Posted March 30, 2017 

My name is Lydia White Calf and I am still afraid but will no longer be silenced. I am a friend to the untold numbers whose voices I hear pleading with me to tell their story.

I don’t know how I kept my composure. I suppose I disassociated. I may have seemed there, proud, once proud and confident about life, to all those people in that hall. I was a professional. I was fastidious about my duties in life – as a mother, a wife, a human citizen. I respected my place life had given me deeply. I did – until that 5 day episode, when everything changed forever. The challenge now and here, however, is to tell this story, this truth – and involve myself as little as possible, and that is the great hardship I face writing these words. Read on.

Please take the time to read this post, it is the most unbelievable story I have ever heard (although I believe every word). As Witnesses we must be aware of what is going on and as human beings we must fight against these atrocities, by the same old suspects. Thanks Pineconeutopia