November 17, 2016 by bornoutsidethebox

A recent conversation between Jeff Rense and Linda Stone titled “Did the Cult Give Trump a ‘Briefing’?” got me thinking.

Over the past months, as I pondered our recent presidential (s)election here in the US, I wondered why so much of the alternative media seemed to view Trump as a messiah of sorts. The liberty movement (patriots who want to ‘restore the republic’ or ‘restore the constitution’) seemed particularly elated at Trump’s win.

How is it that we, as truth seekers, can understand that the system is rigged, that we are manipulated into choosing our controllers, and not assume that Trump was, at least on some level, selected to be president? Why would we imagine the powers which have controlled us for eons would now step aside just because someone who was not already completely taken over moved into the White House?

As someone deeply interested in our awakening, in transforming our world, in freeing our resources from an imprisoning monetary system, I could not understand how either candidate would help us get there.

Trump did say some very inspiring things about restoring some of our liberties. We would all feel great relief if some of this police-state government could be dismantled. But this is not enough.

Trump’s entire “success”, his celebrated life path, is deeply linked to the life-force-draining monetary system that has us all living lives of quiet desperation. Read More