December 14, 2016  by Makia Freeman

The tension against Iran and China has been increasing since Donald Trump became the US President-Elect. It may seem all innocent enough to the casual onlooker – after all, Trump has been speaking out against Iran for a long time, and he made quite a few allusions to unfair trade deals with China throughout his campaign too. Yet, on a deeper level, there’s the work of a hidden hand. Trump is filling his cabinet with military generals strongly opposed to Iran and Islamic terrorism. He is also filling his cabinet with Goldman Sachs-connected millionaires and billionaires who may be happy to support Trump in his quest to even the score with China (and potentially start a trade war). On election night, Trump took a congratulatory call from Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen, an action which angered China (who insists the US must follow the One China policy if America wants to have a good diplomatic relationship with it). Taiwan wants independence from Beijing, and Trump taking the call broke with US diplomatic tradition of only dealing with Beijing not Taipei. Yes, Trump has made friendly overtures to Russia’s Vladimir Putin, but is this overshadowed by the tension against Iran and China that he has been ramping up? Russia, China and Iran have forged a strong military alliance. To attack one of them is to attack all of them. Is the recent tension against Iran and China just random happenstance? Or is it being coordinated behind the scenes so as to lead towards further conflict and the possible outbreak of the NWO’s long-planned World War 3?   Read On