Found this article today, which has numerous photos which it analyzes  which don’t show up here, so please visit the link to see the original posting here:

If you scroll to the end of this very long, in depth analysis, you will see the email I sent to the author of this in response to his allegations about me and this blog…


The Premise

Alisa was and is the star in the most controversial Super Bowl Commercial of 2017. Seeing will be believing! This is huge. Alisa gets huge exposure as a result. The Super Bowl is the most watched event in the USA, every years. Added is that the commercial she stars is also the most controversial one that is getting heave amounts of exposure. This is going to push PizzaGate into oblivion. You just watch. Lots to discuss and ponder. This might be the biggest event of 2017, till the false flag to kick off a war begins. As well, it will be shown herein, that Gabriel also participated briefly and the so called father of both kids, also likely made a partially disguised appearance as well. Read on: