Published on Jan 23, 2017   by High Impact Flix

Is this a case of cognitive dissonance of the Conservative kind? Or is there a hidden, long-range agenda?

Even though I’m a voluntaryist, I am NOT one of these people who are knee jerk anti-Trumpians. It is my hope that Trump is TRULY against the establishment and that he has a deeper plan than what we are currently able to see. I know the deep state exists and that it’s going to be a very difficult, very treacherous path for him to navigate.

BUT…every person who holds a high office SHOULD be held accountable for statements and actions. Public scrutiny can go a LONG way in keeping public figures (ANY public figure) from straying away from the path of individual liberties.

I also recognize, at the same time that, because of past experiences with presidential corruption, it would be easy to fall into the trap of over criticizing Trump. Walking that tight rope is going to be a challenge as we watch things unfold.

The point is…no matter what…we need to call BS out when we see it and resist the temptation to fall into the trap of turning our minds off and defending “your candidate” no matter what. And, in my opinion, saying that we “owe a MAJOR debt of Gratitude” to a criminal like Hillary or saying the Clintons have your RESPECT, is over-the-top.