the inner work that Paul and I began at the turn of the millennium in the year 2000 when we met. Our work then was all about consciousness as we embarked on his doctoral work into consciousness and spirituality. When we started our YouTube channel: PineConeUtopia after publishing Belief Magic: Decoding the Belief Matrix  in September of 2011, we had already begun our journey of discovery into the magnitude of deception being perpetrated by what we then referred to as The Powers That Be (TPTB). It led us deeply down the rabbit hole into esoteric knowledge and political intrigue. We felt compelled to share what we were learning and towards that end produced our series called The World Beyond Belief, later expanding it to include interviews so that that we could give others a platform to have a voice, and even later into documentary films. Many of the topics we revealed were dark and sorrowful but we felt they needed to be exposed to the light of day, taken out of the underground where they had been hidden since the beginning of time. This was our way of giving back to humanity and being of service. The last year or so we found ourselves very involved in helping expose the crimes against humanity by way of electronic harassment and the targeting of innocent civilians with military grade warfare. Our hearts ached for this wrongdoing and we devoted our life to doing what we could to help.

Since Paul left the physical plane seven months ago, I have withdrawn my attention from those endeavors that together we devoted ourselves to in an effort to return again to the inner work. My intention has been to raise my vibration in an effort to reconnect with my beloved on the spiritual plane. I have listened to hours of lectures and interviews with people who have the ability to connect and this has been my desire. I have occasionally posted a link to something I have come across as I have always done but not nearly as often or diligently. I’m sure the followers of the blog have noticed the different direction my focus has taken. As our name implies, pinecone utopia was always about the activation of the pineal gland to reach our highest potential. As in my earlier blog: Markos Mindful Endeavors    (last entry in June of 2014) when I blogged for family and friends about our journey into the heartland of Brazil where we were blessed to be welcomed into a community of Spiritists and their Essenic School, I may return to including the occasional post of my inner journey, simply because I feel this is a time when that inner journey for all of us needs to take precedence over our endless preoccupation with discovering the horrors of the political agenda of control and the merging of our human consciousness with AI. Some of us know that “they” have been mapping our brains through various programs including this very platform of social media as well as the targeting program happening worldwide. I believe, like Elon Musk mentioned in his interview with Joe Rogan (recently posted) that it is inevitable. Many of us have been volunteering this information by our very participation with social media, not just Facebook and Instagram but YouTube, through emails, through our smartphones. So lets let them map our inner process as we raise our consciousness and create the world we want to live in, as we become our highest potential, instead of programmed automatons merged with cyborgs. We have the power of creation and imagination. It is up to us to turn the direction of our thoughts and feelings toward something greater than our preoccupation with their darkness.

Paul and I were swayed away from the inner work when we learned of the Tavistock Institute and the Aquarian Conspiracy and the co-opting of consciousness through the New Age Movement, but we didn’t yet have the full picture. I’m not saying I do now, or will ever, but I have more information now than I did then. As I continue my interest in learning more about the Mystery Schools and return to researching some of the primary figures involved in both guarding the secret knowledge and attempting to release it, figures like Rudolph Steiner, HP Blavatsky, Annie Besant, G.I. Gurdgieff and so many more influential thinkers, I understand why this knowledge needed to be safeguarded and why now, more can be revealed and is. But it concerns me when I see the gist of communication traversing social media now. So many caught up in discovering the horrors of the deception of control and political intrigue, the disgust that engenders. The low vibration that sucks us into. I know well because I spent many years doing just that. Perhaps it is a necessary step that cannot be skipped and must be trudged through? I do not know the answer to that question. I know only that the more I know the more I know that I don’t know. I simply feel the time has returned for me at least to focus on creating the beautiful existence I know is possible for all of us and that together we can envision a world we’re happy to pass on to our grandchildren.

Just thought you might like to know. Perhaps after seven months of silence and contemplation, I am finding my voice? As to the continuation of the channels…we’ll have to wait and see. Paul left Episode 2 of our Consciousness in Context series half written and I loved where he was going with it. Perhaps it is yet to be revealed….

My blessings on your beautiful lives
with love