Published on Mar 31, 2017 pineconeutopia

This is a re-upload of Thursday’s forum with a couple edits. Today on the World Beyond Belief, we welcome our team members, Ramola D, Dr Katherine Horton, Karen Stewart and Dr. Millicent Black  joining us live for a discussion about the latest initiatives being undertaken. On todays’ forum, our Joint Investigation Team would like to announce the global “Tsunami Email Campaign to Save Humanity”, which will start on Sunday, run for two months and give the authorities an ultimatum to stop these crimes by the 1st of June this year.
* CORRECTION:  At 1:40:16, Ramola made a comment that she would like to correct: It was George H.W. Bush who was responsible for the destruction/removal of CIA files (not George W. Bush). For a link to the post on Ramola’s  website about the Charles Schlund affidavit which revealed the whole story about these papers that George H W Bush took out from the CIA archives, and how he came to read them–he called them the Don Bolles papers– the link is here:

Charles A. Schlund’s Affidavit: Early CIA Leaks from the Don Bolles Papers, and Evidence from the 1970s of Remote Electromagnetic Torture with US Govt. Implants