This is a case that pineconeutopia has been covering for years. There are several interviews and videos addressing this case and elite pedophilia in general. I invite you to go back and review that information (listed under Pineconeutopia presents and World Beyond Belief tabs above).  The children above are the victims of child ritual, satanic child abuse, that we must assume is ongoing since the perpetrators run the system that keeps them from their mother. Please look into this for all of the children´s sake.  Thanks Pineconeutopia

UPDATE. The father of the two children mentioned in this article has now been confirmed to have worked for LuvForHaiti, which is owned by Josiah Bruny, a man that has been linked to Pizzagate. Read more here:

Short summary of the Hampstead case (facts only with a minimum of names, you don’t have to read it all just now, I just wanted to make sure that it was all saved in one place for future reference):

While on vacation in Morocco in August/September 2014, two siblings aged 8 and 9 from Hampstead, London revealed to their mother and her new partner that they along with 18 other children had been sexually and physically abused by their father and their teachers at school and in church. They described their father as the local leader of an international cult dealing in child trafficking, ritual murder and the production of child abuse material. Please Read on.