Published on Feb 28, 2017  by Titus Frost

This is Part 3 of my PizzaGate / PedoGate The UnAnswered Questions Documentary. In this part we will be addressing the below information:

PizzaGate and how it is really PedoGate, Monica Peterson, Haiti, DynCorp, London PedopHile Rings, Conspiracy of Silence, creation of the CIA, OSS, NRO, NROL-39, Vatican Argentina’s Dirty War, The Vatican Orlandi Code, Skull & Bones, Adam Weishaupt, Russel Trust, Illuminati, United Nations, Operation paperclip, The Rise of the Fourth Reich, God’s Bankers, Federal Reserve, Jeffrey Epstein, James Alefantis, Dr. Pongs, Nalu Diner, File Compression techniques, global pedophilia scandals, pedophilia cover ups, the finder’s cult, the conspiracy of silence, Hampstead, OpDeathEaters UK & US, London pedophilia, Zionists, Jesuits, Spirituality, and much much more.

The full show notes and links will be posted in the show notes on my Steemit Blog for this section of the film:…