Published on Aug 29, 2016   by pineconeutopia

All of the occult groups that control the matrix like Zionist/Jews, Freemasons, Jesuits and the others are sex cults, specifically pedophile sex cults. So reason would dictate that the society that it spawns would be sexually perverted to suit their demonic appetite. This is the ELEPHANT in the living room that no one wants to discuss. Not so with our special guest Jeanice Barcelo. Tune in to hear what the control system tries to hide, albeit in plain sight. This is a frank discussion about what has happened to us and what they are doing to our children. If you missed them, catch some of our archived podcasts like:
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This is a very frank and open discussion of how the Luciferian sex/pederast cult that runs the matrix is controlling society, especially human reproduction. It is important information and Jeanice is a very brave woman for attacking what I call the “elephant in the room” that nobody else will touch.  In this interview she correctly identifies the various sex cults, in particular the Zionist/Jewry who run the porno industry and have fashioned this trap in which our society has fallen. It is important to point out that ALL Jews are not pornographers, corrupt or even aware of the Talmud or some of the other evil forces mentioned. I personally have a Jewish wife and 4 wonderful Jewish step children who in no way advocate or participate in the debasement of society in which these engineers of darkness are engaged.  Thanks Paul Marko