Published on Feb 21, 2017   by the Morgile

Within 5 minutes of uploading my promo for “TheMorgile’s Guide to the FLAT EARTH”, I got a call from 202-358-0001 stating, “We do not approve of the Book” in a tone reminiscent of the GrandMaster in “Eye’s Wide Shut”.
We do not approve of NASA Stealing $20,000,000,000 / Year of our Tax money.

Published on Feb 21, 2017

This is a promotional video to garner support for my upcoming book that I’m in process of writing. I’m reaching out to the FLAT EARTH community for patronage and support to help me get this off the ground and ready to publish. I’m simply finding it more and more difficult to succeed on Youtube, due to the climate of the platform, which is essentially censoring my work and making it extremely difficult to simply upload videos and keep them online. I will certainly make a video here and there if something really important jumps out at me, and will continue with the GlobeBusters on Sundays. If you’d like to help commission this book, “TheMorgile’s Guide to FLAT EARTH”, you can support directly to:

OR Via PayPal to:

OR Via FanFunding on YouTube (for a limited time only?)

Thanks so much in advance and feel free to call me with any questions.