March 2, 2017 by Andrew M. Lobaczewski

Ponerization (from ancient Greek poneros – evil), is a ponerological term coined by Dr. Andrzej M. Łobaczewski. Ponerization is the influence of pathological people on individuals and groups whereby they develop acceptance of pathological reasoning and values.[1]

It’s high time for the American people to face a hard reality.

They have been under the ponerological influence of an unbroken succession of political cliques whose central organizing principle is the perpetual war economy.

Because the United States of America was stealthily transformed into the military arm of the New World Order, numerous unprovoked wars of aggression have been waged around the world for well over a hundred years.  These highly destructive and deadly wars have been fought in the name of the American people, and with their tax dollars.  Hence, the American people are complicit in these misadventures by virtue of their inaction and indifference.

With this critical understanding, the U.S. citizenry has a profound karmic responsibility in so much wanton death and destruction across the planet.  Nevertheless, it is never too late to reverse the course of the “Psychopathocracy” that the U.S. Federal Government has become as a tool of Deep StateRead on VERY INTERESTING