Published on Mar 12, 2017  by Jesusfreakcomputergeek

Here is the link to REALITY SHIFTER’s video:…

ANNUIT COEPTIS – (God) has favored our undertakings(efforts) – is basically what that means – when you include the EYE OF PROVIDENCE (actually Eye of HORUS) over the pyramid – which is supposed to represent “God” – and it does – if you realize that the god of this world is LUCIFER or satan. Get out your dollar bills – have a look at the NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM — or NEW WORLD ORDER (new order of the ages) – the O and E are now butted up against each other. This isn’t just a huge typographical error – it creates an entirely new meaning for the words. From RUNESECRETS.COM… —-
It has been said that Othala contains the potential power of all the other runes. The main energy involved in this is the ancestral spiritual power, which connects us to our genetic wisdom, the unconscious and sometimes awakened unity that links us back to the first humans who began to think and seek something ‘greater’ than a simple ‘animal’ existence. This is one way in which Othala unites all of mankind, throughout time.

People – THE FALLEN ONES HAVE RETURNED! We are in the midst of what Jesus described as “the days of Noah” — all flesh is becoming corrupt – again – only this time, according to Jesus Himself – it will be worse. This QUANTUM EFFECT change is heralding their being here.