February 1, 2017   by Makia Freeman

Trump’s first 10 days as President of the United States have now passed, and it’s certainly been a flurry of activity. Trump has hit the ground running, losing no time in issuing numerous EOs (Executive Orders) to implement his policies. Trump continues to be a mixed bag; some of his efforts are laudable and on the side of the average citizen (e.g. banning the TPP), while others are harebrained schemes bound to backfire, irritate nations outside the US and deliberately cause conflict (e.g. trying to make Mexico pay for a $15 billion wall). To his credit, Trump appears to be on the path of actively fulfilling his campaign promises, and where he has backed down, he has done so to moderate his outlandish and dangerous ideas. However, there is still something definitely unsettling about Trump, especially when he openly advocates torture (waterboarding), theft (the stealing of Iraqi oil) and more theft (the stealing of Jerusalem by Zionist Israel in order to relocate their capital city). Here are Trump’s first 10 days in review.  Read the rest