Dear friends,
Just to let you know the Global Tsunami Email Campaign to Save Humanity, spearheaded by Dr. Katherine Horton and Karen Stewart, launched this Sunday — and seeks your input!
Simply put, it’s a new venture to notify public officials in all American states and in 156 countries around the world on the nature and excesses of ongoing EMF and neuroweapon targeting of innocent civilians and to demand action to address and stop these atrocities immediately.
(Yes we do know half these officials are probably super-corrupt, but still, we do this in hope, that we will get through to the small percent who are not. Plus, it’s for the public record, in 2017. They can’t say anymore they had no idea about this genocide brewing in their backyards.)
It relies on each of us pitching in. This is Systems Judo at its best, described as such by our Resident Systems Analyst, Dr. Horton. The idea is to send emails in waves to a list of public officials, ACLU heads, other HR heads, and media groups in each state or country, starting with the smaller states and countries and ending with the largest. Katherine and Karen have done a terrific job assembling basic email text for use as a template, as well as lists of email ids to use for each sending occasion–all this is online at stop007.org: https://stop007.org/home/burning-down-the-house/. It becomes very easy to simply download that text, paste in the email ids, take a minute to personalize your letter and then hit “Send.”
Action days are set up to be Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays — but if you simply kept up week to week and sent the 3 emails whenever you had a moment each week, that would do it. One important note: please always copy us at 2017.tsunami@gmail.com.
We still need help pulling together email ids for various states and countries; Karen is co-ordinating that effort. If you can help, please do drop her a line: karen.kams56@gmail.com
Sunday’s (April 2nd) action list is up though, please check and email….and please share this notice far and wide!! The more people who send these emails, the greater impact we will have.
I will paste Katherine’s excellent text (from her website) explaining this campaign in detail, here. Visit the site to see the text here
With much gratitude in advance for your participation,

Addendum from Katherine:

I have also updated my site with an Information-Pack for victims on how to approach the police etc.:


A full 30p FAQ is in the pipeline too, I’m about to finalise it soon.

Ideas, criticism welcome.